Bypass Google’s “Personalization settings & cookies” ( page, setting everything to off

Google recently introduced the “Personalization settings & cookies” page when you visit it for the “first” time, e.g. when you browse to you get

enter image description here

and if you click “Customise” you are redirected to where you have to manually click “Off” for every option, while allowing all cookies is (of course!) just one click.

It only pops up once – if you allow cookies. However, I don’t want to allow cookies from Google and I don’t want to accept any more of their “improvements” than I absolutely must to use the service, which means that I have to go through this every time I want to use some Google service.

Is there a browser extension (preferably for Firefox) or Greasemonkey script or similar that will automate clicking “Customise” and then clicking “Off” for everything on the following page for me?

Increase online sales and conversion with personalization

Increase online sales and conversion with personalization

gui design – Where the personalization / customization of specific UI elements/components is occurring in modern applications

Facebook has progressively released the customizable avatars stickers for its users around the world Messenger app (apparently to compete with the Bitmojis), which follows the trend for instant messaging apps to allow users to customize this aspect of the user experience.

enter image description here

But the more recent and probably more curious feature is Microsoft Teams allowing users to customize their video chat background (custom background feature), which doesn’t really have a practical use (except if you don’t like to show people where you are actually having the meeting).

enter image description here

Rather than focusing on customization of core user interface features like the layout and themes or colours of the application (e.g. to help with night mode or accessibility), we are seeing more examples of personalization of user interfaces and interactions on the smaller aspects of the application.

My question is, are there any specific reasons or trends that is pointing to companies focusing on the customization of minor user interface elements rather than continuing to developing a user experience that is customizable across the whole applications (like the layout or features that are accessible)? Are these more likely to be filled in by third party designers and developers?

Personalization – The Best Game 2020 | Istana168

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personalization: how to set custom image size for images in post?

This may be somewhat obvious, but I'm trying to set a default custom size (and prevent authors from resizing the image) of whatever media they load into a post.

I have semi-successfully added custom image sizes (I can see them in a post, but they are not visible in Settings> Media in WordPress. I only see WordPress default sizes: thumbnail, medium, large. Is this normal?)

What is not obvious to me is how to properly scale the images that have been uploaded to a post, and / or any other medium that is uploaded (such as a YouTube insert).

For example, I am currently using FakerPress to generate a bunch of posts with various image sizes. It appears that one of the posts is the full size of the image contained in it. Full size exceeds my content div and this is a problem.

How do I scale the image to fill the entire width and have the height automatically dimensioned proportionally?

CallerID Personalization Android Apps [closed]

I'm looking for Android apps that feature Caller ID customization (the same feature is also known as Call Forgery) for a research project. Paid VOIP applications can also work.

personalization: running Kubuntu on tablet 2-1 (Dell Latitude 5175)

After a long uphill battle to run Linux on my tablet, I finally decided to write here.

I am trying to run stable Linux distribution on my 2 in 1 tablet with touch screen functionality and all the details that Windows 10 and Android offer.

-My first problem is that none of the desktop environments, except KDE, offers a fractional scale, which in my tablet all the environments seem too small or too big.

-I decided on KDE, but the touch screen is only recognized as a left mouse click, the on-screen keyboard disappeared and the screen does not rotate automatically.

I installed the Ubuntu desktop from kubuntu and now I run both environments. All tablet functionality works very well in gnome, but it still faces scaling issue, which I managed to mitigate a bit using font scaling in settings.

-My problem now is that the applications I installed in the KDE environment will not work properly in gnome or will open, and customizing gnome seems too complicated (I prefer to have the app drawer as a list instead of icons).

Is there a way to get the gnome touch / tablet functionality running on the KDE side? I really don't understand how the tablet can work perfectly in one environment and not the other.

Thank you!

personalization – Hide custom field if empty

I am displaying custom taxonomy values ​​on individual pages of my custom post type.

I have a custom "artwork" post with an "artists" taxonomy. How do I display artist name on single post page (or multiple artist names if multiple artists are assigned to post). If no artist is assigned to the post, no artist is displayed on the page. That works fine

Artist: ";
        foreach ( $artists as $artist ){ 
            $artistsArray() = ''.ucfirst($artist->name).'';
        echo implode( ', ', $artistsArray );
        echo "
"; endif; ?>

In my artist taxonomy, I have a custom field "instagram artist". Below, in the blog post, I have a link that leads to the artist's Instagram account.


The link is displayed correctly. But I want to hide it when an artist doesn't have instagram. I'm using "if! Empty", but it still shows the link if an artist's Instagram field is empty. Why?

Thanks for your help!

Personalization – Move first half of posts to one main page, second half to other page


Suppose we have 2 posts (Post A, Post B). They already exist and are located as in the following

Now i want to create 2 separate main pages like cat1 Y cat2.

How can I rearrange posts and get something like that?

  • Publication A:
  • Publication B:

And when I open I want to have a list of cat1 posts.

personalization – Include recent post in category

I use a free WordPress theme called DefautMag, it has a main page with 3 columns, in the main page settings I could choose any category to show in any of these columns but I want to show recent posts in one of them. However, the recent post is a widget and not a category. Is there a way to add recent posts to categories to select them?
A little problem here is that I'm not a PHP developer and I don't want to break my site, in case I have to edit the theme to replace one of the columns with recent posts.
I have searched extensively for days now. Any help will be greatly appreciated.