javascript – Display PlaceHolder text until the entry is full

I have this entry


What I want to happen:
I want to show the remaining characters until the entire value is filled with the appropriate response
for example
1993-MM-DD when YYYY is full, I still want to show the rest of the cup holder until it is completed MM-DD
1991-11-DD if the next field is completed

I could not add the remaining characters to the value that ruined my entry

What should be the name and image of the placeholder until the user has completed his profile?

I have an application where we show the name and the profile image on the menu page. The menu page can be viewed without completing the profile as well. At this point, what would be the name of the most appropriate placeholder and profile image?

graphics – Display of the placeholder / skeleton screen for a graphic (large)

I am creating a control panel that recovers a significant amount of data from an API before displaying some graphs and metrics.

I have read that skeleton screens are perceived as being of shorter duration compared to other options. That's why, I wanted to try it.

It seems that the people they replace use animated basic forms to indicate with what they will be replaced. In the case of a large graphic, I am bothered by a large rectangle that covers the entire area of ​​the graphic:

  • it does not indicate anything about what is being loaded in that placeholder (and what can be expected once it is loaded)
  • It is arguably ugly

enter the description of the image here

I could also use animated graphics, but that seems to break the idea of ​​a skeleton screen.

Has anyone faced something similar and found something that works in that case?

python: the placeholder of the TensorFlow class seems obsolete in C ++

I tried to convert a TensorFlow program from Python to C ++ and I did not find such a Placeholder class in the most recent documentation 1.12 and 1.3. I unearthed the Internet and discovered that since version 1.7, the Placeholder class disappeared from the official documentation. Although that class is still in the TensorFlow library v1.12 v1.13 and I'm using it.

The placeholder is in version 1.0 (array_ops)

Still there in version 1.4 (array_ops)

Still there in version 1.6 (array_ops)

And no more in version 1.7+

This is how I'm using Placeholder in C ++:

Scope R = Scope :: NewRootScope ();
Placeholder X = Placeholder (R, DT_FLOAT);

What should be the replacement for the Placeholder above?

How to add a placeholder to the drop-down menu in the contact form 7

Trying to find a way to add placeholder in the contact dropdown form 7, I tried first_as_label, for example ([select company-size first_as_label “Company Size” “1-10” “11-50” “51-100” “101-500” “501-1000” “1001-5000” “5001+”]

But it did not work, can anyone help please?

placeholder – Material UI Multiple selection of different code value and visible value – show keys instead of values

I am using Material UI Multiple Select based on the documentation example. I need to save the identification of the selected option and show the name, so I render the object. When I used the documentation example with the placeholder, I see identifiers instead of selected names.

names const = [
  { id: "a", name: "Oliver Hansen" },
  { id: "b", name: "Van Henry" },
  { id: "c", name: "April Tucker" },
  { id: "d", name: "Ralph Hubbard" },
  { id: "e", name: "Omar Alexander" },
  { id: "f", name: "Carlos Abbott" },
  { id: "g", name: "Miriam Wagner" },
  { id: "h", name: "Bradley Wilkerson" },
  { id: "i", name: "Virginia Andrews" },
  { id: "j", name: "Kelly Snyder" }

value = {}
onChange = {this.handleChange}
entry = {}
renderValue = {selected => {
if (selected.length === 0) {
he came back Position marker;

return selected.join (",");
MenuProps = {MenuProps}
              Position marker
            { (name => (

Magento2: I'm getting placeholder images in the cron tab. Need to get correct images in cron.

I'm getting placeholder images in crontab.

I like this:
This is a wrong image.

How to get the product image in the cron tab?

javascript – Multiple Recaptcha error: the reCapTchaA placeholder element must be an element or an ID

I have multiple form on website integrated with reCAPTCHA . Two registration forms for two types of users and a contact form.

In the header reCAPTCHA API is added in this way.

In the footer I added render functions reCAPTCHA.

I'm validating all reCAPTCHA with jquery.

