Looking for a PHP file hosting script like TinyUpload.com

maybe this is a little late
but I made my own script some time ago

is a simple ajax based file sharing script
no upload limit (use ajax … and split files up to max upload limit)
in my case my php.ini got 8MB post limit and 2MB upload limit and I can easily upload a 10GB file to my site

I can sell you this script if you want, feel free to try it on https://fileshare.site

keep in mind
the current setting is a little different than the usual script setting
in my case there are 3 sites

1 -> loads the site and contains users / payments and all the main things
2-> link generation site, is the gateway between multiple servers and generates the preview (as video) and download links
3-> The file server, this is where it stores the files and where the files are downloaded

now we will explain the functions of the script

  • loads to multiple servers, selecting load verifies which server is available
  • Checks the maximum space left on the server, so it doesn't overpopulate a server (no space)
  • allows you to securely stream files (embed files with a locked embedded code on your site)
  • allows you to view the contents of a zip file (we all want to know what's in that nasty zip)
  • plays mp3 files
  • plays video files (video html5)
  • completely built for html5
  • ajax load to avoid php load limits
  • Timeout protection, so in case of timeout it just resumes where you left off
  • Hash file names, no, they are not executable and do not even contain an extension … all for security
  • Hotlink protection, you can't download them directly even when you have a direct link (time based codes)
  • Based on litespeed, it also works in apache (with a small rewrite module + apache)
  • No username / password / registration … it's completely anonymous
  • Lock option to protect your downloads from unwanted users (access code :RE )
  • lock option for premium accounts
  • secure way for premium accounts
  • accounts are deleted if premium time runs out
  • premium files become normal files after premium has finished
  • premium can lock files, can embed files, and can track downloads and even generate free premium based on downloads / views
  • Automatically deletes files containing a virus (in case you use a virus scanner) and displays the correct page (deleted due to virus page)
  • A secure administration space to view all files and keep everything
  • probably a few more things i forgot

Also note that the script is still a work in progress, so it is not 100% complete yet (but in case you sell it, I make it complete at your request ^^)
but now you have an idea of ​​what the scirpt can do for now :RE

Greetings from PowerChaos

php – Removing maximum file size tags from Woocommerce product page

I am a newbie to WP development. I'm currently using the Storefront theme, and I'm trying to remove these two tags on the front of my Woocommerce website on the product page:

1.) The message (maximum file size 128 MB) on my product page (where a user uploads a photo)

2.) The message (maximum size: 131072 kb kB, maximum files: 5) in my review tab (where a user uploads a photo)

I know how to enter .php / function and CSS, so if you know a code that would be really appreciated!

Attached images.enter the image description here
enter the image description here

object orientation: code that understands which line I want to show? PHP

I am new here, but I had already done other research here, reading the existing topics. I am studying PHP The teacher asked for a code to pass the car. IMPORTANT Please do not answer this exercise, I want explanations. If I need to learn something new to do what I want, tell me what it is.

In "return", I start by saying that the car is stopped, already on line 55 I say it changes to first.
Consequently, on line 56 it accelerates and rises up to 20 km / h. To go beyond that speed, you need to shift into second gear.
So on line 57, although it is the same command as on line 55, I mean it should go to second gear. As expected, this does not happen.


It is possible, in php, to make understand the code, that in line 55 I want
let him take into account what I wrote on line 19 (up there), and in
line 57, note what I wrote 25? Because when
I create the object of the car. I can't "configure" the gear since it doesn't have a method,
and even if you had the code, always consider the last line, i.e. even
I had two lines to access the march method and on the first line
If I "set" gear 1 and on the second line gear 2, the code would put gear 2 on both lines 57 and 55.

