What does “PAX” mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

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What does "PAX" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Typically, PAX=passenger, but in that case I don’t understand why the ticket says "passenger" there.

Stable coins differences? (USDC – Coinbase / Circle, GUDS – Gemini, TUSD – Trust Token, PAX – PAXFUL, USDT – Tether)

There has been a release of many stables coins recently. What are the differences from each? So far I know that Tether (usdt) is based out of the US banking system and everything else is in the US banking system and regulated. Also I read that the USDC and GUSD has a back door system to freeze and hold accounts if they wanted to. I wasn’t sure if PAX had this same thing. What are all the listed pros/cons of each stable coin?

Nexo buys PAX Gold tokens (PAXG) worth $ 5 million – Cryptocurrency Corner


Popular banking institution, Nexo has revealed the purchase of $ 5 million in PAX Gold (PAXG), as it seeks to meet the public need for tokenized gold loans and loans.
This latest purchase has accelerated the market capitalization of PAX Gold (PAXG) with a value increase of more than $ 11 million, which is double the size of the next largest digital gold token. This development has been in progress since Nexo announced that its instant crypto credit lines would be compatible with PAXG.

The increased demand for tokenized gold led to the investment of $ 5 million from Nexo

According to Nexo, there was a greater demand from its customers who wanted to exchange popular currencies such as BTC and ETH for tokenized gold, which highlights the growing interest in PAX.
This led the company to invest $ 5 million in PAXG, which would be enough to meet the demands of its OTC customers. The blockchain financial platform also reveals that the investment would also lead the company to expand its operations with the Tokenised Gold commerce sector.
Meanwhile, after this important investment by Nexo, Paxos, the parent company of PAXG, has also revealed a strategic partnership with BitGo. The association is ready to see that the blockchain security platform provides support for PAXG through its Hot and Cold wallet solutions.

The latest BitGo firm will integrate PAXG support into their wallets

BitGo is an important player in blockchain security with the pioneer security firm of multiple signatures in 2013 and has developed several solutions. With this partnership, PAXG users could store tokens in BitGo wallets and the currency would be more exposed to more users.

News Source: https://www.cryptoknowmics.com/news/nexo-purchases-5million-worth-of-pax-gold-paxg-tokens

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Can I recover my USDT sent to a USD / PAX?

Hi, I sent USDT from my binance account to the usd / pax blockchain wallet, how can I get those funds back, please?