Contact form validation

$ ("# contactus"). validate ({
ignore: ": hidden: not (.my_cpa)",
rules: {
"hiddenRecaptcha": {
required: function () {
if (grecaptcha.getResponse () == & # 39; & # 39;) {
true returns
} else {
false return;
messages: {
"hiddenRecaptcha": "Please, prove that you are not a robot"
highlight: function (element, errorClass) {
$ (element) .addClass (& # 39; has-error & # 39;);
unhighlight: function (element) {
$ (element) .removeClass (& # 39; has-error & # 39;);
submitHandler: function (form) {
form.submit ();

Captcha in the form of a contact


Captcha in First Registration Form and its validation.

residentForm () {function var settings = $ (& # 39; # registration_form & # 39;). validate (). settings; $ .extend (configurations, { ignore: ": hidden: not (.my_cpa1)", rules: { "hiddenRecaptcha1": { required: function () { if (grecaptcha.getResponse () == & # 39; & # 39;) { true returns } else { false return; } } } } messages: { "hiddenRecaptcha1": "Please prove that it is not a robot" } }); }

Captcha in Second Registration Form and its validation.

function businessForm () { var settings = $ (& # 39; # bregistration_form & # 39;). validate (). settings; $ .extend (configurations, { ignore: ": hidden: no (.my_cpa2)", rules: { "hiddenRecaptcha2": { required: function () { if (grecaptcha.getResponse () == & # 39; & # 39;) { true returns } else { false return; } } } } messages: { "hiddenRecaptcha2": "Prove you are not a robot" } }); }


Only the first registration form Validated using jquery and the successful submission, while in another form it still shows a message that Please prove that you are not a robot and the form is not sending.

When I'm on any page apart from the contact page, showing the following message in the console.

The placeholder element reCAPTCHA must be an element or id.

I have checked all of these responses, the ReCAPTCHA placeholder element must be an element or id. Error not detected: the placeholder element ReCAPTCHA must be an element or id and ReCaptcha: "The bind parameter must be an element or id". but I can not validate my form and I can not delete the error.

Can someone tell me where I am doing wrong?

filters: placeholder text in the WP task manager field

I have WP Job Manager and I notify that if I am going to publish a job without an account, it establishes two added fields of username and email at the top of the standard work form # submit-job-form.job-manager-form for Create the Account as part of the process. It is annoying that the placeholder for the email field is "your @ domain", which is a hoax, so I want to change this typo to ""

There is a tutorial on how to change placeholders with specific filters for this form here

When I inspect the field in chrome I see:

I have tried the following:

// Add your own function to filter the fields.
add_filter (& # 39; submit_job_form_fields & # 39 ;, & # 39; custom_submit_job_form_fields & # 39;);

// This is your function that takes the fields, modifies them and returns them
// You can see the fields that can be changed here:
Administrator / blob / master / includes / forms / class-wp-job-manager-form-submit-job.php

function custom_submit_job_form_fields ($ fields) {

// Here we go to one of the work fields (job_title) and change its label
$ fields['job']['create_account_email']['placeholder']    =

// And return the modified fields
returns $ fields;

I have WPJM Field Editor but since it is not one of the work fields provided, I thought it would be easier to add a filter to the functions. Does anyone know the correct way to point to this particular field if it is not up, since I am not sure if it is part of this form or not from a filter perspective? Thank you

performance – lazy load images from placeholder

Finally I implemented the lazy load in my images without a complement. Also, I added a noscript tag under my images for SEO purposes.

But, I would like to implement a placeholder like something like this:


How can I add it?

Please help.

This is my php code

function lazy_thumbnail ($ post, $ myclass = "") {
$ class = & # 39; slow charge & # 39 ;;
if ($ myclass) $ class. = "". $ myclass;
// Get thumbnail source
$ thumbnail_id = get_post_thumbnail_id ($ post-> ID);
$ alt = get_post_meta ($ thumbnail_id, & # 39; _wp_attachment_image_alt & # 39 ;, true);
$ srcset = wp_get_attachment_image_srcset (get_post_thumbnail_id ($ post-> ID), & # 39; medium & # 39;);
$ image_alt = get_post_meta ($ post-> ID, & # 39; _wp_attachment_image_alt & # 39 ;, true);
$ thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src (get_post_thumbnail_id ($ post-> ID), & # 39; medium & # 39;);

$ src = $ thumb['0'];
eco & # 39;".$alt." # 39 ;;
eco & # 39;& # 39 ;;

And this is my JS code (I'm using the Intersection Observer)

document.addEventListener ("DOMContentLoaded", () => {
const lazyImages = [...qall(".lazy-load")]
    if (! lazyImages) return;
if ("IntersectionObserver" in the window) {
leave lazyImageObserver =
new IntersectionObserver ((tickets, observer) => {
entries.forEach (entry => {
if (entry.isIntersecting) {
leave lazyImage =;
lazyImage.src = lazyImage.dataset.src;
lazyImage.srcset = lazyImage.dataset.srcset;
lazyImage.classList.remove ("lazy-load");
lazyImageObserver.unobserve (lazyImage);
lazyImages.forEach (lazyImage => {
lazyImageObserver.observe (lazyImage);