[ Law & Ethics ] Open-ended question: What legal principles apply when a data breach discloses personal financial information? Common law negligence? What statutes govern this?

[Law and Ethics] Open-ended question: What legal principles apply when a data breach discloses personal financial information? Common law negligence? What statutes govern this?

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[ Personal Finance ] Open-ended question: Should I give my dad the money?

I was fired from my job and I had to move in with my dad. The only bills you have are utilities and clean the house. I have a little money saved and I don't have to worry about paying my bills for a while. You have a fixed income and should I give it to you? It seems like at the end of each month you need money. So far I have given him $ 300. Today he asked me for $ 60

5.0 lollipop: extract sms and other personal data from Android backups without device (ADB, Nandroid, ODIN Backup [.tar.md5])

I have some old backups from my older phones (samsung galaxy S4 / i9500). One of them is a Nandroid backup, one is ADB, and I'm assuming the third is an Android image probably created by ODIN (.tar.md5 file). Since I no longer have the mobile device with me, is there any way to extract my personal data (especially sms) from those backups directly on my PC?

routing – routes traffic from the personal computer through the laptop

I have a laptop with a VPN to work with, I'm looking for a way to somehow use my home PC (which is MUCH faster, and I would need to connect my monitors and accessories every time I want to use the laptop) in some way connect my home pc to laptop and use its vpn connection somehow, is this possible?

databases – Personal data services / stores ("PDS") – Why are they not more common?

Well, so … be patient with me and suggest a better communication channel, if this is not a great place to ask about this concept … this idea has been puzzling me for some time.

Once I had a dream, and in that dream the personal data of all individuals (SSN, birthday, driver's license, etc.) could be managed and controlled by the same individuals.

A centralized repository of information would allow an individual to update (for example) their postal address one time, and all authorized subscribers of that information will receive an update on the change. Think of the pub / sub line with granular authorization. Any external system that would like to access an individual's personal information would have to be explicitly allowed by that individual. Eureka!

Here is a small collection of examples of projects in this line of thinking. It's all I've encountered with some quick searches recently, but they all seem dead / abandoned, or focused only on sharing companies / teams, etc.

I have thought about this years ago. My question is simply this: Why personal data services of this nature failed to become a common mechanism, perhaps even a standard, by which personal data is maintained and distributed?

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Why has personal debt continued to increase with Trump's full employment?

Salary. In early 2015, I inherited $ 20k from my late mother. I also had about $ 10k in savings. Right now I have $ 4,500. In fact, I injected around $ 4,500 into my business, house painter, in 2015. That increased my income by approximately $ 9,000. I did a $ 2,000 marketing campaign and spent $ 2,500 on equipment. 2016 saw no increase. 2017 was reduced to 2014 sales, which was bad news, but it could be much worse. 2018 sales fell another $ 8,000 and profits fell. 2019 is so bad that I don't want to talk about it. 2020 has had such a bad start, I think I will lose my house later this year.

I can't buy a vehicle to replace old worn out businesses and personals. I haven't been on vacation since 2014. I have probably spent less than $ 100 on clothes since 2017. Probably less than $ 50 on eating out since 2017. I can no longer tighten my belt. My insurance is very high. My local taxes are very high. My income is very low. I have withdrawn $ 20k in savings in three years in mortgages, taxes, utilities, insurance, keeping my 2005 work truck, my personal car from 2007 and 2009 from my wife on the road. I earn less and life costs more. It started before Trump, it has accelerated under Trump.