adb – fastboot detects the phone in fastboot mode but not when the phone is on

Quick boot images should be stored on the PC where you run the fastboot command, not on the device.

Therefore, the common process is:

  1. PC: download the image to be displayed
  2. Boot the device in bootloader / fastboot mode
  3. Connect the device to PC via USB
  4. Run on PC fastboot flash

Intermittent firmware images that are stored as an image file on the device are usually a job for a recovery ROM like TWRP.

How to remove password from xiaomi mi 9 phone

I used the fingerprint to log into my phone but now, you need my pattern that I forgot!
My phone is Xiaomi MI9 and I am wondering if there is a way to unlock it without erasing data.

Help!! I can't access my phone memory suddenly after using SD card as internal memory

A few weeks ago I integrated my SD card to use it as phone memory. Everything was fine until a couple of days ago.

Suddenly I saw the "insert SD card" prompt in the notification bar. I open the back cover but the SD card seemed to be in place. I delete it, insert it and the warning disappears. But then I notice that when I go to the file explorer (FX) to access my files it says "Access Denied". I cannot access anything that is in the memory of my phone, although the applications work. I guess the system files are fine, but everything else is not.

My phone is rooted, so I tried to access the files through TWRP but I can only see the system folders.

The phone is a Moto C plus. Nougat.

adb KEYCODE ENTER or 66 does not work on huwaei / Vivo phone to toggle airplane mode

Using ADB Keyevent, I'm trying to enable and disable the toggle Airplane Mode option from the user interface, but it's not happening … can anyone help me on this?

I tried adb KEYCODE ENTER and 66 as well, but nothing works on my devices.

sim card – Can I use an old SIM from a locked phone on my Redmi?

I've never had a smartphone that I used like a real phone with a SIM before. I have a Redmi 6 that I bought abroad (Android 9, MIUI 11) that has only been used with Wi-Fi. I just interrupted a long trip abroad due to the COVID crisis. I can't go out and buy a SIM. I can't get one delivered.

I need a phone number to do government things online. Online things will not work with my sister's phone since a phone number can only be used for one account. My nephew has an old SIM phone that fits in my phone. The SIM is or was registered for it, but has not been used for six to twelve months. The phone was surely locked, as is usual with cheap phone packages in Australia. I have no idea if SIMs are locked to certain phones, or just phones are locked to certain SIMs or certain carriers.

By putting your SIM in my phone, it recognizes the SIM, but not the operator, the phone number or anything else. I was unable to send a text message or receive a text message. He says I can only make emergency calls.

Is it possible to use a second hand SIM on my phone? Are my problems because this is not possible, due to phone settings or SIM or phone service provider (Telstra)?

I can't find anything on the phone about setting up a new SIM. Perhaps some SIMs can only be registered once and are locked on the phone they were packaged with?

Because I have no idea and my situation has more than a few unique features, I still haven't had the good fortune to Google for a solution.

Is it a bad idea to let your phone keep charging all the time?

I read somewhere that long charging periods can be harmful to the battery and that the best level to maintain it is around 50%. Is this true?

If so, after how long will the battery show signs of being affected?

4g: will LTE from a CDMA provider work on a GSM only phone?

Do not

Will my phone work? Says note 7 7 It does not work in Tello.

Note 7 has more operating frequencies than Note 8 (see the Network section –
Note 8 frequencies are a subset of Note 7), but does not work with Tello.

If you switch operators, you have 25% coverage as stated here, but that would require you to do the task to find out which operator and if those frequency (s) are used where it operates.

Voice over cell phone and screen sharing through a laptop with Microsoft Teams?

I would like to call people with the equipment app on my cell phone because it makes using my AirPods easier. But if you want to share the screen, it is too small on the cell phone screen. I would like to get the screen share on the laptop while maintaining the voice connection on the cell phone.

If it's a team meeting, this is easy. I simply connect from my laptop and cell phone to the meeting and turn off the voice on the laptop.

But I can't find a way to do this when I call single people.

Any ideas?

Ask for help configuring a Motorola NVG589 AT&T Uverse home gateway for an IP phone

My wife needs to work from home and take calls.
She has a Mitel 5340 IP phone with a PoE injector.
We have run a Cat5 cable to the AT&T Uverse Arris / Motorola NVG589 gateway and rebooted the phone with the IP address of the teleworker gateway and the settings that the IT gurus job said to do.
Without connection…
Phone error messages:
"DHCP: Discovery"
"DHCP timeout timed out"
"VLan None Pri None"
I have tried all the connection and restart combinations I can.
The company's field service technicians came out (this is a telecommunications and data services company) They checked all things on both ends.
The only thing left is the gateway that does not allow communication.
Our Uverse service plan does not have any phone service.
We do not have a landline phone.
Her other coworkers have been able to connect at home with the same phone settings, but I don't know what service or gateways they use. I'll find out tomorrow …
This always happens to my wife!
Someone please help!
Thank you!