debian – openvpn: passes client traffic through a different interface than the one used to connect to the openvpn server

I am trying to configure a raspberry pi with raspbian to act as a vpn server. I successfully installed OpenVPN and put it into operation by following this guide: OpenVPN is configured by default: UDP on port 1194, tun mode.

Everything works fine using eth0.

My ultimate goal is to run through a 4G connection provided by a USB modem, and this does not work: I forwarded the 1194 port for UDP on the 4G modem and disabled the firewall (to test). It seems to come from the 4G ISP (this type of network does not seem to behave like the classic fiber / vdsl ISP). Since then, I tried to use port 443 in TCP to overcome ISP blocking, but it doesn't work either.

My final thought is to have two network connections in the raspberry pi: one in eth0 to be able to connect clients to the OpenVPN server (using a non-4G ISP and port forwarding, which works), and usb0 connected to the internet through 4G.

My goal now is to forward all traffic to OpenVPN clients connected through the usb0 interface. They should not access the Internet through eth0 when they are connected to the VPN.

This scenario seems complicated, but it is a requirement that a customer's traffic pass through the 4G connection.

I tried different things and I am a little lost since I am not a network expert.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Algorithms: The n sets of points in the plane find the shortest path that passes exactly from one point in each set.

I am trying to find an algorithm for this. You can imagine each set (S1, S2, …, Sn) as points with different colors. In addition, it is not necessarily | S1 | = | S2 | = … = | Sn |

For n = 1, the problem is simplified in a "closest pair" problem, which can be solved by dividing and overcoming in O (nlogn).

For n = 2 we have two sets of points S, Q and we seek to find (the distance of) the closest pair of points p, q as p in S and q in Q. I have also found an efficient algorithm for this, using voronoi diagrams (

For n> 2 things get difficult. I have no idea where I should go. Let's say we have x red dots, and green and blue z points set in a Euclidean plane. How do we find the minimum distance of a route that passes through a red, a green and a blue point?

Is this a special case of the problem of the traveling buyer?

United Kingdom – BritRail England Passes compared to the return ticket to travel to England

Yes, the pass is much cheaper than buying all the tickets you may need individually, and in many cases, a pass that allows unlimited travel on any of the 3 days at 30 is cheaper than a single ticket you intend to buy . Especially if you use the free pass for children. (You can also get a pass for a British escort if you visit someone and then travel with them).

Also, with the pass you do not need to book a specific time and worry about losing your train. And the premium for the 1st class is less than the premium on individual tickets.

The only drawbacks (I have used these passes, mostly London Plus, for 5 years or more once or twice a year) are that you can not go through the automatic ticket barriers, but you have to find one where you can see the Pass ( or, in my experience, the cover / envelope in which it comes) to an assistant, and can not reserve a specific seat. I receive first class passes and have never had problems finding a seat not reserved for sitting. You also have to ask for it while you are still at home and have it sent to your non-British address, so you should plan ahead. . And you'll have to line up at the first train station you arrive at to validate it. These are very minor inconveniences.

The button passes the contrast test, however, the bottom of the button and the bottom of the div are low contrast

Pass the contrast test because you are considering the white text against the bottom of the button. As such, the contrast is good. If you want to contrast the button with the background, then you should consider the background of your button with the bottom of the container. For example, running your sample labeled as 7 in the WebAIM contrast tester, I understand that the test fails, with a result of Contrast ratio: 2.1: 1

It is true that there are no rules about this, so you should try this. Also, you may be facing the very common. riddle of flat design: you can not distinguish a button from other elements. If this is the case, a better way to distinguish buttons is to use shadows and shapes. A rounded corner with a shadow will convey that this is a button and most users will understand it at first glance.

One thing to consider is that for the accessibility requirements, there is nothing about the container against block elements in WCAG2. Look down:

1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum): The visual presentation of text and text images has a contrast ratio of at least 4.5: 1, except for the
next: (Level AA)

Large text: large-scale text and large-scale text images have a contrast ratio of at least 3: 1;

Incidental: text or text images that are part of an inactive user interface component, which are pure decoration, which are not
visible to anyone, or that are part of an image that contains
Other significant visual content does not have a contrast requirement.

Logos: text that is part of a logo or brand does not have a minimum contrast requirement.

1.4.4 Change text size: with the exception of subtitles and text images, text can be resized without assistive technology up to 200 percent without loss of
Content or functionality (Level AA)

1.4.5 Text images: if the technologies used can achieve visual presentation, the text is used to transmit information instead of
Text images except for the following: (Level AA)

Customizable: the image of the text can be visually customized according to the user's requirements;

Essential: a particular presentation of the text is essential for the information that is transmitted.

Note: the logos (text that is part of a logo or brand) are
considered essential.

