lightroom – How can I copy location info from geotagged phone images to images taken with my other camera around the same time?

So i did quite a big trip recently, and took lots of pictures with my DSLR and occasionally Android phone.
Only after coming back did i read about the whole GPX file, tracklog options in Lightroom.
meaning i don’t have such a tracklog file.

The android phone did geotag most photos it took. (at least, when it got a gps fix i guess)

So my question is, is there some software or way that will automatically copy the geotag from the android’s photos to photos taken on the same time with my DSLR?

Or alternatively, generate a tracklog from the geotagged data in the android pictures?

rom flashing – permanently disable wifi on an android phone by renaming/deleting it via adb

i want to permanently disable wifi on an android phone in a way that cannot be reverted without flashing the firmware via adb.

the best way to do it, i’m guessing, is to rename or delete the firmware for wifi.

is it possible? how is it done?

A secure Android phone

I never read Wikileaks or got into vulnerabilities around 2012 and onward, and I’ve been clueless the entire time. How frequently would you guess a random Android phone is compromised and what are examples of the exploits?

My phone was stolen

My phone was stolen.I read that if you had a google account connected to your phone, the thief needs to enter your google password when wiping the data or factory resseting it.But I changed my email password and logged my phone out from my email(for security purposes) shouldn’t I have done it?

linux – Disable charging of connected USB device (phone)

I often use my phone as a mobile internet hotspot, which is connected via USB to my computer. This works fine, but unless the phone is already fully charged, it starts charging its battery from the notebook, draining the battery of the latter quite quickly. Since it is a USB-C port on both ends, I suspect that the charging current may even exceed 0.5A, leading to a fairly quick discharge of my notebook’s battery. I would prefer to completely disable charging of the phone when my notebook itself runs on battery power. A current limit to the USB’s minimum 0.1A would also be ok. Entirely disabling the port is not an option, as that would also disable USB tethering.

Question: How can I disable USB charging of a connected device or at least limit the current to 0.1A?

Notebook: Lenovo Thinkpad T480
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Phone: Fairphone, running Android 8, not rooted

Thank you and best regards,

How do I ship a Motorola Phone for Repair?

My Motorola/Android phone is stuck in the Fastboot mode and does not offer any successful way to boot. I called up support and in Canada they provided an email concerning free shipping for repair. However reading the email and actually shipping with the suggested Purolator method:

It is important that you include a copy of your proof of purchase or the activation agreement, as well as a copy of this email as it contains valuable information for the repair center.
You need to mail the device through your nearest Purolator and keep a record of the tracking number. Provide the following account number for you not to pay for the shipping: #8278093. Please do not forget to request the tracking number for future references.

FutureTel Service Centre
570 Alden Rd Unit 14
Markham, Ontario L3R 8N5

Only leaves me with more Questions. I try to create a shipment on the Purolator site, and have no way of entering the “account number” provided.

Motorola Shipping Workflow

Even if I open an account there is no way to enter this account number as a Billing method.
Help Motorola? Help Purolator? Help some body?

Can I backup my phone or install TWRP recovery while stuck in Lineage OS recovery?

Highly unfortunately for me, I had thought it was a great idea not to make any backups when going to test if I was properly able to upgrade/downgrade Lineage OS versions. I had replaced my TWRP recovery with Lineage OS’s recovery, and then I “upgraded” to the same Lineage OS version I had currently been running, and my phone ran into a boot loop (The never-ending Lineage OS bootup screen). I believe I ran into this boot loop because I might have previously accidentally installed TWRP’s “system” app, and this would have been a problem due to LineageOS’s enforcement of priv-app whitelisting rules.

