Pioneer – What is a manufactured weapon?

Right now I'm in a session and I used Spell Acceleration on my teammates.

The spell Haste says:

When performing a complete attack action, a hasty creature can perform an additional attack with a natural or manufactured weapon.

Right now I am discussing with my DM what is considered a manufactured weapon. Affirms that it has to be a weapon with a masterpiece. I understand it as any weapon made by man.

My question is … What is considered a manufactured weapon?

Pioneer – Can disembodied creatures talk?

I began to think about how the incorporeal creatures interact with the corporeal world and I could not think of anything that explicitly expressed whether they could communicate or not. Sure, maybe they can talk to other disembodied creatures, but how about using a disembodied creature or spell to send a message to a creature? Could that be possible? It seems that they really can not interact physically With the corporeal world, and it can be heard. exciting if they want be heard, but … nothing says anything about talking, and now I am very curious as to whether there is an answer to this.

pioneer – Mutation of bloodline – Intensity of blood

Just making sure that I understand the blood intensity correctly

"Whenever you cast a blood spell or sorcerer that deals damage, you can increase your maximum number of damage dice by an amount equal to your Strength or Charisma modifier, whichever is greater."

So, if my charisma modifier is 5 and I cast a Perforating Cry (1d6 dmg) using Blood Intensity, it would now cause 6d6 damage, right?

Pioneer: What balance problems would arise from a good chaotic paladin?

For a long time I have been annoyed by the inability of the chaotic Good Warriors to be strengthened by their unwavering faith in human freedom and decency, and therefore I am considering a personalized archetype that would allow the Paladins to be a Legal Good or a Good. Chaotic, with the right fluff / Mechanical changes as needed.

However, I am concerned that with the change of alignment, certain options not available to paladins will now be available and will be abused, and I would prefer that the custom archetype does not get the reputation of being the most abusable compilation in the world, especially when it is being created. . for role play purposes instead of role play.

What abuse options would be available if a Paladin had an alignment with Good Chaos?

Because the archetype is not yet being built, suppose that Paladin's mechanics do not change with the exception of anything mechanically linked to the Law that is exchanged to an exact equivalent linked to Chaos (Axiomatic to Anarchic, etc.).

pioneer – Can druids (fluffwise) become knights?

I know that, mechanically, it could work, but I'm not sure that for Golarion it makes much sense.

So, would it make sense if a druid became a knight? (as an example of Green Knight's order) or is there something that says against how Golarion and the class and the archetype are defined in a fluid way?

pioneer: Is the minor celestial totem processed in the Blessing of God of Fire and similar feats?

If it does

The effect of the feat says:

When subjected to a spell that heals damage from the hit point, he heals 1 additional point of damage per level of the caster. In the case of healing effects, not spells. (as energy channeled or placed in the hands), she heals a number of additional points equal to the class level of the character performing the magical healing. This does not affect rapid healing or regeneration.

Both Lay on Hands and Channel Energy are supernatural effects that can heal the damage. There is nothing in their description that makes them anything special about how to classify their effect, nor are they classified as quick healing or regeneration.

As such, Glorious Heat would also benefit from Lesser Celestial Totem and would heal by:

  • spell level + character class level hit points.

For the blessing of the fire god, the use of the skill seems to be involuntary and stronger than it should be, fortunately, it is limited to once per assault. But this seems valid from the rules as written, and the character would heal by:

  • class level of the character + 1 hit points.

However, if both effects are used, I would not let you heal twice your level. Because the source the additional healing is the same (the power of anger), and the character would heal by: character class level + spell level + 1 hit points.

If he class that granted him the power of anger is the barbarian, he must replace character class level For your barbarian levels.

Keep in mind that to qualify for God's Blessing of Fire, the character must worship the God of fire (This information was removed from SRD), a specific deity for golarion that is worshiped by certain orc tribes (more information about the orcs of Golarion). The configuration book of the Belkzen campaign, Hold of Orc Hordes revealed that this deity is known as Sezelrian. Of course, nothing prevents your GM from converting this to any other configuration.

pioneer – What is a reliable source of adamantine?

What is a reliable source of Adamantine for PC with a level range of 13-16?

I find it difficult to locate the appropriate Lore in adamantine, specifically where it comes from, where to find it or monsters that use it constantly in their equipment. There is a propaganda under the Adamant Golem with regard to the acquisition of large amounts of firmness from the Elemental Plane of the Earth or from the Outer Planes. Unfortunately the road with respect to the details ends there.

Our DM is asking us to "Pre-plan" our progression / character goals in as much detail as possible and as friendly as possible. Basically, he is asking us to plan the possible campaign ideas for him, which he can choose and drop into his story arc.

I want to build an Adamant Golem as soon as possible with the help of my Party. With an Automatan Core and a Pearl of Power, I can have an assistant able to meet the requirements of Level 20 launcher for the development as soon as level 15. (Possibly sooner if I can find more semi-permanent launcher level upgrades). The character richness for the group should be 240,000 per character at level 15, which would allow me to "manufacture" everyone's team and then have everyone contribute to the construction costs of 350,000.

