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Trade – Help in withdrawing payment from |

Hello All,

I have a pending payment of $1153.98 from

They pay in:
1. PayPal
2. Paxum
3. WebMoney
4. Bank Wire in USD

I want to send $1153.98 directly from their platform to you and I want TransferWise in exchange for it.

Payoneer EUR (or USD but preferably EUR) or BTC would also work.

Kindly inform me if you interested in this exchange and also inform me about the fee involved from your side.

magento2.3 checkout specific payment method showing custom message

i want to like if customer choose specific shipping method like flatrate and if customer choose Check / Money order then i want to below payment method showing custom message

enter image description here

Any help would be appreciated.


payment gateway – Question about the cause of the differences in Google Pay features

Most likely, Google withholds the full number of the credit card as a way to prevent someone else that got access into your account to get it. They only reveal the last four digits so that you can discern which credit card it has. This implies that you are not allowed to edit the credit card number, as that would allow the user to view the full number. Removing the card and adding a new one works well, instead. (Plus, they probably have some internal identifier to link this card with purchases, so internally they probably want as well that a new card is set up as a new object, not as a change of an old one)

However, you found out that

if you use Google Pay at the checkout page of a seller’s website, you will find that you can see your actual card number and edit it

I would consider this a result of the implementation of this particular seller. The seller API clearly lets them know the full credit card number (this could be needed to linking a chargeback to card XYZ with a purchase, or if they are handling directly the communication with the merchant). The seller page also allows you to change the credit card number on-the-fly. Which is a good feature from an UX point of view. However, showing the full credit card number here misses the point of actually attempting to hide it from the user (note that credit card numbers aren’t considered a secret, but it isn’t a good idea to make them much available, either). I think they should simply show those last characters instead.

but right-click is disabled on the payment form (What is the reason for this?).

Sometimes websites block right-clicking “for security”, such as trying to “protect” the page code they sent to the user browser by blocking the contextual menu and thus making it slightly harder to view the page source. It doesn’t really work, though, so that will basically only annoy users that wanted to use it (e.g. for actions as mundane as ‘Copy’ or ‘Paste’). It makes sense to block the right click if the page implements its own contextual menu (several webmails do this) as a replacement (otherwise the user could get one upon the other), but little else.


Which Cryptocurrency has just 22 characters wallet address.

Please very important. Thanks
I want to. Know the crypto coin with just 22 wallet address characters

development – A Bitcoin locking script to force a certain payment to the receiver?

No, that is not possible, and doing so can be problematic.

Such scripts would need the ability to inspect the spending transaction and this is currently not allowed or possible; the script interpreter does not have access to other parts of the transaction.

Furthermore, if implemented naively, this could allow for widespread censorship and centralized control of Bitcoin. In essence, such scripts could be written to require that transactions do not send money to some blacklisted addresses, and at the same time require that all receivers in that transaction also have this same requirement. This could lead to services blacklisting some addresses, and then forcing their users to also blacklist those addresses when they withdraw from the exchange. And the recursive nature of that means that all subsequent transactions also have the same blacklist.

magento2 – Magento 2 REST Api For Place Order gives “transaction declined” error after successful Payment For Payfort Payment Gateway

I am using Payfort extension to process credit Card Payments online for Payfort Payment Gateway. For Website it’s working Fine and Placing an order after successful payment.

But when i am trying to place an order via API after successful payment via it’s iOs/Android SDK.
It’s giving me this Error.

Transaction has been declined. Please try again later.

This is How i am passing each information i received from Payfort after Successful Payment in this API.




“billingAddress”: {
“city”: “Dubai”,
“countryId”: “AE”,
“customerAddressId”: “2885”,
“customerId”: “3438”,
“fax”: “+971521231234”,
“firstname”: “Test”,
“lastname”: “User”,
“postcode”: “1111”,
“region”: “Dubai”,
“regionCode”: “DXB”,
“regionId”: “597”,
“street”: [
“Street 44, Oud Maitha”
“telephone”: “+971521231234”
“cartId”: “24361”,
“paymentMethod”: {
“additional_data”: {
“amount”: “29995”,
“authorization_code”: “614835”,
“card_number”: “411111******1111”,
“card_holder_name”: “Test User “,
“customer_email”: “”,
“customer_ip”: “”,
“expiry_date”: “2102”,
“fort_id”: “169996200000452654”,
“is_active_payment_token_enabler”: false,
“merchant_reference”: “XXXXXXXX”,
“payment_option”: “VISA”,
“sdk_token”: “c85bf903408b45a19a194710a941607a”,
“token_name”: “82f62b316c3246908ba29c8f2e683f45”
“method”: “md_payfort”

I am getting “True” in the response of this API call.

Then, I am using Create Order API of Magento to Place an Order.




“paymentMethod”: {
“method”: “md_payfort”
“shippingMethod”: {
“additionalProperties”: {},
“carrier_code”: “freeshipping”,
“method_code”: “freeshipping”

After debug, i found that this error is coming from this file.


And it’s because the “execute” method in this class is sending the Payment request again to Payfort and they recieve the “Signature mismatch” error from Payfort because of the unauthorized request. It should not send the Payment request again to Payfort.
I am not able to figure out how to prevent Magento to make this Payment request and just Place the Order.

If anyone can help me out to solve this problem and place an order successfully would be really appreciated.

Filehost with instant payment to webmoney

i`m looking for filehost with instant payment to webmoney.
Also i`m looking for a filehost where I can set only users who have bought a premium from me will be able to download my files (without TezFiles)