uk – Which city is pictured in this scene from Line of Duty S6E1

This screenshot is taken from the S6E1 of the BBC series Line of Duty. It’s taken from the 4:25 mark (approx).

Apologies for the poor resolution.

I’m guessing Midlands / North of England. The red brick terraced houses with the occasional out of place multi story housing block reminds me of areas of Nottingham, but many cities look like that so it could just as easily be Manchester, Grimsby, Liverpool etc.

What is this pictured Lenovo keyboard layout and how to use the £ and other keys in the row below the function keys?

I am planning to get myself a new keyboard and thinking of this one as this has the extra keys I use frequently. But what is the layout/map called and how to use how to use the £ and other keys in this row (below the function key row)? Thanks.
Lenovo keyboard pic 1
Lenovo keyboard ppic 2

adnd 1e – Who is pictured on the cover of Dragonlance Adventures?

You correctly identified the characters depicted in the image: indeed they are

  • Lord Ariakas (the dying man): the commander of the Dragon Army
  • Tanis Half-Elven (the standing one with a sword and a crown): one of the protagonists of Dragonlance Saga
  • Lord Soth (the undead): a Death Knight, whose is an ally of Kitiara, one of the Dragon Highlords

This drawing refers to the moment where Tanis went to pledge allegiance to Ariakan, but instead of putting his sword at the Lord Commander’s feet the half elf struck a fatal blow (with the aid of Raistlin Majere). The Crown of Power felt off from Ariakan’s head, and since “Whoever holds the Crown, rules!” Tanis went to catch the crown. As soon as Kitiara had understood what was going on, she ordered Lord Soth to catch the crown for herself:

There was uneasy silence in the Hall of Audience as Ariakas’s body tumbled to the floor. The Crown of Power fell from his head with a clatter and lay within a tangle of blood and thick, black hair.

Who would claim it?

There was a piercing scream. Kitiara called out a name, called to someone.
Tanis could not understand. He didn’t care anyway. He stretched out his hand for the Crown.
Suddenly a figure in black armor materialized before him.

Lord Soth!

The above quotes are taken from Dragons of Spring Dawning, Book 3, Chapter 9, Horns of Doom.