customs and immigration – Is Schengen National Visa type D is same as Resident Permit?

I am stranded in my home country (India) and trying to go back to my work place in Poland. I have long term National Visa Type D along with work permit. Most of the rules given on Airline and Embassy websites says people with permanent or temporary Resident Permit are allowed to board the flights or enter the Schengen area.

Is National Visa type D considered as resident permit or not?

I know there are dedicated resident permits which we have to apply (like Karta Pobytu in Poland). However, I am confused with this condition. I have contacted Airlines, they said ONLY resident permit holders are allowed. Polish border guards say Resident Permit or Work Permit holders are allowed.

… the foreigners possessing a right to work on the territory of the Republic of Poland i.e. the foreigners entitled to work on the same grounds as Polish citizens, the foreigners possessing work permits, work permits for a seasonal work …. are able to present documents which confirms that they will start work shortly after entry to Poland,….

But none of them confirmed or denied whether I will be allowed. Can anyone help me with this matter?

Just an extra information, I have already applied for temporary resident permit (Karta Pobytu) last year which is already approved last month (I have scanned decision letter). However, to get the card, I have to personally go to their office in Poland and provide my fingerprints.

customs and immigration – Which Schengen countries (don’t) stamp passports of ordinary residence permit holders?

The Schengen Borders Code doesn’t prescribe an exception from stamping travel documents for holders of ordinary residence permits (as opposed to family member “Article 10″/”Article 20” residence cards).

However, in truth practice varies between member states.

So which countries stamp ordinary residence permit holders, and which ones don’t?

customs and immigration – Can holders of a residence permit issued by an EU/EFTA state enter Hungary if Hungary has opened its borders to the nationals of that state?

Sorry for the clumpsy title (edits would be appreciated).

Hungary has now relaxed the control at internal borders. According to the US embassy in Hungary, Citizens from neighbouring EU countries (Austria, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, with the exception of Romania) as well as Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Iceland can now enter Hungary without restrictions.

According to the Swiss embassy, citizens of all EU/EFTA states and Serbia can now enter Hungary without restrictions since June 18.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an official Hungarian source on these to see if (temporary or permanent) residence permit holders from e.g. Austria (neighbouring) or Switzerland (not neighbouring) can enter Hungary in a similar manner as the nationals of those countries.

For example, this press release says

During today’s Operational Group press conference, Róbert Kiss, Lieutenant Colonel of the Hungarian Police Force, reported that people can now enter Hungary from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and from Friday Croatia without the need for compulsory home quarantine.

without specifying citizenship/residence/etc.

The border information on the Hungarian police website appears to have not been updated since June 12, it only mentioned exceptions for neighbouring states but not other EU/EFTA countries.

views – Permit only one role to download files

It’s good you’re using Private file system. That is one level of control you need to prevent the files from being freely downloaded.

Other levels of control are the Page (Views list), Node, and File fields.

You could create two different Views, one without the file field, and one with it, and use Role permissions on those pages. In this case you’d have to make nodes not accessible to all, which isn’t fortunate if you want to control other types differently. There are modules, though, that you can use to set up different node type permissions.

But in your case I think it makes the most sense to have different File permissions. This way you don’t have to duplicate Views or control node access.

You can do this with the Field Permissions module.

All can see the nodes and Views pages, but only special Roles will see the File field that has those special permissions.

customs and immigration – Which Schengen countries don’t stamp passports of ordinary residence permit holders?

The Schengen Borders Code doesn’t prescribe an exception from stamping travel documents for holders of ordinary residence permits (as opposed to family member “Article 10″/”Article 20” residence cards).

However, in truth practice varies between member states.

So which countries stamp ordinary residence permit holders, and which ones don’t?

visas – EEA family permit application location requirements

Can my non-EU wife apply for an EEA family permit from within any country (apart from the UK, obviously) even if it is not her country of origin?

Yes. The consulate or embassy may ask her to show that she is legally present in the country; I am not certain whether this is a requirement, but I suppose it won’t be difficult to show.

Would she be able to apply for one in France while we are there?

She ought to be able to, but do check whether the relevant offices are open in France.

She can also try entering by train or ferry without an EEA family permit; we’ve had a couple of people here say that they did so successfully after an unsuccessful application. The immigration officers are less unreasonable than the entry clearance officers, it seems.

If so, what is the estimated application processing time for a married spouse?

It shouldn’t take more than a week or two.

covid 19 – Round trip from Germany to Albania as an Albanian citizen holding a German working permit

My friend is an Albanian citizen working in Germany. She has booked a flight ticket from Dortmund to Tirana next week, for a 6 day stay.

Germany has extended travel warning for 160 countries, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Tirana Airport is currently closed.

But my friend received an email from the airline saying that the flight is planned to operate as per original schedule.

My question is: Is it allowed for my friend to travel to Albania and back to Germany without any problems?

