logging – if the court asks B ISP to find all the people who visit the A site domain among those who use B ISP

However, the operator of Site A refuses to provide visitor logs because they are not nationals of that country.

Can B isp find the IP of everyone who has visited the domain of a site without using a method of looking at the domain visit history of everyone using that isp to see if they have ever visited the site A domain?

❕NEWS – This Ad In Poland Wants To Reward People In Ethereum For Solving A Puzzle | Proxies123.com

here is how i personally see this, before playing this game, people will be in need of wallets, so they will create ones, and once they gather few ETH’s, they will be looking for a way to spend it, which means more ETH’s usage ;] and of course popularity

Hi, I invited 4 people through the link and they registered. But in the INVITE LEVEL 1 COMPLETED section Not added. Why?

I invited 4 people through the link and they registered.
But in the INVITE LEVEL 1 COMPLETED section
Not added. Why?

Any good Ubuntu shell guides for people with little to no experience ie me

So I got a VPS to learn ubuntu and make websites Minecraft servers etc and I realized that I barely know how to navigate directories. Does anyone know of a good free Tutorial on the web whether it be a video or a website. Or if anyone here could give me a breakdown. And yes Ik man but I donk know what I’m looking at and it’s really confusing lmao.

sharepoint on prem – User profile picture do not show in OOTB People webpart for Sharpoint on-premise 2019

The out of the box People webpart does not show the User image, that has been uploaded in the User profile for SharePoint on-premise. My site configuration has also been done for the same. Still when the webpart is published, the image are not displayed in the webpart.

enter image description here
enter image description here

The picture has been uploaded for the user profile as shown below.
enter image description here

URL for saved Picture

enter image description here

SEO people needed

Hello everyone hope you're all well.

We're working on a gigantic project—an online shop in Dubai UAE.
We need people who are knowledgeable about SEO (You shouldn't be an expert) to write meta tags (meta titles & meta descriptions) and to do keyword research via Google Keyword Planner especially in Arabic!
Contact me if you're:

  • Arabic speaker (Native will be a plus)
  • Fluent in English
  • You're well-knowledgeable about SEO
  • You know how to write meta tags
  • You…

SEO people needed

postgresql – newbie question – how to list people who has not email address related to him/her?

Sorry for my newbie question: I would like to list all people even those who has no email address in case of using many-to-many relation with superclass-sublclass inheritance.

Please see SQL Fiddle: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!17/8f556/8

Postgresql lists only the people who has email…

I tried this query:

select people.c_id as “ID”,
people.c_family_name as “Family Name”,
people.c_last_name as “Last Name”,
email.c_email as “Email”

t_email email,
t_people people
left join t_ref_email ref_email on ref_email.c_party = people.c_id


(ref_email.c_party = people.c_id and ref_email.c_email = email.c_id);


ID Family Name Last Name Email
1000 Test Joe test_email@email.com

Test Bill was not listed because he has no email address…

Thanks in advance!


What’s the best way to allow people to download multiple files in different folders from Google Drive?

I have some files that I want to distribute to people which is not a large group of people. Let’s say 10 downloads of all files a week.

The number of files are are about 50, and the total size is 10 GB.

Now the files are all in different folders.

And when people download them, sometimes they report issues like: “Download limit exceeded”.

So I ask them to login to Google account. But then the issue becomes, how to download all of these files at once. Extensions like DownThemAll seem to fail for Google Drive links.

jdownloader2 has the best chance but even that requires a proper configuration to work.

How can I make this, either by some command line tool or some other way to allow people to download all of my file links at once. The links are different for each person and is given to them via email in the form of a list of shared link URLs.

Is this unreasonable. Is there a better way?

ux designer – What to do when people in your team say “I have no feedback” in a design critique session

it’s good to hear that you are putting in effort to gather as much feedback as possible on the designs at the beginning and also in the process. Good designs save time, cost and everyone’s efforts in building products.

However, engineers do not do critic designs. They are trained to make things work, and not deciding the manner which things will work. As an analogy, architects and civil engineers co-exist in a construction project because architects set the direction of how the buildings should function and look like, and engineers follow the direction to make sure the buildings are built to specifications. You don’t ask an engineer to critic on the architecture of the building. Instead, you consult other architects to check see the aesthetics, functionalities and usabilities of the building design.

If you are restricted to getting feedback on the designs from your team, perhaps due to project confidentiality, you may consider asking for design critics from the graphic designers, and/or front end UI developers in your team. They would have a better sense of what works well with users compared to backend developers (no offense intended). This is because graphic designers and UI developers need to work with the user in mind, as compared to the backend developers.

When presenting the user research, business goals and strategy to the team, you have to be as objective and as factual as possible. And lastly, if there is a disparity in job rank, e.g. if you are their project manager or supervisor, you may not participate in the design critic session and allow the team to submit their feedback anonymously, so as to get the most out of their ideas.

Hope this helps and good luck!