Are card readers legal in the Amsterdam red light window brothels for payment?

The article you link does not state at all what you claim.

It says that no payment processor is willing to provide them service. Not that they are not allowed to use that payment method. So yes, it would be legal. And although the result of nobody processing cards for them is that they would no longer be able to accept cards, it would have no relation with card fraud.

Although this 2018 article states that no processor would take them as customers

  • it may be that some payment processor has been taking them again by now
  • they could be charging through a different establishment. Suppose that the brothel signed up with the bank as a pub, or that they shared the credit card reader with a near bar. They could be charging you through a credit card (albeit possibly violating the terms of use of their provider).

As with any card charge, you may dispute it if you feel it wasn’t proper (such as being offered something at a give price but being charged a doubled amount). Although, if you didn’t agree on the service costs beforehand, I suspect that would be “proper amount” (they could choose to be expensive). Also, you might prefer not to bring much light to thisi charge (and thus the type of service you were paying for).

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W3C’s payment request API

I’d like to integrate in some way the W3C’s payment request api. I found this module but it doesn’t work for Magento 2.4.0.

How can I implement it?

enter image description here

Payment Gateway for E-commerce (Also High Risk)

Hi Everyone.

Mi name is Jose and I work for a payment gateway for e-commerce in Europe.

I saw in this Forum that many of you had problems with your Payment Gateway.

I would like to open this area to share your problems and help you to solve it.

Thank you so much.


❕NEWS – Nigeria move to regulate Crypto currencies and other digital payment. |

News update available from primetime news Nigeria as stated that the data collated by chainnalysis on 2020 global Crypto currencies adoption index, Nigerla is ranked to be competing with countries like US, Ukraine, Kenya, China and Russia where Crypto currencies adoption us very significant.

This has prompted the Security exchange commission to Nigeria to encourage the Crypto currency market on ethical and efficient trading acitivites.
The commission is to regulate all innovations, hinged on safety market deepening and provides solutions to problems.

This is signal that Nigeria is on the track to legalise Crypto currencies fully soon.

Adding fixed price to Cash on Delivery payment method

How do I add fixed price with cash on delivery?
I managed to add COD as payment method, but i cant ADD a fixed price.
for example: i want, when the customer choose the COD payment method, to charged him (3.5€)

pls help 🙂

modeling – Creating models for for a subscription-based service using third-party payment gateways

If this question is too broad for Q&A format, I’d appreciate a pointer on where to ask it.

Suppose that you’re using Stripe (or some similar service) to manage the payments for a service of some sort. Stripe has built-in support for recurring payments, a payment gateway.

What I’m struggling to understand is how much of that logic is mirrored over to the application?

For example:

  • Where does the subscription/payment data is stored? Is it mirrored in some local DB or just wrapped from Stripe API?
  • How does one handle various states of a subscription that can’t be fulfilled (card declined, card missing, card fradulent)? Suppose that Stripe only handles payments and not subscriptions, how does one invalidate a subscription if a payment fails?

In other words, should User.first.subscription return something that’s stored in the application or essentially just make a call to Stripe every single time? If that’s the case, should my application not even have a Subscription model as it’s essentially just piped in from Stripe?

My gut is telling me in this case Stripe should handle the entirety of the payment and subscription logic and the service application itself should only wrap Stripe, is this fair to say?

Magento 2: How to block or disable invoice email if payment method is "Invoice" or "Bank transfer"?

Magento 2 send order & invoice email manually

This may related but it doesn’t solve my problem. Any ideas or specific approach?

magento2.3 – Allow Only Specific Payment Methods Available on Particular Cart Price Rule (Coupons)

We have two payment methods.

  1. COD (Cash on Delivery)
  2. HBL Pay

When user inputs a coupon code AYZ223.
Then only HBL Pay should be visible as a payment method because of that coupon.
Otherwise all payment methods should show.

Please Guide me how to do that.