Leaving aside the logistics, I need help to find, locate and extract (or plunder) the necessary 100k of precious metals needed to make this thing. Although it does not indicate what percentage of that 100k is the adamant itself. Nor do I find any source that details the refinement of the inflexible ore, or the price by weight.

An acceptable answer would be to recommend modules or adventures with sources of adamantine booty that could melt.

Pioneer – Skill damage, spells and possession spell

Let's say that a magician launches the Possession in a bugbear. Now, this bugbear has spent some time in questionable places and has contracted both Filth Fever and Mindfire, the first is a disease that causes Dex and Con damage, the latter is a disease that causes Int.

The magician is still in possession of the bugbear when the diseases have their next skill damage tick. Who receives the damage of capacity?

The second possession paragraph reads the following (emphasis mine)

If you succeed, your life force occupies the host's body. The soul of the host is imprisoned with you, but you can still use your own senses (although you can not exert any influence or use purely mental abilities). You can communicate telepathically with the host as if you shared a common language, but only with your consent. You maintain your intelligence, wisdom, charisma, level, class, base attack bonus, base salvation bonuses, alignment, and mental abilities. The body retains its strength, dexterity, constitution, hit points, natural abilities and automatic abilities.. A body with additional limbs does not allow you to perform more attacks (or more advantageous attacks with two weapons) than normal. You can not activate the extraordinary or supernatural abilities of the body, nor can you cast any of its spells or similar abilities.

Because of this, I assume that only the body would get the Dex and Con damage from Filth Fever, although I can not find any decision about it. But what about the Mindfire Int damage. Who gets the damage int? The magician, the bugbear or maybe both? It seems to me a difficult question because there two minds in the same body, unlike similar possession spells like Magic Jar, which removes the original soul from the body.

On a related note (and if this should be a separate question, I apologize), how would spells work like the weak mind when aiming at a body inhabited by more than one mind?

Since you can store a retention bag or a handbag in a pioneer bag, how do these weights influence the containers?

The contents of each extradimensional storage space are, in turn, in different planes, so the weights of their contents do not count for the maximum capacities of the extradimensional spaces in which the containers are stored.

To make an analogy, in your first apartment you put a door to a second apartment. Inside that second apartment you put a door to a third apartment. The first apartment cares what is in that second apartment only to the extent that the door of the second apartment weighs. Similarly, the second apartment cares what is in the third apartment only to the extent that the door of the third apartment weighs. (Of course, other things can be thrown into any apartment, but those things only count for the weight of that apartment, since those things are, like the door, only in that apartment.)

Therefore a pioneer bag You can store extra-dimensional up to 10 pounds and weigh 1 pound. TO smaller holding bag You can store extradimensionally up to 50 pounds. and weighs 3 lbs. A practical backpack It can contain in its three pockets extradimensionally up to 120 pounds. and weighs 5 lbs. Combined, a user can keep within their pioneer bag a smaller holding bag within which there is a complete practical backpack.

The only real consequence of doing this is that while an extradimensional space is inside another extradimensional space, the space that is within space is inaccessible. For example, a creature can not wriggle in its celebration bag and, while inside the handbag, access there the contents of your practical backpack.

Wonderful elements in extradimensional spaces says

A series of spells and magical objects use extradimensional spaces, such as rope trick, holding bags, handbagsY portable holes. These spells and magical objects create a small pocket space that does not exist in any dimension. Such elements do not work, however, within another extradimensional space. If they are placed within that space, they stop working until they are removed from the extradimensional space. For example, if a celebration bag is taken to a rope trick, the contents of the celebration bag be inaccessible until the celebration bag it is taken outside the rope trick. The only exception to this is when a celebration bag and a portable hole interact, forming a rupture with the astral plane, as indicated in their descriptions.

Some GMs warn against putting any Extradimensional space within another extradimensional space, citing the possibility of explosive consequences. If you are in a campaign of this type, this player strongly recommends that you do not do this practice until you can verify the accuracy of such consequences. However, as in the previous quote, in most campaigns, such explosions and implosions are usually only a by-product of filling in a holding bag et al. in a portable hole or vice versa instead of nesting multiple celebration bag– Similar items.

Pioneer: What magical items give the owner the ability to possess others like the Possession spell?

Very few items for Pathfinder

The Control Diadem allows you to take possession of constructs.

The user of the headset can take direct control of the construction as a full round action, controlling all construction actions as possession. The user can end this control at any time as a free action. The user can remove the glass from a construction as a standard action, allowing him to use the glass in a different construction and return control of the construction to his original master.

In addition, magic rises with the Possession the spell must also allow that, as long as the spell is also in the character's spell list. However, none of the officially published staves comes with the spell.

Apart from that, there are no published articles that allow you to affect a creature with Possession, not even among the artifacts. Your best bet would be to summon a creature that has that ability using a magical item, such as an Ataxian, Avatarana or Psychemental.