dnd 5e – Can you apply the damage bonus and accuracy penalty of the Grand Master of Arms to the attacks of the Spiritual Weapon spell?

From the description of the spell (emphasis mine):

The weapon can take any shape you choose. Cleric deities associated with a particular weapon (such as St. Cuthbert is known for his mace and Thor for his hammer) Make the effect of this spell look like that weapon.

Unfortunately, Spiritual weapon It only takes the form of a weapon, not its statistics. So the spiritual weapon does not gain attributes like Heavy, Reach, etc. It only looks like any weapon you choose. (Note that the damage dice are also independent of the original weapon).

IRS: Official commercial penalty for private use, $ 300?

Hello, I requested a TIN for my LLC a couple of weeks ago, I received a letter from the IRS that today has the title "Official commercial penalty for private use, $ 300". What does this mean? Do I have to pay a $ 300 fine? And for what? I do not understand.

Thanks in advance.

There is no visible penalty but my home page disappeared from SERP


I have not done any specific SEO action for one of my website. I have been continuously focusing on content and UX for a while, improving them from my point of view. Organic traffic has increased in recent weeks, confirming that we are on the right track.

Interestingly, my home page has disappeared from the SERP since yesterday, even in the consultation of the brand. There is not a drop in organic traffic in general, there seems to be no penalty, and I do not see why there would be one.
Either way, here's the HP: https://www.avygeo.fr
As you can guess, the query for the brand is "avygeo".

Sometimes, I see deep links instead of HP, sometimes I see articles from news websites that appear first.

I can not see why Maybe because the title of https://www.avygeo.fr/guide is quite close, but in spite of that, it would be the first time I see such a Google behavior.

Do you have an explanation?

Thanks for your help

Pathfinder – Does the NPC involved in combat eliminate the penalty for hiding it again?

If a rogue uses a remote sneak attack, then another PC engages in hand-to-hand combat with the same NPC,
Essentially the NPC loses sight of a sneaky attacker from a distance?
Is the rogue at the distance flanking the second round at that point?
Do you have to roll back stealthily?

Rogue is in the room at the end of the hall, hiding behind the door.
Pass the NPC, receives a sneak attack with a crossbow.
Rogue crouches behind the door.
Dwarf runs and hits with ax (melee)
Can the rogue next turn make another stealth attack?

A. If the back is to the door of the hall where the rogue is.
B. If NPC is looking towards the corridor where the rogue is (because that is where the dwarf came from).

Would the NPC believe that the sneak attack came from the melee attacker?

What is the penalty of Google in SEO …?

Hello friends,

What is the penalty of Google in SEO …?

Why is it that most liberals oppose the death penalty for murderers but agree to abortion for unborn babies?

Well, not all conservatives oppose "ALL" related to abortion / birth control.

I am a Republican and I believe that the termination of a human life is barbarous and horrible.

If you want to pretend that a viable human life is simply a "collection of cells" or a "zygote" or any other term that sounds clinical and that focuses on what is really happening … is that a human life will disappear from living. .. heartbeat and everything … to NOT live … there are no heartbeats … dead. … then you are deceiving yourself.

Abortion kills a living human organism.



If you want to pretend to distort or redirect … to feel better …

Go for it.

Although you can not change the facts.


google – Does the duplication of the same page cause an SEO penalty?

We have a car website with a product page for each of the bicycles / cars available in the Indian market. The product page has a product description and different slugs to show other relevant products, that is,

1) Bicycles / similar cars in that budget
2) Bicycles / cars related to the bicycle / customer you are currently watching.
3) Bicycles / similar cars with better mileage.

There are cases in which the same car / bike comes in the previous 3 categories and we end up putting 3 links from this product page to another product page.

Does that hurt the SEO, that is, a page that links to another page several times? If so, how can we avoid this?

In addition, Category 2 is a subset of Category 1. We still have to have two different slugs, since Category 2, that is, the sponsored content appears on the top, while the other 2 categories are relatively low on the page.

Do such duplicate links hurt SEO? If yes, can you put a do not follow tag on sponsored product links to avoid this SEO fine?

legal – Notice of penalty for violation of the speed limit in Australia while I am an Indian citizen

We hired rental cars in Australia during our visit as a tourist there. After 3 months of returning, we received a penalty notice of the same day, the same road for exceeding the speed limit. My speed was 66 km (while the limit was 60 km / h). Two warnings are within a duration of 1 hour.
The total amount is 226 AuD each. Now I am in India and, as such, I have no plans to visit Australia in the near future, but I visit other countries.
I need to know how it will affect if I do not pay the fine and is there a possibility of an exemption from this fine?

Penalty: Does Google penalize the person who registered the domain name to obtain a site rating?

All my sites were affected by Penguin in the mid-2000s, nothing so bad, simply moving the company sites with links to article directories, exact anchor text, etc.

If I buy new domain names with the same registrar, will Google transfer the bad karma of my name?

Would the registration of the domain name protect me privately?

Let's say a guy is a total spammer, like really, really, really bad, builds like 1000 sex websites, all registered in his name and spam in millions.

What will google think of him? Is he on his radar forever?

Penalty: Incredible reduction of two main factors: "clicks" and "impressions" in Google Webmaster

We have a service site that takes around 7 months to build.
Every day, we update the site with highly personalized content. We were on the cover of most of the keys. But in the last 24 hours, we have been concerned about the reduction of these two factors.
Has Google recently released an algorithm? Is our site penalized? We have always tried to respect Google's laws. We are really worried about this, please guide us.