Passport or driver's license?

Do I need my passport to travel from California to Seattle?
I am planning to travel on October 7, 2019

I need an answer if I don't need my passport to travel to Seattle

The Canadian visa was rejected because I had to cancel my trip and did not present my passport on time

I applied for a visa to Canada and already received instructions to present my passport (I suppose it should be accepted after that), however, I had a medical emergency and had to cancel my trip. I completely forgot the application and did not withdraw it and today the state was rejected because I did not present my passport.

I was wondering if this would affect any visa application in the future and should I answer Yes to any question about the rejected visa history from now on?

schengen visa – I need an embassy passport

I am a foreign resident in the United States. Recently (about a week ago), I applied for a Schengen business visa at the Swiss consulate in New York, and I still haven't heard from him.

However, due to emergency circumstances, I have to take a flight in the next week (not to the Schengen area) for which I need my passport.

Is there any way to ask the embassy to return my passport (even if the visa processing is incomplete) so that I can travel? I could not find such information on the website and I was wondering what would be the correct procedure to do this. Thank you!

Do native domains require you to verify your real passport number?

Do native domains require you to verify your real passport number? The | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Question Do native domains require you to verify your real passport number?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to register for a native domain. I wonder what it will be like for you, because mine requires that I use my real identification number and my name for WHOIS, which I think is definitely not safe. Is this normal for everyone else?

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United States: US travel UU. to Europe using only UK passport + birth certificate

My daughter, who lives in the United States, is about to fly to the United Kingdom for a brief trip. It has passports and citizenship of the United States and the United Kingdom, and has a NEXUS card.

Now, just before departure, we have realized that your American passport is inaccessible (it is with a distant relative).

Can she instead travel with her UK passport, then, upon her return, successfully enter the United States by presenting the UK passport, her birth certificate and her NEXUS card? (I suppose they would be quite unhappy, but they would not prevent her from entering, since it is clear that she is a citizen).

Assuming they let you in, will you have any problem leaving the country in the first place, given that the airline has your US passport number attached to your ticket?

Canada – Passport transmission time – Canadian student visa

A few days ago, after a VFS (in Berlin) received my passport for transmission, they sent it to a Canadian embassy (in Vienna), and yesterday (August 6) I received a letter through my online portal (in www.cic., which implies that my application has been approved, and the letter contains more information about the visa validity date, etc. I was wondering: when do you think the passport will be sent to the VFS to pick it up? ? I ask because I need to travel outside the country, before going, and soon, to Canada.

Thank you very much for your help.

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schengen – The passport expires on March 31, 2020 – Go to Italy

I have two questions.

Would you be arrested if you went to Italy today as an American with a passport that expires on March 31, 2020?

In addition, if he obtained his passport ten years ago and since then he has been married and, therefore, has a different last name than the one in his passport. This is a problem?

Thank you

United States – U.S. unmarked visas expired in Indian passport

Is it okay to remove expired U.S. visas in an old Indian passport? I have some US visas. UU. That the consulate itself has marked CWOP (canceled without prejudice), while some of them as old as the expiration of 2015 are not marked. This sometimes creates confusion on the airlines when they take time to find the valid visa (valid Visa). This is in an expired Indian passport with a valid visa. I have a new passport that is never used because the previous one has just expired.

Is it necessary to update the new passport number in the identification of Qatar although the final departure from the country?

I have renewed my passport, I will leave Qatar this month. Do I still have to update my new passport number in qatar id or visa despite the final departure from Qatar?


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