filters – Woocommerce : How to automatically input “digits” phone number filed to woocommerce billing_phone filed for every order?

I use woocommmerce to sell online courses in my website. also I use a plugin called “Digits” to help users easily login/register using only their mobile phone numbers and OTP sent to them as sms.

So the login/register in our website, just requires entering mobile phone number.

and because of that, we removed billing_phone field from woocommerce checkout form because every user is required to register with their phone number even before accessing the checkout page.

the question is : how to automatically add the “digits” phone number to woocommerce billing_phone filed in every order using maybe some filters and/or hooks?

What's The Best Cell Phone Carrier Without Contract?

What is the best phone carrier in the US?

forms – How could I best indicate the required format for a phone number (country + area code)

I can’t remember any one time that someone has gotten this right. They just expect you to know the format to input. This really sucks when someone’s new to a country and not really well versed on how phone numbers in a country look like.

Now, I sort of agree with @MSalters‘ answer, you should use JavaScript to clean up the input. But, I find that forms that aren’t clear about the correct phone number format are mentally jarring. This makes finishing the form even more of a chore than it already is.

So please, don’t disregard the design portion of this input field. The easier your form is to understand the quicker users will finish it. Which, I’m guessing, is what you want, no?

Oh and Alternative 1 is the best option for me. You could also make it so that the suggestion is inside the field (using placeholder attribute)

Are Whatsapp phone numbers viewable by network admins?

If I connect to a network, is the network admin able to identify user phone numbers used by Whatsapp through the network traffic? In other words, are phone numbers used to signup by messaging apps such as Whatsapp or Telegram viewable by network admins?

Using VPN connection in Android Phone

We use various apps for using VPN in an android phone.

Please let me know, how a VPN works in an android phone?

I mean to say, once a VPN connection established, does it mean

  • All apps (installed in the android phone) traffic goes through VPN?
  • All activities related to Internet (whether its mobile data, wifi or mobile hotspot) done through VPN connection?

If yes, can I specify a specific app for using VPN connection?

Please clarify and elaborate.

gmail – Why Google asking me to verify myself with my old phone number?

i lost my phone and my phone number but luckily my account was still logged in my ipad, so i went to my google account in my ipad and i removed my old phone number and i added a new one. Somehow i got logged in my new phone. But The problem is that i can’t do some changes on my account because it asking me everytime to verify that it’s me with my old phone number. Knowing that old phone number doesn’t exist in my google account anymore, i changed it. Is this a bug from Google? What should i do?

Spyware called System Update Service has been installed on my phone. Rather than removing it, can I reverse attack?

How do I reverse attack System Update Service?

security – “Breaking” into Samsung phone

one of my colleagues has recently passed away and I am left with a task to retrieve data (especially pictures) from his phone – Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017).

Unfortunately, he set a numerical code to lock the screen and I was unable to get through it with any convential methods I found online – all require access to Samsung account, or Google account, or some other prerequisities, that are not fulfilled in this case.

Does anybody have any trick to get pass the security?

Thank you!

file system – How to add strong encryption to an SD card so that I can access it both on my desktop and phone using open source non tracking offline tools?

The question says it all. So far I was able to find out

  1. Default android encrypted SD card can only be read by the phone or by a skilled hacker or their non open source tools
  2. There are tools that are clunky to use or not open source (cannot be trusted) or riddled with bugs (cannot be used with important files)
  3. I know I can zip files but that’s so impractical.
  4. Most apps use weak encryption algorhithms that are not suitable anymore for anything but a kid who finds your phone in a park

Question: Is there no solution like examples: veracrypt (for windows) or luks (for linux)? Such as mounting a volume and accessing it in your file browser like I do now when I insert an SD card in my phone, it then mounts the volume, which I then am able to access in my file browser. That is what I want with encryption ideally, it’s the simplest most practical and natural way to do it, so I assume there is a way to do it…