Images: Why does the photo quality decrease long after the image is published?

A photo was posted on my Instagram account, and for about a week, it was clear and the quality was high. However, he suddenly became pixelated to the point of being unrecognizable. I had the impression that the online images do not change, so I would like to ask what caused this sudden change.
A similar problem has been evident with Facebook. A few months ago I downloaded a photo from a Facebook page and its size was 459 kB. When I downloaded it again this morning, on the same device, the photo was 451 KB in size.
What causes online photos to deteriorate over time? Is there any way to avoid that?

Printing – High quality photo book printer

All right. This is totally outside the scope of the forum. It probably belongs to graphic design.

But here are my 2 cents.

1] Do not choose the offset printing required for "quality". You choose compensation if you need a certain amount of prices vs. cost.

The costs of a digital printing are linear. You pay double if you want two pizzas instead of one.

Depending on market prices, the region, etc., has the same costs in digital compared to about 200-300 pices. If you need a piece, go digital.

Compensation costs are some initial processes. Prepress, irons, registration and then the amount of paper you want to use and each pass that the machine needs to make to print.

Some providers may charge you for price, but above the first thousand. You could probably agree to print only one hundred, but at almost the same price as a thousand pieces, minus the cost of excess paper.

Prices are too out of reach of any forum, because if your book is one centimeter more or less, which could mean you need a different machine, or a sheet of paper, number of pages per sheet. The coverage of the photos spends more ink, the type of paper, the varnishes, the bindings, etc.

In addition to that, the country, pre-press control, credit, etc.

$ 40 per favicon, default facebook and cover photo is the website and I need a default photo + cover photo (

I also need a favicon.

Some guide is that the cover photo must have the features listed on the home page and something like "never miss a chance with premium domain welcome pages", we have 3 types of forms … buy it now, make an offer and contact us. Users also cannot have forms on the page and should only use the Domain Pager as the placeholder homepage / countdown timer. The concept is that many domains have private privacy and people have no way of contacting the domain owner. With this service, domain owners can maintain their privacy while allowing people to contact them for inquiries and opportunities.

$ 40 through paypal or crypto.

How to synchronize a photo tree in Darktable to collect additions / deletions?

I am new to Darktable and I try to use it to manage a large RAW image tree.

I already recursively imported the root of the tree. Now it shows the directory names in the light table view when I select "folders" on the left under "collect images".

If I now add more images to existing directories or add new directories below the root, or delete some images, how do I tell DarkTable to scan the root directory again and have it collect the additions or deletions?

Color: What white balance should be selected if the photo is supposed to completely surround the viewer?

Suppose you shoot a map of cubes to see inside a room with walls, ceiling and floor that are screens that show the scene you filmed. Obviously, monitors should display the images as close as possible to what the windows of the same sizes would show in the scene. This means that we should not try to do any white balance to remove any dye.

But there are no camera settings such as "no white balance" or "white balance as is." Similarly, the raw photos (when I take Bayer's "red" for red, the average of "green" for green and "blue" for blue), according to my experiments with LibRaw, seem to have very colorful colors different from reality: in my Canon EOS 1100D they are too green: even if I capture a red laser pointer (640 nm) on the wall, there is some notable green. The images must be corrected by coefficients supplied by the camera to get closer to reality. I guess this is what is called the neutral profile in RawTherapee.

Now, how do I process the photos so they appear on the screen as close as possible to what the camera sensor really hits? How can I reproduce photometrically correct colors instead of those that the human would think are in some particular environmental condition?

Where is the Android photo album assignment stored?

The Android 10 photo viewer / Google Photo application has an option to assign a photo to a photo album. This assignment is stored even if the file is moved.

Where is this assignment stored? Is it somehow accessible in EXIF ​​data or in the JPEG file itself? Is there an Android API for photo albums? My goal is to synchronize these album assignments to a computer.

This question is not about the Google Photos cloud service, where albums are also synchronized.

Thank you

Local version of "White Balance" in GIMP to clean the document photo

I have a photograph of a document with black text on a white background.

The photo has some problems:

  • The text is a bit blurry.
  • In general there is noise even in white areas.
  • The background does not seem really white but a little yellowish.
  • The most important: Some areas of the image, even areas that are supposed to be white, are darker than others.

I would like to clean this image. I'm on linux

The "Colors> Automatic> White Balance" filter in GIMP is producing promising results. However, it does not match the background in different areas of the image.

But if I select only a sub-area of ​​the image, the "White Balance" filter actually works best in this area.

So I imagine that gradually applying the "White Balance" in the local areas of the image would work really well.

I imagine that the "White Balance" filter is implemented like this:

  1. Collect color statistics for the entire image.
  2. Create a color conversion matrix and apply it globally.

So, what I would like instead:

  1. Collect local color statistics for each area, p. 100 * 100 px
  2. Build local color conversion matrices.
  3. Build the continuous function of conversion matrices per pixel.
  4. Apply locally per pixel.

Do you know something like this that exists in GIMP or as a separate piece of software, p. for the Linux command line?

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Why do you duplicate my cover photo without retaining your likes and comments on Facebook's mobile?

I tried to change my cover photo using the Facebook mobile application and I wanted to revert one of my old cover photos I used years ago. I checked the cover photos that later appear on the profile picture (cover photo album on my Facebook profile). I clicked on the photo I wanted to use, however, it was updated as a new upload without retaining its likes and comments.

Then, I logged into my Facebook account on my PC, deleted the duplicate and did the same process again. This time, my previously used cover photo, along with likes and comments, was successfully updated without having any duplicates.

What could be the reason for this problem? Is this something common, a kind of mistake? My mobile operating system is iOS. I could not see any complaints / examples on the Internet regarding this issue.

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