permanent links: I have a 404 error on all my pages! What should I do?

Try to restore your permalink structure. In your WordPress Panel, go to Settings> Permanent links. All types of custom publications require additional slugs such as / portfolio-item /, / destination-item /, / tour-item /, / property-item /, / listing / etc. So you probably made a typo in your custom structure. Select an alternative permanent link structure -> Save changes. Change it back to its standard structure and press Save Changes once more.
If you still receive the "404 page not found" error, try other remaining methods.

permalink slug

regex – Apache Redirect Permanent – Query string

I have a website, where I want to redirect all requests with a query in my domain, to the home page.

all variations of the above should redirect (301) to

and any URL with a query string after a URI, p.

It should not be redirected.

What I have tried so far

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*)$
RewriteRule ^/$ / (R=302,L)

But this fails because it is causing an infinite redirect loop πŸ™

Any help is really appreciated!

publications – automatic and permanent WordPress page

When I finish the WordPress setup, I want a page like "localhost/contact"occur automatically and make it permanent. In short, it cannot be edited and deleted on the panel. It should even be invisible on the panel. But just like WordPress it should have a place in the normal identification system.

Is this technically possible?

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dnd 5e: can killing the spellcaster undo a true polymorph & # 39; permanent & # 39 ;?

So I have a character (E) who, many years ago, was True Polymorphed in an elf so that his elven spouse (N) would not survive so drastically. The result ended in that E was approximately thirty years older than A to compensate for what we label as the difference between the Elven Years and the normal years of life.

Things happened, and due to the mistakes in Feywild, A is now much older than E. If A dies before E, would True Polymorph dissipate and also leave me with a dead character?

seo – WordPress permanent link structure in the scheme of a content grouping strategy?

We are in the early stages of planning a review of the information architecture with the aim of implementing a content grouping approach and a better internal link strategy.

How it looks now:
enter the description of the image here

Where we are going:
enter the description of the image here

My question is how people are organizing the structure of permanent links of WordPress to maximize the effectiveness of the content of the cluster when that content is a mixture of pages and publications.

Using the example of frequently used footwear … Let's say we have a central page on our site about shoes (for example: We may have some sister pages that feed that content silo (for example: We are also likely to have a series of blog posts on various footwear topics, currently linked by categories (for example:

It seems we would like to replace "/ category name /" with "/Shoes/"In the previous example to channel the cluster content back to our pillar content page (/ shoes /), but since that url is used by the pillar content page, I am confused about how to address it with our large number of publications

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urls: giving specific categories posts their own permanent link structure returns 404

I am trying to give a specific category of publications its own permanent link. I followed the steps in this topic (Give the specific category its own permanent link structure) but the posts are giving a 404 error.

Cache deleted, permanent links saved in the configuration, but it was in vain.

I would appreciate help solving this.

Thank you

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