Thanks for your attention!


    public function setAcelerar(){
//linha 19          $this->marcha=1;
// Marcha 1 engatada. O carro acelera até 20km/h. O "if" abaixo confere se é isso mesmo.

        if($this->Vatual <= 20){
// linha 25          $this->marcha=2;
// Marcha 2 engatada. O carro acelera até 40km/h. O "if" abaixo confere se é isso mesmo.

        if($this->Vatual <= 40){
// Marcha 3 engatada. O carro acelera até 60km/h. O "if" abaixo confere se é isso mesmo.

        if($this->Vatual <= 60){
// Marcha 4 engatada. O carro acelera até 75km/h. O "if" abaixo confere se é isso mesmo.

        if($this->Vatual <= 75){
// Marcha 5 engatada. O carro acelera até 220km/h. 

        public function setCombustivel($combustivel){

        public function getInfo(){
            return " 

carro parado !
//linha 55 engata marcha {$this->marcha}
//linha 56 Carro acelera até {$this->Vatual}
//linha 57 então passa para marcha {$this->marcha} e
Acelera até {$this->Vatual}

" ; } } $Carro = new Carro ('SickAndTired'); echo $Carro->getInfo(); ?> ```

php – Angular or Vue or React with CodeIgniter Does anyone know of a good stuff?

Angular or Vue or react with CodeIgniter Does anyone know of a good stuff?

php – WP Rest API with JWT authentication

I am working on a headless CMS with a React / WordPress front end at the moment. The WordPress site is hosted on the main domain (example.com) and the reaction site is hosted on a subdomain (demo.example.com). I am trying to authenticate to the REST API with a JWT token (generated through JWT authentication for the WT REST API plugin) and I have run into some issues. Before adding this code bit to my htaccess, I was able to generate a JWT token but I got a 403 for all requests trying to validate with that token:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*)
RewriteRule ^(.*) - (E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%1)
SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

Now that this code is in place, when I try to get a token from example.com/wp-json/jwt-auth/token, I get a 403 token and no token. Has anyone come across this before?

Check if the array contains the selected value in a mySQL query with PHP

Might you help me
I need to check if the array contains a specific value in a mySQL query.

In a function I get the value of the day of the week:

$wekc = 4

In the tb_turg table, I have the weekg column that stores the values ​​like this:

idturg weekg
1      1,3,5
2      1,2,4
3      0,4
4      3,6
5      4,6
6      1,2
7      1,4,6
8      0,1,2,3,
9      2,4
10     3,5

Then I created the array like so:

$sqlturg = "SELECT weekg,abng,classg FROM tb_turg WHERE abng != '$nwdatefer' AND classg = '1' ORDER BY idturg ASC";
$querya = $conn->query($sqlturg);
while($rowtg = $querya->fetch_assoc()) {
$weekg = $rowtg("weekg");

@$nwekga .= $weekg." - ";

Then I separated this matrix:

$nwekg = rtrim($nwekga, ' - ');
$aw = explode(' - ', $nwekg);
foreach($aw as $bw) {
$cw = $bw;

$sqlga = mysqli_query($conn, "SELECT idturg,weekg FROM tb_turg WHERE weekg = '$cw' AND classg = '1' ORDER BY idmodg ASC");
$rowtga = $sqlga->fetch_assoc();
$idturg = $rowtga("idturg");
$ag = $rowtga("weekg");

$fw = explode(',', $ag);
foreach($fw as $gw) {
$hw = $gw;

if (in_array($wekc, $fw)) { 

$sqlgb = mysqli_query($conn, "SELECT idturg,codturg FROM tb_turg WHERE idturg = '$idturg' AND classg = '1'");
$rowtgb = $sqlgb->fetch_assoc();
$idturg = $rowtgb("idturg");
$codturg = $rowtgb("codturg");

echo $idturg . "
"; } else { echo ""; } }

But it doesn't work as it repeats the results of the $ sqlgb query
CONCLUSION: You would have to list the idturg only on the lines that have the 4th (Thursday), without repeating.

Thank you!

external php scripts: create a cron job to automatically clear the cache

I am trying to clear the cache automatically with a cron job but it did not work.
I am just debugging in the browser at this link website-url / cronjob.php.
I think it is a problem with the syntax, I have tried truncate The tables in the database.

As you can see in the attached code below, I tried two methods, but neither works.

mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_config');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_container');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_data');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_default');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_discovery');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_dynamic_page_cache');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_entity');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_menu');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_render');
mysql_query('TRUNCATE TABLE yqxq_cache_toolbar');

What do I need to change for this script to work?

This is an example query from the statistics view, which doesn't update if I don't run clear cache.

print $count_users_tot;

PHP web scraper

I am trying to take the prices of the products that are within the link that I am trying to run. The problem is that the website does not allow me to enter to take the information. The code I have right now is: