Sexy picture of Megan Fox black lingerie

Sexy picture of Megan Fox black lingerie

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How to pass profile picture through php?

Good evening! Guys, I have a form here made in php, in which I pass the user data to the bank (mysql), example tag:

I was wondering how can I pass a user profile picture through this form, I searched, but I really don't understand how it works, can anyone help me?

Revealed: What methods can be used to remove remjet from the back of the motion picture?

You can obtain ECN2 chemicals in bulk that meet the specifications. Probably cheaper by quantity than using weak kitchen chemicals.

The problem with remjet "manual" removal is that it ruins the emulsion … it contains its latent image! All the DIY tips and YouTube videos will result in a ruined movie. If any of the methods you use recycle the wash and do not filter the removed remjet particles, or if you do not protect the emulsion side of the film during the process, the remjet particles will become embedded in your film.

Kodak states in its ECN2 Processing Guides (still available) that approximately 30 psi of water is required to successfully remove the anti-halo backing. But you can't use 30 psi on the emulsion side without risking damage. Even commercial ECN2 processor machines ruin the frames here and there. Whichever method you think of, low pressure water or cold air should protect the emulsion side of the film.

digital: I took a picture with a 4k camera and the image is very bad

I bought a 4K ultra HD digital camcorder and took a photo with it. I don't know much about cameras or photography, but I expected the image to be sharp as high-resolution images are.

But when I get close to 100%, it pixelates. It was very unpleasant, so I quickly checked the properties of the image, see below.

enter the image description here

I thought a 4K image would be much better at 100% zoom than a standard mobile phone image. If I zoom in on that image, it looks like it was taken with a 10-year-old mobile phone.

What is wrong with what I am waiting or doing? Are there any settings for taking a high resolution image?

I'm looking at the photo at 8000 × 6000 resolution on a 17-inch laptop if that's important.

Photo captured with Samsung A20s phone and lighting

Photo captured with camera and lighting.

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Harvard terminated my application after I was seen wearing a MAGA hat in my profile picture. How can I sue them for discrimination?

[Policy] Open-ended question: Harvard terminated my application after I was seen wearing a MAGA hat in my profile picture. How can I sue them for discrimination?

puzzle: how could you prevent a player from cheating by taking a picture with his phone?

I am playing a game with a main mechanic for a very limited amount of time in which you can see a maze and you must navigate it blindly as much as possible to conserve your torch fuel. You may be able to take a picture with your phone and then pass each level.

My initial thought is, "so what?" If someone wants to cheat, the fun is simply being taken away. But I'd like to add a leaderboard to the game, which would make the traps even more attractive to some players who value bragging rights instead of having fun.

The obvious answer is that there is NO way around this … but does it exist? I'm trying to find a ready-to-use idea that makes traps almost impossible or useless.
Any ideas?
Curious if someone has any ideas first without altering your perspective playing my game first. Let me know if you want the link and I'll give it to you.
Thank you!

How to detect the motion picture using the SVM classifier using optical flow?

I tried to detect the optical flow using opencv.
But, after detecting the flow, I got stuck. Now, how to proceed more?

text message profile picture

I have a contact on my phone and we send text messages and, frequently, my question is why does the image of contacts change when they send me a text message? Ex: I sent a text message at 5am and the image was one thing, then at 9am the contact image was different.

Composition – How do you evaluate what makes a "good" picture?

OK, that is a very broad title and it will be to some extent "based on opinion", but be patient with me.

I don't usually take shots of & # 39; city & # 39 ;, so when I do I have less experience and less guidance on what makes one be & # 39; well & # 39; and another & # 39; bad & # 39 ;, assuming that both are crisp in the right places and reasonably well framed, To my own mind.

I have these two shots [intentionally quite small because I am not interested in spying pixels for this]. The only thing they really have in common is that they were taken to the same city on the same day.

A dark and gloomy Victorian market backed by strong clouds and some sunlight penetrating.

enter the description of the image here

and this magnificent sculpture of a cargo horse, with a mall skyline behind it.

enter the description of the image here

I really like the horse, nobody else likes it.

I have tested this theory with anonymous voting on online photography sites and contests. The results are remarkably similar in each test.

I think the horse has a story. I think he is looking very well at the frame, compensating for its location. I like the sharp horse against softened industrial architecture.

The market I feel is a bit ordinary, scratching too dark, except to line that sun in the right place. Maybe people see some kind of & # 39; Hogwarts & # 39; On the roof, I really don't know.

What am i missing?

Could it be because I know the two original locations quite well and I know that the market doesn't really look as cinematic as that when you can see the whole environment? The horse is about 20 feet in the air on a tall, thin pillar, it has four feet in a socket, maybe only 2 square feet, which increases its sense of balance in that situation.
No one else can know that, so just see the final result.

I can't see the profile picture in messenger

I can't see my friend's profile picture in messenger. I tried to look for her on Facebook and I can still see her timeline, so I know we are still friends and I am not blocked. Does anyone know the reason for this?