My device is a: LG H830

What I do have: Root, an unlocked bootloader, ADB/Fastboot, the TWRP recovery file

I believe I am screwed and that there’s no way out of this except just factory resetting/formatting everything. If I was correct in my research, my phone model blocks all fastboot commands, excluding bootloader + “unlock” related commands, and as a result, I don’t believe I am able to do a backup using ADB (I tried adb backup -all and it didn’t work). Lineage OS recovery has no way of backing up files, and I don’t believe it is possible to use it to flash TWRP recovery. All I need to be able to do is to save/backup my photos (Which are located in my internal storage). I think it is highly probable that I have finally entered into a hole that I can’t get out of. However, if anyone has any ideas about what I could do to either back up what’s on my phone (Mainly photos/internal storage if possible) or to flash TWRP without resetting/formatting everything, it would be substantially appreciated. Thank you!

Sources I checked out:

Team Win Recovery Project for the LG G5 – Post indicates that LG G5 H830 has flashing locked

Backup & Restore Android with ADB – Backing up via ADB would have worked if I was able to successfully boot into Lineage OS and approve the backup operation, but I can’t because I am limited to being able to boot in everything except system

Does Lineage Recovery have backup? – This is a post with answer(s) that designate the fact that Lineage OS’s recovery isn’t able to backup

storage – Is it possible to backup data from a locked android phone?

is it possible to get files from a locked android phone with PC ? I searched the entire internet but couldn’t get any reliable source. Although i can simply hard reset the phone to bypass the lock, but the data inside is really important to me. I want to try adb command to remove the pin lock but unfortunately i didn’t turn on the usb debugging .. Anyone have any ideas on this?

My phone model: Vivo 7 Plus
USB debugging: Not turned on

What does two asterisks mean in this strange USA “phone number”? (**)

These are special “StarStar” numbers offered by StarStar Mobile:

So the asterisks don’t really represent anything, they’re literal representations of * key/button you find on any phone.

While I’m not familiar with the details of the implementation, it appears to be a clever hack on VSCs, which are how telcos let you control various telephony features via the network itself:

So presumably the Star Star folks have struck a deal with the big telcos to route any calls starting with ** their way, and they can then forward the calls to the paying customers.

internal storage – My phone is not saving things (screenshots, download from browser, etc)

So one day my phone shutdown and when restarted I started to get some issues. Screenshot was not working saying that there was no space left. Gallery had no images/videos at all. File manager was not opening properly. I started to dig up and was able to get an stack trace:

## Issue explanation (write below this line)

## Exception
* _User Action:_ UI Error
* _Request:_ Application crash
* _Version:_ 3.5.9
* _OS:_ Linux Android 10 - 29
* _Device:_ OnePlus5
* _Model:_ ONEPLUS A5000
* _Product:_ OnePlus5

Crash log

java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while executing doInBackground()
    at android.os.AsyncTask$4.done(
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.finishCompletion(
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.setException(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: unable to open database file (code 14 SQLITE_CANTOPEN)
    at android.database.DatabaseUtils.readExceptionFromParcel(
    at android.database.DatabaseUtils.readExceptionFromParcel(
    at android.content.ContentProviderProxy.query(
    at android.content.ContentResolver.query(
    at android.content.ContentResolver.query(
    at android.content.ContentResolver.query(
    at com.amaze.filemanager.asynchronous.asynctasks.LoadFilesListTask.listMediaCommon(
    at com.amaze.filemanager.asynchronous.asynctasks.LoadFilesListTask.listVideos(
    at com.amaze.filemanager.asynchronous.asynctasks.LoadFilesListTask.doInBackground(
    at com.amaze.filemanager.asynchronous.asynctasks.LoadFilesListTask.doInBackground(
    at android.os.AsyncTask$
    ... 3 more

Could be corruption on file db? I have one app called “Files” which I can check, and I see all files there. I can take pictures/videos, record voice etc, so that doesn’t seem the problem.

I think the issue is related to indexation of those things, I’ve tried re-scan with several apps, but none worked (media re-scan, rescan sd, etc)

I don’t want to factory reset at the moment so I’m looking for an alternative solution (maybe a path to where is the db, so I can delete files, or an app that can help me to re-index things (if is the case), or system access to assess the issue)