How to setup Pingdom on your Magemto 2 sites

I want to set up Pingdom for our Magento 2 sites.

I have seen they need a script just above of the site. but we have multiple stores so how would that work and where do i put the script (what file?)

Any suggestion are appreciated.

Fast or slow: alternative website speed test tool to GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools

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Not sure if it is exact? Now WHT is 36 hahaha …

Maybe they are tweaking things and when you ran the test you checked the uncached content. Run it again

You cannot beat Lighthouse in the Google Chrome network tool as it is more accurate.

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See publication

Yes, PageSpeed ​​Insights is another, but I prefer to use Lighthouse in the Google Chrome network tool, since it is more accurate.

Performance: How to improve the load time when Pingdom says that 80% of the load time is the web browser waiting for data from the server?

I will assume that the website you tested is dynamic. It is probably done in PHP, ASP or some other scripting language that produces a result based on the operation of running code (other than HTML) and the input that is entered (including the user's ip, etc.).

When the script and server resources are used poorly, there are long waiting times.

For example, let's say that the website has a gigantic database in the background with more or less one billion records. Seeing that I work with databases myself, trying to count a large number of records, even in a fast system, takes time in milliseconds, and these milliseconds add up, and if the script that produces the page you're trying to see ends Trying to get a count of billions of records several times throughout the script without storing the results, the waiting time can be very large and I would personally fire the programmer of the company if I had the power.