The passport and the visa of the children are expiring before the parents

A visa does not normally extend beyond the expiration date of the passport.

You can renew your child's passport in Canada. There is a long list of required documents on this page of the Embassy of Pakistan in Toronto. I'm not going to reproduce it here. I suspect that you can not use the online passport renewal application.

Once you have the new passport, you will have to apply for a new visa for your child.

I assume that the child has a TRV (Temporary Residence Visa). You can request to extend / renew / obtain a new one in Canada. This page discusses the length of the stay using a paper form. It is possible to apply online, but it may be useful to read this page. Highlights include:

  • Apply at least 30 days before TRV expires, but current processing times approach 60 days, check
  • Each dependent must apply separately

I received this email from the visa center in the United Kingdom, but my passport is not sent by mail? What did I do wrong?

The email says: "Your visa application for the United Kingdom has been sent from the UK Visa Section" and I was waiting for my passport to be mailed via the UPS return label I put in the package . But 4 days have passed and the label is not yet used / the passport is not sent by mail. That I have to do?! Please help. I'm in a big problem …

Can I enter the United Kingdom for 24 hours from a Schengen area with an Indian passport?

If you are taking a day trip to the UK and then return to where you came from, then you are not in transitAnd a transit visa would not do you any good.

You would need a Standard Visitor Visa, which must be requested in advance. The 8 days you have until you leave will probably not be enough to complete this application unless you pay for the super lock priority service.

Therefore, realistically, no, you can not go to the United Kingdom.

I just entered the United States without passport control at the atlanta airport

I'm the owner of a Canadian link, and I landed at the Atlanta airport this morning on a delta flight. Leaving by the plane, the security personnel (or airport worker) guided me to go down the corridor that I followed and ended up on the airport's train platform. I got on the train and got off at the international baggage claim area, and left the airport without any problems. I did not know it was strange until my friend told me that it is abnormal and that it could get me into a big problem. Should I call the airport or TSA or does this happen normally (or occasionally?)

passport control – entering the UK pregnant

Is it possible to be rejected at the passport control of the United Kingdom, if I am visiting the United Kingdom for 3 weeks to celebrate our wedding (with my husband from the United Kingdom)?
I'm worried that they think I'm there to stay and use the NHS for the birth, but that's not the case. We live and work in Russia, so what if I take work receipts, return tickets, Dr. bills, etc., would it be okay?

Do I need a passport to return from Canada?

No, but under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) of the United States, the other documents you can use instead of a passport are quite limited:

The citizens of the USA UU They can present a valid US passport. UU Passport card; Improved driver's license; Trusted Traveler program card (NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST); Military identification card of the USA UU When traveling with official orders US Merchant Mariner Document UU When traveling together with official maritime businesses; or Form I-872 American Indian Card, or (when available) Enhanced Tribal Card.

(If you are under 16, or younger than 19 and traveling with a group of young people, the requirements are more flexible).

Canada will admit you with proof of identification and citizenship, such as a driver's license and a US birth certificate. UU., Although they do not go out of their way to point out that it is possible to use documents that do not meet the requirements of the WHTI.

If you travel to Canada with these documents, you can re-enter the US. UU Because the USA UU They can not deny re-entry to a US citizen. UU Simply because it lacks the proper documents. There is a fee in the works for people in that situation, but for now you can not expect anything more inconvenient than a delayed entry to the US. UU Along with a scolding by the border officer.

The passport card is $ 30, and enhanced driver's licenses and state IDs also cost $ 30 more than their unimproved versions. If you do not want to disburse money from a passport, this would probably be your best option.

Biometric signature does not match the passport signature

I'm wrong in the biometric process. I made the signature of my bank account in the biometric analysis, which is different from the signature of the passport. Otherwise I did all the documentation and scanning with my fingers. Does it have an effect on the processing of my Visa? Does it reject my UK Visa? please help

Canada – Passport forgotten for the Alaskan cruise (Anchorage to Vancouver)

According to the Department of Homeland Security, Nevada does not issue EDLs that can be used to enter the United States. In any case, the EDL can not be used to enter the EE. UU By air

In addition, it is likely that you will be refused entry to Canada and may be denied boarding for the cruise (I am not sure of that, but airlines will generally refuse boarding in your circumstance, rather than being rejected on immigration in Canada). Picking up a passport in Alaska before departure is your best option, but I would presume you will not arrive in Vancouver.

Passport RFID chip failure – Travel Stack Exchange

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Last name in a passport

I have dual nationality, but in my second passport, my last name was written correctly at the top of the biological data page (AFRANI), but it was written incorrectly in the scannable part (AFRIAN) of the same page. This will cause any problem.