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Im Willing To Pay 100$ Per Day To Fill Out Surveys

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usa – How to pay US F-1 Visa through credit or debit card?

I am an international student from India enrolled in a US university. I have completed my Visa application and just have to pay the fees. However there is no option for credit or debit card payment. The payment options available are National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Mobile IMPS Payment and over the counter payment. I saw that credit/debit card payment option is available on the US Embassy sites of some other countries such as New Zealand and Norway but not India. Is it not available for India? If so, any reason why?

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Any Good Domain Registrar That Accepts Amazon Pay or Strip??

Any good domain registrar that accepts Amazon Pay or Stripe??

What sites do you know that uses shop pay? [closed]

I would like to know if there is web sites that you know that use shop pay, or how can I find them?

customs and immigration: if I travel on several airlines and I am denied entry to my destination, do I have to pay fines for all 3?

Upon arrival in a country and denied entry to their final destination, immigration officials will determine which passport he used to travel, which airline he used, and where else he would be admitted if sent there. This is typically the departure airport you departed from at the start of your journey, including all connecting flights.

For example, a flight departing from the UK to the USA. USA With a connection in Amsterdam it will make the traveler return to the United Kingdom if he is denied entry to the US border. USA Of course, they can also send you directly to Amsterdam, as they are sure that you will be admitted here (since the traveler in this hypothetical scenario has a UK passport) and then, how to return home in the UK is entirely your problem. . If you have a round-trip ticket, then the airline counter in Amsterdam is your best option, but this is at the discretion of the airline.

It will not pay any "fines" as countries do not usually impose fines on those who are denied entry, as this is completely unfair and does not really reflect the situation. A traveler may appear at a border only to be told that entry is denied because the immigration officer does not believe their intentions. Yes, your intentions may be true, but you will not be penalized for failing to properly appear at immigration or for being able to convince an immigration officer of your purpose to travel.

To answer your question directly, no, you generally will not have to pay any fines directly. Any return tickets you have will generally go to the cost of sending you back home on an earlier flight. Obviously, the fact of paying the cost of a flight and the rejection solely for the rejection of the entrance are not the same.

Now, I can't say for sure if the airlines in the original country of departure will face fines for allowing a traveler who has a connecting flight without checking if they have the proper documents before departure, perhaps someone who works in this field in You particularly want to answer this part of the question. I have traveled from the UK to the USA. USA Through Amsterdam and both at the UK departure airport they have reviewed my documents and again in Amsterdam to make sure I am carrying the correct documents. If they didn't check my documents at the UK end, then I'm not sure if they would face a fine as they wouldn't need to check my documents to travel to Amsterdam, and that's the location where they would admit me.