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Why should you try? PixSense?

Test our host, work with us. And never regret it. Only five reasons.

  • Only 2 pallets!
  • Good / impressive earnings, STABLE (We will not change our infrastructure in the short term).
  • Unshaven
  • Trust – We have never missed any eligible payments for 2 years.
  • Bonus winnings! Which means that $ 12 is just the base profit!

General information :

– 2 Pops only!

– Payments are made through BTC, PAGES, PZ, WMZ

– The minimum payment is $ 5, the user must make a request for payment before the end of Monday of each week, and it will be paid from Tuesday to Sunday (usually, it will be paid within 2 days)

– Any type of social traffic, fake traffic Not allowed, Strictly no c.h.i.l.d.p.o.r.n, do not waste your time.

– Legal images of adults / non-adult images are allowed.

– Maximum image size 10 MB, the maximum number of images per load initiation is 300 images.

The "bonus winnings" depend on your performance. The more you use our host, the more bonus you get.



Start your trip now, register an account with us and start earning cash!:)

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