Privacy: uniquely identify each mobile phone with Android 10/9 and lower versions


I have an Android application with millions of users, but some users are malicious users (robot, fake, etc.).


I want to find a way to uniquely identify each mobile phone device, to blacklist malicious mobile phones (hardware)


Strict Google privilege controls due to privacy issues, especially the new Android 10.

I summarize the following forms of unique identification:

  1. Permanent ID (such as IMEI, serial number) you need READ_PHONE_STATE access permission. But since the design of Android 10, access is Forever DENIED even have READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE permission, for privacy reasons.

  2. Semi-permanent Identifications (such as device identification) will change if the phone resets or escapes. Malicious users can restart / escape the phone to avoid being detected. Google also provides Advertising ID, GUIDetc.

  3. Variable ID (such as MAC Address) can be easily changed through malicous software by a malicious user to avoid detection.

Summary and question:

I read many websites of strategies on how to uniquely identify mobile phone hardware, based on the above situations. Most strategies say:

  1. It is necessary to differentiate "Android 10" and "Android 9 and lower versions".
  2. You need to collect as much information as possible (permanent and semi-permanent and valuable identifications) and calculate the possibilities (%) of identical mobile phones. Assume that malicious users can change some IDs, but they do NOT always change all IDs.

I am still looking for better solutions. Please advise your ideas.

Comparison – Decide whether to use a Pentax K-r DLSR -v- i Phone 11 Pro?

I have a Pentax K-r DSLR camera: technical specifications here, this camera is approximately 9 years old.

I also have an iPhone 11 Pro: technical specifications here

Both have sensors of around 12mp, which sensor is better? And which camera would finally produce a better image?

How to know when a phone has a battery or how to make it think it has a

I'm trying to play on a samsung galaxy s7 edge without a battery, but it just turns on, it shows a logo and then it turns off again, I think it knows there's no battery inside, so if anyone knows what to connect to make it think they have one

Installation: why this application is not installed, but installed on my cell phone

I have an application that I can't find your link through Google Play or other sites, so I gave that zapya backup file to my friends that this link is.

The application is like this:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Then I asked why this application was not installed on my Android phone friend while my Android version is now updated like this:

.enter the description of the image here

And I think your Android version should also be close to the latest version?

Thanks for your attention.

I can't access my Instagram due to the security code sent to my idle phone number

Referring to the subject. Does anyone have the solution to this problem? I have access to Instagram email, but once I recovered and completed the new password, I redirected to the "security code" page. I'm currently stuck and I don't want to lose my Instagram account.

samsung – duress PIN to reset phone

I have an Android Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

The other day I was in a serious situation: an adversary turned off my phone. He turned it on and told me to give him my PIN. The phone was encrypted and after 15 incorrect attempts it will be formatted. Realistically, only Cellebrite could enter it (which is not something my opponent had access to).

Is there any configuration, application or anything else I can use to reset my phone if I find myself in this situation again? I know there is a combination of buttons to format the phone, however, that would have taken too long and I could only read my PIN to the adversary I had on my phone.

In a nutshell: how can I set a duress PIN that when entered causes the phone to restart itself?

My device is not rooted and I would rather not root it, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Get photos from a broken / locked Android phone

Is there any way to open the mobile phone and take out the ROM and connect it with a PC or something and get its files (photos and text files)?

dual sim: add code before the phone number if the call is made from SIM2

I've been trying to find a way to do this for weeks, but I can't seem to find a solution.
I have two SIM cards, private (SIM1) and work (SIM2).
SIM2 has a dedicated dialer application that basically adds a specific code (which never changes, 154784) before the number I want to call.

Phone Number: 070-1111-2222
Call from within the application becomes: 1547847011112222

The problem is that this dialer is only compatible with SIM2 and I currently have to use two different dialers depending on the SIM card from which I want to call.

What I would like to do is use the default dialer, which tells me to choose a SIM card every time I want to make a call and to automatically add the previous code (154784) if I choose SIM2. I would like to avoid using the other marker application completely.

Is it something that can be done or should I leave it?

Ghost phone hits on iphone 10

I have an iPhone 10 for 2 years: it has never had major falls or anything, just normal wear.
In the last week, I noticed that the touch screen stops responding to the touches or seems to be randomly taking the touches that I didn't really start. This has led me to respond & # 39; accidentally & # 39; to messages, to other annoying setbacks, which makes the phone unusable at that time.
Is there a diagnosis I can run or a well known remedy? The screen is clean and free of debris.

proxy – Get my internet traffic through another remote phone

I have a phone in country X, with friends of mine. The phone can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data. I would like to use this Internet phone from my phone (which also has mobile data). That is, every time I open a site to make it look like I'm in country X and avoid all restrictions, etc. for people outside the country X. Is it possible and, if so, how can it be done?

Thank you