Visas – Difference between the electronic residence permit and the common format residence permit for transit through the UK?

I am a Russian citizen and I am going from Italy to Bridgetown (Barbados) with a transit in London.

I will arrive at 23:05 at London Terminal 1 (LHR) with Alitalia Airlines and will go to the final destination the following day 11:30 from London Terminal 3 (LHR) with Virgin Atlantic.

Would you need a transit visa for this itinerary?

For the transit visa I have:

  • You arrive and leave by air.
  • You have a confirmed forward flight that departs on or before midnight the day after your arrival.
  • You have the correct documents for your destination (for example, a visa for that country).
  • You have a common format residence permit issued by a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) I DO NOT KNOW Because I have a residence permit in Italy, but I am not sure if it is an electronic residence permit (which is not acceptable to transit through immigration control without a visa).

In Italian my residence permit is called "Permesso di Soggiorno Elettronico". Please help me find the difference between the electronic residence permit and others.

Visas – How to obtain an entry permit for protected areas in India?

Originally his question was about protected wildlife areas. Such areas in India are designated as wildlife sanctuaries or national parks. These areas, although not intended for housing or economic activity, are very open to foreign and Indian visitors to explore and observe wild animals in their natural environment. The entry rules for these parks are written by the respective administrations and, although they may have restrictions on the number of people allowed or the type of equipment they can bring, you can walk to the ticket counter and buy a ticket (although for Foreigners' prices are generally 6-10 times higher than for Indians.)

  • If you want to see Asian lions in the Gir National Park, you can buy a "permit" for a safari online.
  • Kanha National Park also stipulates that foreign visitors must pay double the fee.

If you want to visit wildlife sanctuaries or national parks, I suggest booking a resort that is close to that location and then the resort management will be able to provide you with any additional documentation / restrictions that may exist. But. they are generally open to everyone.

the other protected areas

Certain areas near India's external borders have been reported as restricted or protected areas (the link edited in your question) for security reasons. Foreigners and, in some areas, Indians who are not residents of those areas need a special permit from the Home Office (which deals with Homeland Security in India) to visit these areas.

Depending on whether the area is a Restricted or Protected Area, you need a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) or a Protected Area Permit (PAP).

Why would someone want to visit those areas? Because these areas have gems like

These FAQs issued by the Home Office answer most questions about RAP and PAP. Quote:

Under the Foreigners (Protected Areas) Order of 1958, all areas between the "Internal Line", as defined in that order, and the State's International Border have been declared a Protected Area. Currently, protected areas are located in the following states: –

(i) All Arunachal Pradesh
(ii) Parts of Himachal Pradesh
(iii) Parts of Jammu and Kashmir
iv) All Manipur
(v) Mizoram integer
(vi) All Nagaland
(vii) Parts of Rajasthan
(viii) Sikkim total (partly in the protected area and partly in the restricted area)
(ix) Parts of Uttarakhand

MHA has powers delegated to various authorities to issue the necessary permits to foreign visitors The authorities that can grant such permits vary for each region. You can contact the local Indian mission to find out if they have the power to issue such permits for the areas you want to travel. A complete list of authorities for each location is on immihelp. For some states, such information is also provided on the respective tourism websites:

  • For Sikkim, you can get permission from Indian missions abroad.
  • For the Andaman and Nicobar islands you can also get the permit from abroad or by air to Port Blair.
  • For Leh and Ladakh, permits are issued only by the District authorities in Leh and conditions are stricter.

In general, PAP applications should be made in groups (2-4), with an authorized guide and predefined itinerary (Source from Leh PDF. However, if you are a citizen of China, Pakistan, Afghanistan or are of that origin, or a solo traveler, your case will be referred to MHA and may take much longer Source: From MHA Frequently Asked Questions

In all cases related to the granting of PAP / RAP for an individual
foreign tourist, the proposal would require prior authorization from the
Ministry of Interior. The required authorization would be transmitted
by MHA only on the basis of the recommendation of the State Government


In order to promote tourism, some areas (notified by the
Government of India from time to time) may be visited by
foreign tourists, either in groups or as a couple in the case of a
husband and wife, or by individuals, after obtaining what is necessary
permission of the competent authority. Powers needed have been
delegated to various authorities to issue the special permit,
without the prior approval of the Ministry of the Interior,
to facilitate foreign tourists subject to the following

(i) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues special instructions applicable to foreign diplomats and members of the United Nations and international organizations with a diplomatic / official passport.

(ii) Citizens of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan and foreigners of Pakistani origin will not receive a special permit without prior approval from the Ministry of the Interior.

Traveling to other EU countries for my job when my work permit visa is in process in Sweden

I have applied for a work permit visa in Sweden. I finished my master in Sweden. My employer is registered in Sweden. For the work requirement I need to travel to Germany, but my current visa has expired and the work permit visa is in process. Can i travel now