Is there a clipboard (copy and paste) manager with stack or ring hotkey functionality?

I’m looking for a clipboard manager (of which I know there are many like ClipIt, CopyQ, etc) but I’m looking for something specific: I want to be able to copy multiple items separately (which will put them all into the clipboard manager’s history) and then paste them all somewhere without having to use the mouse to go to the manager menu to select them to paste. I want to be able to paste with hotkeys or some kind of way to navigate through the clipboard history as a stack or ring.

Does this exist?

windows 10 – How do I paste the Kleopatra signature into Notepad and then email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

I downloaded a zip file from with all my articles in it and signed it using a passphrase protected keypair generated by Kleopatra of Gpg4win.

When I signed the zip file called “medium-export(1)” (Type: “Compressed (zipped) Folder”; Size 284 KB) while it was still in the downloads folder of Windows 10 a new file called medium-export(1).zip (Type: “OpenPGP Signature”; Size: 1 KB) appeared in the downloads folder. The latter would seem to be a detached signature.

I want to send the signature to which is a free trusted time stamp service to have it timestamped (I was thinking of pasting it as text into an email in clearsign mode).

Stamper seems to work when I send it messages for clearsigning so I thought I’d send it the signature generated by Kleopatra. But I can’t seem to find the signature anywhere as text. When I click the signature file I get a statement saying signature verified. I don’t think I can send a file to Stamper; it has to text AFAIK.

I tried opening the signature file with Notepad but was only able to get unfamiliar symbols.
My question is: how do I paste the Kleopatra signature into an email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

cannot copy and paste in yahoo

When I highlight bcc from the email that was sent earlier – copy – paste some of the emails addresses turn pink, and the email is not being sent to that recipient.

Any suggestions?

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command line – How to paste github-copied links into terminal with shift+insert

Github allows for copying git links with ui element under ‘Code’ button. When I click it, I can paste in terminal with with rightclick->paste, but not with shift+insert. If I copy the link manually with ctrl+c, it can be pasted with shift+insert. This double clipboard behavior is extremely frustrating, so I would like to get rid of it completely and just use one clipboard everywhere.

linux – What is the default “Paint” software installed natively with Debian 10 ? I’ve done a screenshot with the tool, but I’m unable to paste my image

What is the default “Paint” software that comes natively with Debian 10 ?

I have a fresh install of Debian, used the screenshot tool to do a screenshot that is in clipboard now, but I’m unable to find any image editor, even crude, where I could paste it in order to print it.

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database – How to create millions of posts with titles drawn from a .cvs. How does wordpress store posts? can we just copy paste it and modify it?

so here is my question: How to create millions of posts with titles drawn from a .cvs. How does wordpress store posts? can we just copy paste it and modify it?

I think the title really says it all..

I’d like to know how can one access the database where posts are and is there a way to just copy 10 posts and modify their titles in a batch from some excel file or something…

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Import cells from the same sheet, but increment evertime by 1 when copy paste

I try to achieve the following, but with no luck so far.

I have a Google spreadsheet with data in the first tab which is called “DATA”. The data is in column/row AE2, AE3, AE4 and so on. Now i have a design tab (in the same spreadsheet) called “DESIGN” where i import with “=DATA!AE2” the source data. But in this design tab, there are 4 more rows in-between (because it should appear as DIN A5 when printing) and when i copy the the whole DIN A5 “page” within the “DESIGN” tab at the end as next page, the source data is not increment by 1. Instead it increments the 4 more rows extra which are in-between. So the formula is now “=DATA!AE7” instead of “=DATA!AE3”.

How can I prevent this and always increment by 1. There maybe an easy solution?