lightning network – LN “Pickhardt Payments” and min HTLC

I’ve read Rene Pickhardt’s paper – “Optimally Reliable & Cheap Payment Flows on the Lightning Network” – and I’m tempted to assume the answer to my question, but I still have some nagging doubts. So, I’ll ask here.

It’s clear that setting base fees to zero helps the pathfinding system because base fees don’t scale linearly – they’re zero when the value transferred is zero, and a fixed non-zero amount when the value transferred is non-zero.

What’s not clear is whether setting a minimum HTLC will affect the pathfinding. Some people have pointed out concerns that with a base fee of zero, the routing fee can be rounded down to zero on small payments. That’d allow someone to spam a larger payment through as a series of tiny payments at no cost. Setting a sufficiently sized min HTLC (sufficient for your fee rate so that all routes are at least 1 msat) can avoid this, but obviously at the expense of no longer being able to route arbitrarily small amounts.

My main question is therefore simply: does setting a minimum HTLC value influence the pathfinding in Pickhardt payments at all?

Related question: If yes, in what ways? Is it scale related? To get an idea of this: How harmful to the overall system would it be if everyone had small (e.g. 10sat) min HTLC settings? How about larger (e.g. an unrealistic value like 10000sat)?

8 – Module for payments with UPI

I am working on an e-commerce website for our own store, a small startup basically with the aim of providing value for money to the customers. We are based out of India.

I am looking at integrating Payment Gateway with the website. However, the existing solutions like Razor Pay and PayU are charging around 2% of the transaction fee.

I realized that UPI payment can by-pass these commission players and we can have the site directly integrated to complete the payment from customer to the seller’s bank account without involvement of any third-party. I searched for modules that integrates with UPI, but I couldn’t find any.

This is the UPI documentation from Government of India: UPI – API and Tech Specifications.
This is the Google Pay developer’s guide: Integrating Google Pay with your site.

I don’t have much experience in writing modules from scratch. Do I have to write a module, or is there a module for this purpose?

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❕NEWS – Female-focused brands plan to accept crypto payments |

Recently, the billion-dollar industry showing interest in the crypto market. Glamnetic (a beauty brand) founder said that the company now accepts major cryptos like BTC, ETH, and DOGE through a recent partnership with Bitpay. Although beauty brands aren’t accepting crypto extensively, Glamnetic is the first company to start accepting crypto. Hopes, other companies will come forward also. What do you think about it?

❕NEWS – Nigeria Secondary School Accepts Crypto Payments Despite CBN Ban |

New Oxford Science Academy, is a private secondary school said to be located in Kano, in Kano state, Nigerla. Updates from the media outlets has it that school now accept Crypto currencies for payment of school fees despite the cryptocurrency ban by the Nigerla government through Central Bank of Nigeria.
I will be making more enquiries on this from people living in Kano, if you a Nigerlan you can verify and possibly update on this

❕NEWS – El Salvador Government Discusses Using Bitcoin For Salaries Payments |

El-Salvador is serious determined to be among top countries with full bitcoin implementation in their activities.
The recent move is to use bitcoin in payment of salaries as El Salvador’s Minister of Labor is in discussion with Social Welfare Rolando Castro, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance on how the process can be carried out conviniently.
El-Salvador already is the first country to adopt the cryptocurrency as legal tender and also will accept tax contributions payments in bitcoin. Goods and Services can be priced in bitcoin with dollars as a reference currency.

ecommerce – eBay is demanding that I register for them to “manage my payments”

I very rarely sell anything on eBay.

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten emails from them saying I must register for them (or them + payoneer) to manage my payments.

Now they’ve said I won’t be able to sell anything, ever, if I don’t register for that.

The thing is, I thought they were already “managing” my payments via paypal; they even withheld a payment made to me on an item I sold.

My questions:

  • Why is this happening?
  • Can I avoid this somehow?
  • If I can’t – what are the gotchas of this scheme? I mean, what do they want to “manage” now that they couldn’t earlier?

❕NEWS – Digital Yuan Now Used For Payments In The Beijing Subway |

Beijing is the hot spot for digital yuan’s testing as the city has launched has become a hot spot for digital yuan’s testing, as it launched 3,000 digital yuan-enabled ATMs, for public deposit and withdraw of the digital currency.
The Country has also introduced digital yuan payments for transport services in Beijing’s 24 subway lines and four suburban railway stations. This service is restricted to only customers with bank account at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

How to automate bitcoin wallet to send return payments to website subscribers?

When a .onion website sells subscription log-in accounts, they ask for subscription payment and say that a return payment will be received immediately after, containing the payment code for creating a user account.

For example, the subscription might cost 0.001 BTC, so if the new subscriber pays that, and she receives 0.0002713 BTC afterwards as a return payment, then the new user can create their account by entering the following fields in the registration form:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Payment Code: 2713

How can a bitcoin wallet even be programmed to automatically respond to incoming payments with a return payment?

and further, disguise the payment code in the return payment amount such that the form will associate a unique code to each new user (unless maybe they are just fixing the payment code to be identical for all users)