Why are some people making excuses for george floyd’s murderer?

I’ve not heard or read ANYONE saying his death was justified.  But they do think the rioting is stupid and object to painting the police with a broad brush.  

I think reforms are needed.  The best examples showing that are the Walter Scott and Laquan MacDonald incidents.  I leave Floyd out simply because it’s knew enough that I don’t like to jump to conclusions about late breaking news.

But the cops need the reforms as badly as the black community.  This situation where they never know if they’re going to get hung out to dry as a political scapegoat is always out there such that even the good ones are afraid to do their job since doing their job puts them in situations where if it breaks wrong their lives could be ruined even if they do everything right.

A perfect example of the latter was the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson.  The forensic evidence backed his version of events at every step.  The claim that Brown was surrendering and was non-aggressive are 100% false.  But the media never bothered to report that part.  Where does that officer go to get his reputation and peace of mind back?  People still talk about that incident as if Wilson shot a peaceful surrendering ‘good kid’.  Not one aspect of that description was true.

We need a culture change so that bad cops aren’t protected from accountability, yet the good cops aren’t swept up in the passions of the moment and persecuted because certain special interest groups decided to make them targets.

That’s going to be a hard balance to hit, but it’s absolutely imperative that we do so.  A solution that leans too far in either direction will be worse than the current status quo.

So when neo-Nazis protest there are “very fine people on both sides,” but when black and brown people protest it’s time to “start shooting”?

It is also important to examine motives. 

The Charlottesville protest was triggered by the plan to remove a statue honoring a treasonous leader of rebel forces that took up arms against his own country and was responsible for killing over 600,000 Americans or 2% of the US population which would be the equivalent today of killing 6 million. They were traders. The purpose of their treason was to protect the immoral institution of holding blacks in slavery. 

The more recent protests we’re about the latest in a string of murders committed under the color of law by government agents (police) targeting the same group that Robert E Lee fought to keep in bondage. 

Clearly there is an imbalance in the motives of the two protests and Trump’s comments demonstrate which side he favors. 

2013 – Using SharePoint’s REST API to $expand a folder’s people field

I can’t quite remember how to expand a field of a folder or file. Example: I can do something like Folders/ListItemAllFields/RoleAssignments/Member to expand the role assignments, but I cannot do this for my custom column.


  • Document Library has a column called “Authors”
  • The column is a multiple person or group
  • The column appears as an AuthorsId field in the JSON response


odata=nometadata (response):

( { ListItemAllFields:
     { FileSystemObjectType: 1,
       AuthorsId: ( 2, 3, 5, 8 )
   Name: 'My Folder Name',
   ItemCount: 20,


This is just more info in attempts I’ve made that result in Bad Request failures:

  • Folders/ListItemAllFields/Authors/Id
  • Folders/ListItemAllFields/Authors

Folders/ListItemAllFields/AuthorsId does not result in failure, but doesn’t expand the resulting array either

[ Politics ] Open Question : So leftists want the "fact-checkers" to be the people who call half the US, .. NAZIs and wonder why we have a problem with that?

[ Politics ] Open Question : So leftists want the "fact-checkers" to be the people who call half the US, .. NAZIs and wonder why we have a problem with that?

[ Politics ] Open Question : The world has 7 thousand million people & the USA has just 330 million. Yet the USA has 1/3 of the total coronavirus deaths in the world?

Why has Donald Trump FAILED so MISERABLY to protect the lives of Americans?
Trump prefers to go off golfing. What a complete moron he is. An utter FAILURE.

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why homeless people just don't find a job and stop being pathetic useless person?

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why homeless people just don't find a job and stop being pathetic useless person?

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Why are people in red states now concerned about ICU bed shortages, why not just stay home, pray, and die, ventilators won’t save you?

I don’t know any “red state” people concerned about any ICU’s or beds or “ventilators”.  At all.  That’s liberals that are afraid of everything.  The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to physically assemble.  You are very late to the party anyway.  Everyone has been out and about for weeks.  Restaurants, shops, gyms, are all open and full of people.  But I guess you didn’t know that because you’re hiding in your house.  If you are full of fear and terror, then stay home, as you apparently are anyway.  And you should keep staying home.  Your liberal mindset is best kept indoors to yourself.  We all thank you..

ios – Can people hack your iPhone Via Bluetooth if you leave it on?

I leave in an apartment complex with lots of people and often times, I would be able to see Bluetooth devices that do not belong to me on my iPhone or MacBook when I search for my Bluetooth device. Does Apple Tell you/ask by default before someone with Bluetooth devices tries to Connect to your phone via Bluetooth? Or is this A potential security Vulnerability to leave your iPhone Bluetooth on at all times? (I do since I use AirPods)

I don’t remember setting or seeing any options to set Bluetooth permission on my iphone which makes me nervous.

Thank you!