rooting – How can I make my rooted Android 7 phone as secure as possible for financial transactions?

The latest security update patches for my phone was in 2017. My phone is rooted. What steps can I take to make it as secure as possible to be able to safely use financial apps where I’d be transacting money?

These apps need Google services to work, so custom roms are not an option (or are they?).

What is the technical difference between transferring from an old phone and an iCloud restore when setting up a new iPhone?

In the past, I don’t think it mattered but in iOS 14 and watchOS 7 I am finding the iCloud backup to be the best option due to a bug or migration failure that I and several others here experienced.

Apple says it’s fine to do an encrypted backup, and that will work, but the unpairing of the watch and validating the backup to iCloud was what helped me restore all my data.

It’s not entirely clear if Apple does some cleaning once the data is in iCloud or if the mechanics of the restore step and the repairing step re-runs a data migration step that fills in the gaps. Presumably, that would also run if you transferred device to device but for some reason Apple only mentions computer and iCloud setup in the support articles and when I talked with support and engineering about my issue before these articles were published.

So far, iCloud has bailed me out three times ( shelf and two friends) and we did make a computer backup, but didn’t try them first. I set up two fast Macs with content caching that saves/serves iCloud data so iCloud restored fly for me and happen faster than a new backup to the same computers over USB. I could see the opposite direction wing much faster for other setups, so my solution might not be optimal for all, but it works well for me.

I would not rely on direct migration to fix this and would do what Apple says, on the original device if possible and work with Apple support if you fail to fix it after one go.

root access – Best adb command and system tweaks for non rooted phone to get closer to rooted experience

As I always owned rooted phones I find frustrating living with all the limitations of non-rooted phones.

I would like to list here all the adb commands you can issue and system settings you can tweak to get your non-rooted phone experience closer to a rooted one. In a way decreasing “security” when connected to a PC.

Especially targeting Android 10+

Of course we all know everything starts enabling Developer Options and USB Debug

I can execute some pm disable package or pm uninstall package to get rid of some bloat system apps.

Then I can do some setting put global parameter n to tweak some system settings.
I.E. setting put global dropbox_max_files 9 limits the number of files in /data/system/dropbox directory (unaccessible) to 9 instead of hundreds (if not thousands).
Dropbox app not installed, but there is log activity in /data/system/dropbox

Finally there’s pm grant android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS to play with…

microsoft outlook – Windows phone 7 support services

I have a HTC 7 pro windows phone (OS: windows phone 7.8) which I didn’t use for a long time. a few days ago I came back to it. turned it on and found out many services aren’t working.

  1. the store doesn’t load anything
  2. the live account doesn’t sync

I changed the default email server address from to the new emails are downloaded but it doesn’t sync any contact and it still says attention required and in the email app, says updated more than 1 year ago.
the error is 8007007A

I (factory) reset the phone to see if the problem is solved. no luck. and worse, it is downgraded to windows phone 7 (which doesn’t have even a copy/paste functionality!). still no email account (I can’t even make one) and no store or updates.

the Zune app on windows 10 works fine in case of managing the contents. but doesn’t update the phone with error of 80072EFF. so I’m stuck with a barebone windows phone 7 from 10 years ago.

I suppose that’s because of end of support for windows phone 7 which discontinued in 2014. but that’s just 6 yrs ago. it’s a little unfair to leave a phone without any simple functionality. it’s just a simple MP3 player now.

Do I have any other options to make use of this phone ? installing apps and syncing email ?

Why does my Android 10 phone needs to be called multiple times before rining?

My Nokia 7.2 Android 10 phone has the following strange problem that is 100% reproducible:

  1. Sits there doing nothing for 10 or 20 minutes.
  2. Receives a phone call but does not ring.
  3. Receives another phone call soon without ringing.
  4. Receives another phone call soon without ringing.
  5. Receives another phone call and rings finally. It will continue to ring if a phone call is received soon.

Again, the above can be reproduced reliably. Could anyone offer a tip on how to fix this?

motorola – Using my phone abroad with same number?

My phone was purchased in the United States. It has a US number. This is the same phone number linked to my credit card.

Now I just recently realized if I used a computer from another IP address, the credit card online login reequires 2-step verification with my phone number. Not a problem.

But what if I go abroad to another country? Will the 2-step verification still work? Will my phone receive this text from the US?

I’m asking because it seems if you want to dial a number in another country, you need to add the country code, so its a bit different from the US.

If anybody can offer clarifications it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

How wil google identify me with just my phone number?

How wil google identify me with just my phone number?

I have a few email accounts with gmail. I create a different one for some websites like
I do this because most of the times emails sent from shared servers get rejected by gmail. Do not even land in spam. Just plain rejected…

I haven’t logged in to one of those accounts for a while, and today when I logged in, google asked me for the alternate email.
I entered that.

Then on next page google says,
“We want to make sure its you who owns this account”, enter phone number.

Since I have never entered my phone number in that account,
so how will google know its me, using a new phone number?

Anybody hacking can enter their phone, verify the account, login and do anything they want.

Then when real me goes to login, google will send code to that phone which hacker entered, and will lock me out of my own account…

What right does google has to ask me for my phone number?
That too “forced” asking?

If I want to enter a number, I will do it by my own choice. Why is google force stopping login?
I could have some important emails there.
I already verified my alternate email.
Could even click a link sent to that one.
Why phone number?

There is a button “try another way” at bottom. But its just for show. Nothing happens. Comes back to same “enter phone” page…

Why are all these websites forcing things on us?
Its becoming too much now.

Everyone seems to be imposing something or the other and we the users are supposed to silently follow orders…


applications – Is a rooted phone safe for phone banking?

My phone (Android 7) has been rooted for years. That means it hasn’t updated in years. I’m wondering if it’s safe to do financial transactions on it…like download my banks app and a bitcoin e-wallet.

If not, then how can I make it safe while maintaining root?

c# – Unity ads – not showing on phone

I’m trying to implement unity rewarded ads. They work fine in the editor. However when I run it on my phone, the ads don’t show up. Nothing happens when I click on the show ads button. I have a very simple project. There is a button that has the ShowRewardedVideo() function assigned and an admanager script. Not sure what’s going wrong. Can someone please help?

Here is the admanager script:

 string gameId = "123456";
 bool testM = true;
 string reward = "rewardedVideo";     

 void Start()
    Advertisement.Initialize(gameId, testM);

 public void ShowRewardedVideo()
    if (Advertisement.IsReady(reward))

 public void OnUnityAdsDidFinish(string placementId, ShowResult showResult)
    if (showResult == ShowResult.Finished)
        Debug.Log("got reward");
    else if (showResult == ShowResult.Skipped)
        // Do not reward the user for skipping the ad.
    else if (showResult == ShowResult.Failed)
        Debug.LogWarning("The ad did not finish due to an error.");

 public void OnUnityAdsReady(string placementId)
    if (placementId == reward)

 public void OnUnityAdsDidError(string message)
    // Log the error.

 public void OnUnityAdsDidStart(string placementId)
    // Optional actions to take when the end-users triggers an ad.

// When the object that subscribes to ad events is destroyed, remove the listener:
 public void OnDestroy()

Is there a way to connect an external microphone to android, while using internal speakers and charging the phone?

I want to improve the microphone sound quality while using internal speakers. I also want to be able to charge phone while on the call. Is there a way to do it?

So far I only saw solutions that would require headphones to also be connected to the device.