magento 2.2.10> 2.3.4 update after the product page click on the paypal button and reload after not going to the paypal page

I have update magento 2.2.10 to magento 2.3.4

When the product page click on paypal then open the iframe and then close it again, it doesn't work properly and resting car and payment page working well paypal
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Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

magento2.3 – Magento 2: problem with PayPal express payment

I have integrated Paypal Express Checkout into my Magento 2 website. It is redirecting to PayPal after payment. But when I log in to the PayPal account I receive an error message.

We are sorry. This seller does not accept payments in your currency. Return to the seller and choose another form of payment.

Although I have allowed all the currency and the main currency to be USD.

paypal: the destination fields are not assigned. Document: paypal_settlement_report_row. Fields: store_id

I tried to migrate from Magento to Magento 2.3.4, when I ran the Magento data migration tool I always received this error:

Destination fields are not mapped. Document: paypal_settlement_report_row. Fields: store_id

I tried to fix it by modifying the map_file in etc/opensource-to-opensource/ without luck


Bitcoin to Paypal Exchange

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PayPal scammer roaming free

This could be a long read, but I'm doing it so that the good people here can get an idea of ​​what happened and prevent the same from happening to them.

I have been scammed after announcing an ad in some groups on Facebook and Gumtree, where I requested interest in buying a pair of Celestion Greenbacks speakers.

A guy named "Matthew Schultz" contacted me through my Gumtree ad with some pictures of the pair of Greenbacks speakers saying he is willing to let him go for $ 200 (postage included because he works for Star Track in West Mackay).

He sent me his mobile phone number and I called him to organize the packaging and the payment method.

The only way I could pay for the speakers was using PayPal and I told him about that.

Interestingly, at first I didn't want to deal with PayPal, but I offered to send him money using the family option (using my savings account) without any charge to him that way.

I tried so many types of all AU and used this form of payment (in any way) without any problem and felt safe.

He reluctantly accepted that option, even after I told him that I didn't have to pay anything.

I asked him to send me a picture of his driver's license, but he said he didn't have it and that he would send me a picture of his Medicare card (and he did it while we were talking).
He also provided me with an email for his PayPal account.
PayPal confirmed that my payment will go to Matthew Schultz.

This conversation and money transfer took place on Saturday, February 1.

He told me that he works tomorrow (Sunday) and that at 5 p. M. I will receive the photos of the packed speakers plus the tracking number.

No photos or messages arrived before 5 p.m. The next day, after which I tried to contact him several times by calling, sending an SMS and through my Gumtree ad, but without any response.

I got scared thinking I was being scammed and that same night before midnight (Sunday 02/02/2020) I contacted my bank (Commonwealth). Guy told me that PayPal had already taken money from my account and could not do anything for me to block PayPal's access to my savings account, but that would surely put me in "negative balance" with PayPal. So I left it that way without blocking PayPal, thinking I still want to be able to use it.
This information given to me by the bank's customer service seems to be incorrect, as I will try to explain later. As I see it now, this money was not taken out of my savings account at that time.

After that, I contacted one of the expert guys on Facebook through guitar groups, who immediately confirmed my fear of being scammed.
He sent me a link to the cybercrime to report it.
I completed and submitted my report with an acorn immediately that Sunday night before midnight.

At 1.12 on Monday morning I received a message through the "Matt" Gumtree saying:
"Hey, I have no credit, I'm sorry, I just woke up. Post tomorrow because it didn't work today because I have the flu. I'm going there tomorrow to make a few drops."

I responded immediately by asking a couple of questions related to the photos and the time of publication tomorrow, but I did not answer again (although I could see in Gumtree when he read my message).

The next day, the same process was repeated (without photos, without SMS or answering his mobile phone) and then, on Monday night, he sent me another message from Gumtree with this tracking number: R73927402744.
But there is no reference on what mail was used to send it.

I tracked that number with AU Post, Star Track and other emails, but as you can guess, that number did not exist in their systems.

His last message was the one with tracking number on 03/02/2020 at 9.30 p.m.
I did not receive any message from him, it is not that I can communicate (number disconnected).

