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    This summer, the price of Puma's basketball shoes made a big impact on the sneaker industry with the startling announcement that they were relaunching their long-standing basketball line. With the signing of promising rookies such as Marvin Bagley III, DeAndre Ayton and Michael Porter, the German brand aims to break into a market that has long been dominated by people like Nike and adidas. Now, it's time for his first real foray into basketball footwear in more than two decades, as the inaugural Clyde Court Disrupt will be released soon. The shoe follows the guidelines of the classic Puma Clyde, but it is not tied by the past, as it features a knitted top and Puma's new hybrid damping technology to guarantee today's performance. Arriving with a bright red and yellow orange combo, the shoes also feature a black dotted stripe graphic and a "1973" strike on the heel tab, as an assent to the Clyde's first release.

    Rick Williams, founder of Detroit Burn Rubber's shoe store, presents his next collaboration in slippers under his Distinct Life label, teaming up with Puma in the unlimited black puma ignite package that includes a classic and a modern model. Inspired by its own black and white photography, the two-shoe package includes the Limitless IGNITE and the Suede V2 in black, white and gray for a clean, simple and strong look. Both shoes also feature a selection of Rick's photos visible under the transparent soles and in the stencils.

    The celebration of 50 years of evoknit of 50 years of the influential silhouette of puma's influential suede has resulted in a series of esteemed collaborative efforts with people like Bobbito Garcia and The Weeknd. Now, the German sportswear brand is ready to partner with the German creative director of haute couture brands, Chanel and Fendi. While none of those labels are German, the connection between the iconic shoe brand and Karl Lagerfeld is evident. The style of Lagerfeld's signature is well documented, since he is almost always photographed in a suit and a pair of black sunglasses. This new set of two pieces from Suedes pays tribute to its luxury fashion trends, since the black version is equipped with two lapels of suit jacket, while the gray variety has a bustling form of suede glasses.

    With a large majority of the NBA elite fighting in the playoffs for their chance to claim a Larry O & # 39; Brien Trophy increasingly elusive, Puma has released a timely combination of Clyde Court Disrupt nicknamed "Title Run". Victory is a luxury, so "Title Run" is dressed in a championship-style golden palette with metallic gold details, and even has a shiny gold thread woven into its fabric. While it is important that you look good, you will also need to be at your highest level of play if you want to take home the hardware, so these Puma Hoops kicks feature custom cushioning technology.

interface – monthly payment and single payment in the same place

Good morning, I'm doing a payment area, where the user can buy a monthly product and a single product of purchase, the owner of the project requires that the payment is the same for both forms, can be by credit card or bank card. But it does not make sense to pay for a product that is paid every month in installments with a single purchase. Would anyone have any suggestions?

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Was Trump wrong in telling Congress legislators to "return to their place of origin" or not?

No, he did not say that.

That is just what you are doing, but it is shown by your own "most likely" comment, which means that you are assuming something that simply coincides with you politically.

That's why I hate bugs like you. Not an ounce of credibility or truth among you. It is really pathetic. You are really pathetic.


Edit: j – Do you want proof that you are a stupid f * ck? Here it is: you want to deny what I have said is wrong, but you yourself could not explain why it is wrong, much less demonstrate that it is wrong.

It's just that you're a useless parasite that deflects … Do you understand? Of course not


Functions: keep the adhesive publications in the main loop, in its usual place.

I have a wordpress theme that has a place at the top for sticky posts. If a publication is set to fixed, it will appear at the top, but it will not be in the publications listed below.

How can I have the adhesive publications inside the main loop? I have removed this function that hid them from the main loop:

public function modify_main_query ($ query) {
if ($ query-> is_home () && $ query-> is_main_query ()) {
$ query-> consultations_vares['post__not_in'] = $ this-> sticky_posts;

After eliminating this, the publications are displayed in the main loop, but appear at the top of the 10 elements, before the rest.

How can I make them show up on their respective dates, as if they were NOT sticky?

Thank you.

Past participle place in variable names

For example, in terms of graphics algorithms, we often keep a list of nodes that have already been seen by the algorithm, and we do not want to resort to them to avoid infinite loops. In conferences I saw examples to call these variables as Nodes seen or nodes seen (One or the other may not have been written by native speakers)

Which one sounds best for the native English speaker? Is there any reason to prefer one over the other?

The most beautiful place in India …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most beautiful place in India …?

dnd 5e – Does the effect of the Command spell take place immediately if it is cast in the target's turn?

The target must succeed in a Wisdom saving throw or follow the command on his next turn.

If you had to cast Command as a reaction (for example, ready action or warp thrower opportunity) on the turn of the spell's target, does the effect of the spell take place immediately or in the next round?

eg if he kept the command spell and activated it once an orc ran around the corner in sight and told him to "crawl", would that end the orc's turn there or the whole orc would not be seen affected, would only be forced to drag me the next round? ?

Drag: the target falls prone and then ends his turn.

The most beautiful place in India …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most beautiful place in India …?


java – Printing in a specific place

In Java, is there any way to show a variable in a certain place on the screen? For example, if you wanted to show a username automatically entered in the upper right corner of the screen. It has to be a variable, but how can I make it go to the particular place where I want to show it?

How do I get an address from a place with google place if I only have the android studio gps coordinates?

Good I need to get an address of a place with google place if I only have the coordinates android studio gps I have already developed it with the autocompleter and with Geocoder (Geocoder if I get the direction through the cordenas) and it works perfectly but I need to get a description of the most detailed address as well as the api places and my question is if there is any way to do it since I have searched and do not find much information, in advance thank you very much