Magento 2 Pending Payment Email

I have the folowing issue:
Id like Magento2 to send an email to notify my client that the order placed is under Pending Payment, how can I do this?

❕NEWS – India: a Nation Wide Crypto Trading Ban Currently Pending |

This is a bit confusing. Some time back, the Indian Central Banker – Reserve Bank of India (RBI) : similar to European Central Bank (ECB) and US Fed had in fact relaxed some restrictions and some players like Zebpay:
have started into the Trading arena again. May be I need to check the updates again. We also have sites like bitbns catering to many consumers.
I am frustrated by many folks who say that crypto can be a big means to fund Terrorists and Drug Traffickers, whereas real world currency has seen much bigger volumes being used to finance such folks.
Crypto can be no worse, and still it faces flak.
May be, because it can improve the living conditions of many, so the power grabbers do not want it to grow in India?
Well, only Time would Tell !!

magento2 – Simplify Magento Module API Error [Merchant processing is unavailable pending completion of registration]

I just installed the free extension from suggested by the Simplify Commerce at to enable Credit Card payments. I installed the Live/Sandbox API keys but every time I am trying to complete a credit card payment, I receive the error “Merchant processing is unavailable pending completion of registration.“. The appropriate section inside the Simplify Commerce does not give enough explanation for this error.

merchant.pending.configurationMerchant processing is unavailable pending completion of registration.

Can someone give me some information about this error?

Best Regards,

Can I fix Reallocated Sectors Count and Current Pending Sector Count?

I have problem(Caution) with Reallocated Sectors Count and Current Pending Sector Count. I detected this problem after running CrystalDiskInfo, knowing that Iam using hp laptop running windows10. Any suggestion to solve this problem?

Chinese Citizen Apply for French Visa (Passport Talent) in USA with H1B Extension Pending Approval

My H-1B visa expired on Aug 28, 2020, and my employer in the US applied for an extension for H-1B on Aug 13, 2020. Per 240 days rule, I can legally stay in the US and continue to work while my extension is pending for approval with USCIS. I applied for a French visa last week (Passport Talent) as I”m relocating to France for work. I submitted 1) my original I-797 showing my H-1B was valid until Aug 28, 2020, 2) USCIS receipt on Aug 13, 2020 showing they have received my H-1B extension application, 3) USCIS’s explanation on 240 days rule. I received an email today from French Embassy asking me to provide additional documents to prove my legal stay in the US . Any advice on what kind of documents I should provide? Thanks!

performance – Suddenly SQL server restarted with pending task count increased

We are trying to understand the issue where SQL server was suddenly restarted on its own-

Its a SQL server 2012 SP4 -GDR applied with 40 CPu’s HT enabled , thus total of 80 logical processors-

From error logs we found


BEGIN stack Dump

Non- Yielding Scheduler

Error messages just at the time of restart of SQL. Also there was no mini dump created as checked.

Yes we have quite some queries running at that time. Top 3 waits seen were:-


However we also noticed wait called SOS WORKER as collected from system health XE which i believe is nothing else but THREADPOOL. Therefore i went further and analyse the query processing details from that system health and found at the time of non yielding scheduler errors below was logged

At 19:46 maxworkers– 2944 workers created 789 oldest pending taskwait time 0 pending task 4

At 19:51 maxworkers– 2944 workers created 982 oldest pending taskwait time 256987 pending task 165

At 19:51 we started seeing restart happened.

Question is why there would be a threadpool wait if almost 2000 workers are still available from above calculation. Also why those pending task count 165 when queries have so many schedulers available to run and complete the request for bunch of queries waiting on CXPACKETS?


docker – Nginx: how to increase backlog (net.core.somaxconn), without changing sysctl.conf? Want to allow many pending connections

I am not running a webapp, but rather a Machine Learning model which needs to provide real-time predictions.

Am using Nginx with Gunicorn, both of which are running in a docker container. The setup uses 4 gunicorn workers with 1 thread each (hosting 4 copies of my model) and nginx with 1 worker process.

At the moment, this setup returns 502 errors when my client sends a burst of requests to my server. I want to avoid this, even if it means longer response times for each request.

Things I have tried:

  • Increasing net.core.somaxconn from 128 to 2048: this alleviates the issue of 502s. However, I cannot change sysctl.conf in a production environment because my docker container runs in a non-privileged mode (I have no control over this, since it is controlled by another team).
  • Removing nginx altogether. This does work since I don’t receive traffic from the internet and I don’t have to serve static content, just ML predictions coming in as an HTTP POST request. But I want to avoid this as it is not recommended by Gunicorn.

Would some of the folks here be able to help out?

customs and immigration – I-539 filed; decision pending while Green card application interview is also pending

In March 2020, my wife traveled on her valid B2 visa to USA to visit me while her green card application was pending. In April 2020, we received an update from NVC that my wife’s documents have been accepted and the case is now with Mumbai embassy and they will call to schedule an interview. However, due to COVID the Mumbai embassy stopped scheduling any visa interviews. Then we filed for I-539 to extend her stay while we wait for Mumbai embassy to open up.

My question is – if she leaves the US before her I-539 is approved/denied then will she be able to re-enter USA on her B-2 visa or would that visa be voided? Note – her I-94 expires on Sept 3rd 2020.

Also, does denial of I-539 or overstay past her I-94 date be considered during her interview at the Mumbai Embassy?

Facts –

-She came to USA on March 4th 2020
-I-94 expires on Sept 3rd
-I-539 applied on Aug 7th
-USCIS confirmed that they will make a decision by mid-Nov 2020 or mid-Jan 2021

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Column days pending – how to update automatically

here is a Javascript solution you may want to look into. It’s annoying and inconvenient that SharePoint will not update list fields automatically, but rather whenever its been updated manually or with non-OOTB solutions… Let me know if this helps!

Automatically calculate Todays date in SharePoint List

A. Save the following code into a js file(AgeInDays.js).

(function () {
    var overrideCtx = {};
    overrideCtx.Templates = {};
    overrideCtx.Templates.Fields = {        
        "AgeInDays": { "View": ShowAgeInDays}


function ShowAgeInDays(ctx) {
    var created= ctx.CurrentItem.Created;        
    return countDay(created);
function countDay(date){
    var b = new Date(date);
    var e = new Date();
    var dif = e.getTime() - b.getTime();
    var day = Math.floor(dif / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24));
    return day; 

B. Upload the js file into the Site Assets library.

C. Edit the list view page and add the text below into the JS Link property in the web part editor.