On Monday morning I called PayPal and told them about the scam and the report I had already submitted to the police. The first guy I talked to with PayPal (I don't know his name) advised me to dispute this payment with my bank and to block PayPal from taking my money, because PayPal only "offered me the money" and that money was not taken out of my savings account yet. I told him that my bank recommended the same thing to me when I talked to them, but they also warned me about being in "negative balance" with PayPal because of that. PayPal assured me that I will not have a negative balance and that I will do so immediately. Meanwhile, you will ensure that our conversation is stored in your system for registration.

I immediately called my bank and this time the lady I spoke with looked at my balance and told me that I was not taking money from my savings (which contradicts what the first guy at the Comm bank told me on Sunday night).
I told him to block my PayPal account and I will unlock it in a few days.
I did exactly what the first one from PayPal advised me and now I decided to call PayPal again and inform them about what I did.

This time I was able to talk to Esther, who couldn't find anything about my previous conversation and had no information about it in her system.
I had to explain everything from the beginning and told him about the PayPal block.
She spoke with her superior and told me that someone will listen to the recording of the conversation I had with the first boy and that someone will CALL me at 9:00 AM the next day (Tuesday) to inform me about the decision about his incorrect advice and his final decision. action.

Instead of a phone call, I received a message tomorrow (Tuesday 04/02/2020) that said:

Good day!

I am writing this email as a follow-up to the conversation we had yesterday. I reviewed our request that your previous telephone conversation be heard and the officers told me it was scheduled for today. I'm afraid it won't be possible to call him at his preferred time yet. Any update regarding our request will be sent to you by email. I will still try to ask them to call you once they have finished. If that is still not possible, kindly check your email address.

Thank you for your patience. Have a nice day!

Esther mae
PayPal customer solutions

Since then I have not received any call or email with an explanation about this other than this email:

"A recent transaction was not made with your xx-xxxx bank account.

As a result, this bank account has been removed from your PayPal account.

To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.

If you need more help, click on Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page.

PayPal "

Meanwhile, I was checking my balance at the bank and I could see that no money had been withdrawn from my savings, which made me think that my conversation made sense at the end.
All good and happy until a couple of days later I could see that PayPal withdrew money from my credit card, which was also registered with them.

I called them again and talked to a guy named Jigs, who kept repeating the same thing, that I have no case here and that "I couldn't" didn't even put me to talk to his Superior (who was busy) but he convinced me to send me the email with the link to send my complaint in writing after the end of our conversation.

But surprise surprise, did not send me any email.

I admit that it was MY fault to be naive and honest (to think that all people are like that) when using the Friends and family option instead of the purchase option.

My problem with PayPal is that after being with them for 15-20 years without any problem, I expected much more when it comes to a problem like this, but instead I received a lot of arrogance and lies.
They are the only people who could help solve this case because they know the scammer's details that they will not provide.
To think that the same scammer is still in his books freely doing the same for many other people out there makes me very upset.
Who knows how many people were scammed by him in the same week?

My post was spread on Facebook among the guitar groups with which I am a member and I can tell you that the same scammer is very active.

Today he tried to scam another guy for the amplifier and the Orange booth, but this person had read my post in the morning and recognized the scam and saved his money.
Here is his post about the incident:

* Scammer warning *

He was almost scammed by a guy this weekend who was supposedly selling a head and an orange taxi. I only avoided because I saw a post this morning about a guy scammed by a couple of green bills. (I can't find that original post … if someone can link that it would be great).

OP said his name was "Matthew Schultz." Guy responded to my WTB ad on Gumtree, with the name of Sean … but then he sent me a message on a Facebook account "Nathan Schultz (Matt)". Since then it has changed that back to "Nathan Joey."

Anyway, consider the person using the name Matthew Schultz (or Nathan or Harry with the name of your partner Jess) with this email:

Mobile: +61413462861

Your photo of the Medicare card attached.

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How to protect against PayPal chargebacks

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to minimize PayPal chargebacks from people who set up accounts and use them to send spam?

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