instagram – How can reuse my gmail username of permanently deleted

In 2015, I created an Instagram account with my Gmail, later changed the original Gmail with my new Gmail on Instagram, and permanently deleted the old Gmail! Now, five years, Instagram wants me to enter the verification code that sent to my old and deleted Gmail to I can log in to my account, but that Gmail account will not be restored and I can’t even use that Gmail username to Make use of another Gmail, have I lost access to my Instagram account ???

linux: touchpad permanently disabled, i don't remember how i did it. How can I get it back?

Linux Mint, Mate desktop

A few years ago, I didn't like the touchpad that came on my computer and it was bothering me, and I wanted to disable it. Either on Linux there were no ways to disable it when you plugged in a mouse at the time, and there were no good utilities, or I didn't search long enough by doing my Google search to find a solution like that that would have been a better option for I realize now. I found an article about a Linux utility to do this and I want to use that method now.

During my search, I came across an article that said how to disable it permanently, I think during system startup, but it's been so long that I don't hold onto that because I'm not sure. So I followed the instructions, added the command or whatever is in the file in Linux, and the touchpad was disabled.

I installed the utility to disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in, but & # 39; enable touchpad & # 39; it's grayed out, no doubt because I had followed the instructions in that article I found a year ago and put a command on a file and permanently disabled the touchpad

Does anyone know which file (s) to look to see which one I could have added a command to or something that permanently disabled my touchpad? I'd really like to get it back, so I can use it when I need it, but automatically disable it when I plug in my mouse. I almost always use a mouse, but there are times when it is better to use the touchpad.

Thanks for any help someone can give me.

How to crop the image in Google Docs permanently?

I write technical blogs for which I frequently need to take screenshots of my screen. It's easier to paste directly into my Google document and crop it there instead of opening an app to crop images and upload them to my documents.

When I crop images into documents, everything looks good, but when I paste the article into my site editor, the image I cropped above appears as if it had never been cropped.

Could someone suggest me the correct way to preserve the cropped images in Google Docs when they are migrated to another editor?

How do I permanently delete the Wolfram Desktop folder?

Wolfram Desktop creates a "Wolfram Desktop" folder in my Documents folder on macOS, in violation of Apple's guidelines. I can remove it, but it keeps coming back every time I run Desktop.

How I can permanently delete Wolfram Desktop folder?

dnd 3.5e – How can I permanently increase my Skill skill score?


Other than starting from an 18-point base, that's it. In the 3.5e PHB and DMG, that's the maximum.

In Non-Core, however.

Thread from bonus sources to skill scores in Brilliant gameologist Tables min. / Max. Provide all known bonuses to skill scores

Only on SRD

The SRD (System Reference Document) is freely available D&D content that is freely published outside of web articles and the like. It is available in a practical hypertext format at

Taking a quick look at that, the Whirling Frenzy custom barbarian fury variant gives +4 dex, the epic level rules have a feat that gives + dex, and the included monsters include many + dex races that also have an LA list, and so they are playable, if terrible.

With the MM

With MM1 and polymorphic organism or change of form spells, you can increase your base skill quite high, and then add the normal perks on top of that to have a fairly high skill.

It is & # 39; permanent & # 39; Because those spells can last most of the day, with Extend and repeated casts.

How to permanently delete files from disk memory?

Three days ago I installed the latest version of ubuntu. I am using it for the first time in my life and I made a mistake. I downloaded a program whose size is 26GB, and did not mention it to install it. I removed it and removed it from the trash. Unfortunately, I realized that I did not erase it from my disk memory. Is there a way how I can delete files from disk memory that I can't see, or is there a way how I can convert ubuntu into a fabrical configuration, because I don't have too many files installed? Please help.

dnd 5e – If Tiamat is killed in the Nine Hells, does she die permanently?

The entry about demons (p. 68) in the Monster Manual says the following:

"The demons that die in the Nine Hells are destroyed forever, a destiny that
even Asmodeus fears. "

This makes it clear that even archdevils or gods are not exempt from this rule, and even a god who dies in the Nine Hells has no chance of returning. My question is, does this apply to Tiamat as well? Although he was not originally a demon, and technically a dragon god, Avernus once ruled. This gave her the title of at least Archfiend, and an old article ("Leomund's Little Hut: Reorganizing and Redefining the Mighty Dragon" by Lenard Lakofka) says that she was an Archdevil.

It is possible that having this role technically turned her into a demon. Something similar happened to Zariel, who was previously a solar, but he definitely became a demon when he declared his allegiance to Asmodeus and gave him the government of Averno. Still, while Zariel's stat blocks describe her as a demon, Tiamat only describes her as a demon.

There is also a quote from the new adventure "Descent Into Avernus" (p. 126) suggesting that this permanent death rule may apply to others outside of demons as well.

Mahadi does not believe in taking unnecessary risks, particularly in
the Nine Hells where he can be permanently killed.

Mahadi is not a demon, but a rakshasa, which makes it curious that he can permanently die here.

I realize that, as a DM, I can decide which way to go, but I would like to know what conclusion should be considered canonical. I don't know if there is anything in the Forgotten Realms tradition that I have missed that supports one argument more than the other.

ubuntu: how to resolve a DegradedArray event when a drive has been permanently removed from RAID array?

When I installed my VPS a few months ago (Ubuntu 18.04), the default RAID configuration depended on 3 disks. I removed / dev / sdc from the array to create a new partition. The RAID array is now as follows:

~# mdadm -D /dev/md0
           Version : 1.2
     Creation Time : Sat Nov 16 19:46:26 2019
        Raid Level : raid1
        Array Size : 305152 (298.00 MiB 312.48 MB)
     Used Dev Size : 305152 (298.00 MiB 312.48 MB)
      Raid Devices : 3
     Total Devices : 2
       Persistence : Superblock is persistent

       Update Time : Mon Mar 30 00:00:03 2020
             State : clean, degraded
    Active Devices : 2
   Working Devices : 2
    Failed Devices : 0
     Spare Devices : 0

Consistency Policy : resync

              Name : 163-172-103-121:0
              UUID : b4acac7e:de2c1e5c:e43cc0ba:ad662e4a
            Events : 310

    Number   Major   Minor   RaidDevice State
       0       8        1        0      active sync   /dev/sda1
       1       8       17        1      active sync   /dev/sdb1
       -       0        0        2      removed

As a result, the RAID array is still in sync on two disks, BUT I get a daily "DegradedArray Event" email.

And I didn't find the correct way to fix it, I mean mark RaidDevice 2 as permanently removed. And to be honest, I'm afraid of breaking something;)

Please let me know how to proceed.

Thank you !

How does a blockchain permanently accept a transaction?

If miner A creates a block containing transaction A and miner B creates a block that does NOT contain transaction A at approximately the same time, then some of the other miners will receive block from miner A first and the others will receive block from miner B. (fork)

If Miner's B chain grows faster than Miner's A chain, then Transaction A will never be accepted (as it never happened). So how user A who created transaction A can be sure that transaction A was accepted / verified by blockchain?

Also, is there a chance that transaction A will be verified by the blockchain at some point and then in the future another substring (from a previous fork) that does not contain transaction A will grow faster, thus rejecting transaction A?

Is there a created time control point that all miners should agree on?