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Taxes: Can you refuse to pay resort fees in Hawaii?

A friend booked a hotel in Hawaii, and the additional taxes reached an additional 28% on the bill. Then there was an 11% resort fee in addition to that. Per day.

Taxes are one thing, but he protests the resort's daily rate.

Some sites, for example, Kill Resort fees, clearly think they are illegal, but what are the consequences of simply refusing to pay them at check-in / out?

For the jurisdiction, this is in Honolulu, Hawaii, if it makes any difference.

Vulnerability management: how to fairly pay error rewards without exceeding the budget?

I work for a small business and for our web application, we want to offer bug rewards for vulnerabilities reported with monetary rewards based on criticality.
The problem is that we only have a limited general budget and we don't want to promise anything we can't afford. My question is: how to best formulate the terms for our bug reward project.

Let's take some imaginary numbers and an imaginary situation to describe the problem. Let's say the general budget is 1000. It would offer 200 for a reported critical vulnerability.

Now I start the program and receive ten reports one after another, report A, B, C, … Each report contains a critical vulnerability, as the reporter states. Now I take my time and verify each report and if it is valid. Meanwhile, I receive more reports. Let's say I've validated the first 5 as critics. My budget would run out to pay reporters, but I still have more reports with valid vulnerabilities.

What is the best approach here of your suggestion? Terrible? Do you pay based on "first in"? I don't want to prime people with false promises, but I also don't want to deplete our finances. Of course, I would stop the reward announcement once I realized that the budget is running out.

In addition, a related question: What is a good practice if two reporters claim the same vulnerability? Do you reward both, divide the reward or just reward the first in this case? I mean someone could report with a different name with a slightly modified POC …

Thanks for your thoughts

Google Drive player script: I pay what I need!

Looking for a Google Drive player script that REALLY WORKS 100% … I will pay whatever it takes. I just want a reliable script / gdrive player!

I know about juicy codes and vanlong … but it doesn't work 100% or there are no reliable services …

Thank you!

Why does Bernie want me to pay for the morbidly obese guy who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day?

The problem is in our system, your smoker will go to the emergency room and then declare bankruptcy when you cannot pay. Then, hospitals charge everyone else with exorbitant amounts of insurance so they don't break up serving these people who use the emergency room as their free clinic. In turn, the middle class gets stuck paying high insurance costs.

Democrats want to use tax money from outside the middle class to help insure people and ultimately reduce or eliminate the costs that hospitals are now required to collect from everyone else.

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[ Politics ] Open question: Since whites refuse to pay voluntary reparations, what if we force them to do so in each state?

[Policy] Open question: Since whites refuse to pay voluntary reparations, what if we force them to do so in each state?

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Why do Republicans think corporations should pay their workers as slaves?

Well, slaves were not paid at all. But I will tell you what I think.

We have a perverted and corrupt form of capitalism in the United States. I call it & # 39; American-style capitalism & # 39 ;, but others call it & # 39; Final stage capitalism & # 39 ;. We used to judge the success of our economy by the rising standard of living of working people, since that is the vast majority of us. But today we measure it for profit only. Higher profits = good.

And since labor costs are one of the biggest costs of running a business, higher profits demand that labor becomes cheaper and cheaper over time. Which means that workers must be happy with less and less as the years go by. 99% of Americans slowly become impoverished, that is the conservative idea of ​​SUCCESS, of growth and progress.

This has been going on for 40 years now. And all this time, Republican presidents have pointed to the increase in the stock market as an indicator of success and progress, as Trump is doing now. The stock market indicates the wealth of investors, not workers. It measures the wealth of rich people, which has doubled every decade for the past 40 years. But people who work for a living have more and more problems getting to the end of the month, buying a house, educating their children and putting food on the table.

Trump boasts that even the people who work are better than ever. But huge increases in homelessness, poverty, underemployment, etc. They prove that he is wrong.