magento2 – Magento 2 passes data from the html template to the phtml file

file So far I have created MyModule / ProductAlert / view / frontend / email / stock.html

{{template config_path = "design / email / header_template"}}

{{var alertGrid | raw}

{{template config_path = "design / email / footer_template"}}

And I would like to transmit my variables email a .phtml file in
MyModule / ProductAlert / view / frontend / templates / email / stock.phtml and call it there


    getProducts ()):?>

Your e-mail: getData (& # 39; email & # 39;)?>

// Email should be here

Currently, he returns nothing to me. How can I achieve that? Thank you!

magento2 – Unable to find the phtml file of the registration link

I have enabled the suggestion for the route template and it does not show the route for the "Create an account" link.
Reading the source of the html homepage I have seen these tags:

This is the path to the greeting block:


For the login block:


Where is the phtml file & # 39; create an account & # 39; which contains the & # 39; li & # 39 ;?

magento2 – The change in PHTML in the Provider Folder does not affect the interface

I changed the subscribe.phtml in vendor / magento / module-newsletter / view / frontend / templates / subscribe.phtml.
I just changed escapeHtml (__ (& # 39; Subscribe & # 39;))?> A

I clarified everything with:

sudo rm -rf pub / static
sudo rm -rf var / cache
sudo rm -rf var / composer_home
sudo rm -rf var / generation
sudo rm -rf var / page_cache
sudo rm -rf var / view_preprocessed

and then I started installing php bin / magento: static-content: deploy. But nothing changed. Why ? Please help

Magento 2 on how to get the established attributes using all the attributes on the phtml page?

How to obtain the established attributes using all the attributes in the phtml page?
Do you need the product view page in all attributes in particular attributes, set related attributes?

magento2 – How to add a PHTML template file with a personalized Magento 2 payment step?

I have seen that a new step can be added with the JS HTML Knockout file. Is there any way to attach a PHTML Template file instead of HTML or JS?

                                        Magento_Checkout / js / view / user-login
                                                Magento_Checkout / js / view / form / element / email
                                                Magento_Checkout / form / element / email
                                                login methods
                                                    We will send you the confirmation of your order here.
                                                        login form
                                                        additional login form fields

Any help would be appropriate.

How to get the current product in phtml without registration?

I would like to obtain my current product in my phtml.
I saw many examples with the record in the Block file, but now, in M2.3, it is in disuse.

Does anyone have an idea of ​​how to do it?

How to create a drop-down selection field in the phtml file dynamically in Magento2.2.5?

I want to create a drop-down selection field in the contact form (phtml file) that should be called dynamically in magento2.2.5.

See the screenshot

enter the description of the image here

This is my form. I have canceled my contact form, I want a drop-down menu for the subject.

magento2: how can I upload an image with the UI component to add a new publication form to the database and display it in phtml?

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