command line – Add users from list with random password

I need to add users from a txt file but with a random password that can only used once. Then it needed to be changed.
In the txt file there is a code and a name.

That’s all i could do.
cat $1 | while read code name
echo Next: $code $name
adduser $code (i guess there goes the password) “$name” –firstuid 2000 –gid 2000

postgresql – Postgres 13 – how to downgrade password requirements?

I have a MS .net application that needs to access a postgres database that’s been recently upgraded to v13.

I’m using the Npgsql library (very old version) and get the error Only AuthenticationClearTextPassword and AuthenticationMD5Password supported for now. Received: 10

The suggestion from this post is to comment-out the line password_encryption in the file postgresql.conf and then re-set the users passwords ALTER USER ???? PASSWORD '1234'. I try this and get the same error, I also tried ALTER USER ???? UNENCRYPTED PASSWORD '1234' but this option isn’t available anymore.

The basic problem seems to be that postgres 13 wants a level of security that the Npgsql library can’t cope with. I can’t upgrade Npgsql (not my choice!), so unless I can downgrade the password requirements I’m going to have to regress to an earlier version of postgres

App Windows – ZIP Password Recover | Nulled Scripts Download

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Should I set up a password for mariadb.sys@localhost?

I’m not clear what this user is for, but mysqltuner suggests I create a password for it. I’m unclear if that’s actually good practice, or if this is a limitation of mysqltuner simply because it’s seen a user that it’s not familiar with, that no exception has been coded for?

Running MariaDB 10.5.8


authentication – how to authenticate for Project online using Java with password credentials?

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Disable password policy for partially-contained database SQL Server

I’m stuck in a situation where I need to create a new user for a partially-contained database (SQL Server 2016). The password is short, so I get an error:

Password validation failed. The password does not meet Windows policy requirements because it is too short.

When creating a login at the instance level, there is an option to untick ‘Enforce password policy’, ‘Enforce password expiration’, and ‘User must change password at next login’. There is no such option when creating a user for a partially-contained DB.

Is there a way to get around this?


Disable Password Expiry Configuration

I would like to know how to disable password expiry configuration for ubuntu servers.

exploit – Is it possible to find a zip password if it is being generated locally?

If a password is used, it must exist somewhere readable at some point in time. Whether or not the password is stored in obfuscated or encrypted form will determine what approach is needed in order to recover it. If it is simply stored as a string, hardcoded in the source, static analysis or even running strings on the program may reveal the password. Otherwise, you may need to do dynamic analysis (debugging or hooking functions; dumping memory perhaps) at the point of which the password is used.

Cannot sign in and don’t know my password

I am missing my usual symbol to sign into my system. I cannot sign into my email (szq911@hotmail). My passwords seem to be incorrect.