1.4.6 Contrast (enhanced): the visual presentation of text and text images has a contrast ratio of at least 7: 1, except for the
next: (Level AAA)

Large text: Large-scale text and large-scale text images have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5: 1;

Incidental: text or text images that are part of an inactive user interface component, which are pure decoration, which are not
visible to anyone, or that are part of an image that contains
Other significant visual content does not have a contrast requirement.

Logos: text that is part of a logo or brand does not have a minimum contrast requirement.

If you are looking for accessibility (as it seems, and that's great!), You really do not need to contrast the buttons per se, the contrast must be in the text. However, it's a good idea to make them stand out if you want users to see the buttons (therefore, click on them)

intel – ESXI passes through Quick Sync Video for Plex

I am trying to configure my new home server to run a VM Plex under ESXi, and I would like to enable hardware acceleration with fast synchronization video, which my CPU (a Xeon E-2124G) is capable of doing. From what I read online, it seems that I should be able to pass this to my virtual machines, but I can not see which PCI device I should assign to my virtual machine.

I'm just seeing these devices with step capability:

  • 0000: 00: 08.0 – Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5 / v6 / E3-1500 v5 / 6th / 7th Gen Core Gaussian Mixture Model Processor
  • 0000: 02: 00.0 – Intel Corporation I210 Gigabit Network Connection
  • 0000: 03: 00.0 – Intel Corporation I210 Gigabit Network Connection
  • 0000: 06: 00.0 – ASPEED Technology, Inc. ASPEED graphics family
  • 0000: 07: 00.0 – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd NVMe SSD Controller SM981 / PM981

screenshot of my screen of PCI devices

Any ideas?

Hardware: How secure is a Mac if it passes the Apple Diagnostics?

Recently, I took my MacBook Air to Genius Bar to perform a clean installation of macOS. For security reasons, I also ordered a hardware check. The technician of Genius Bar executes the Apple Diagnostics, and affirms that the test can verify if the hardware components of my computer have been attenuated.

Once the test was finished, a list of information about the components appeared on the technician's iPad (which I did not read). He went through all the elements and concluded that my computer is safe in terms of hardware modifications.

I'd like to ask how safe a Mac is, if it passes Apple Diagnostics. As an example, if an attacker disarmed my Mac and inserted a hardware keylogger, I doubt that the hardware test can verify it.

Thanks in advance.

bash – Passes the variable in the remote SSH command in Jenkins-job

I have a small trial job:

22.txt touch
echo "wwe"> 22.txt
test = $ (echo $ {BUILD_NUMBER})
$ echo test
ssh jenkins @ srv1 "mkdir D:  myfolder  $ test"
ssh jenkins @ srv1 "dir D:  myfolder "

BUILD_NUMBER means build job number in Jenkins
What I have in exit:

Running as a system
[EnvInject] - Loading of node environment variables.
Remote creation of MAC slaves in the work area / Users / Admin / work area / testmacosx
[testmacosx] $ / bin / sh -xe /var/folders/rq/4q3q1m2959q6zpgxghhrvdnw0000gn/T/
+ touch 22.txt
+ eco wwe
++ echo 5
+ test = 5
+ echo 5
+ ssh jenkins @ srv1 & mkdir D:  myfolder $ test & # 39;
/var/folders/rq/4q3q1m2959q6zpgxghhrvdnw0000gn/T/ line 7: Unexpected EOF while searching ""
The compile step & # 39; Run shell & # 39; marked the construction as it fails
Finish: FAIL

As you have seen, you do not see this variable. $ test in the remote ssh command. How can I pass this variable? Can you help me please ?

8 – Passes the values ​​of a block to a text field (in the simplenews subscription block)

I am using the simplenews module subscription block, in a custom module through a hook. I added a new text field to the simplenews configuration block. My intention is to be able to add a custom placeholder to the text field of each subscription block.

At the time of using the twig template I can access this value in the block template, but I can not find a way to pass it below and I can print it in the template of the text field.


Adding the field to the simplenews block

                function my_module_form_block_form_alter (& $ form, FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ form_id) {

/ ** @var  Drupal  block  Entity  Block $ block * /
$ block = $ form_state-> getFormObject () -> getEntity ();
if ($ block-> getPlugin () -> getPluginId () == "simplenews_subscription_block") {
$ form['third_party_settings']['#tree']    = TRUE;
$ form['third_party_settings']['my_module']['placeholder']    = [
          '#type' => 'textfield',
          '#title' => t('Custom placeholder'),
          '#description' => t('Custom Placeholder.'),
          '#default_value' => $block->getThirdPartySetting('my_module', 'placeholder'),
          '#weight' => 1,


Passing values ​​to the block template.

function my_module_preprocess_block (& ​​$ variables) {
$ items = $ variables["elements"];
yes (isset ($ elements["#plugin_id"]) && $ elements["#plugin_id"] == "simplenews_subscription_block") {
$ block = Block :: load ($ elements["#id"]);
if ($ block && $ placeholder = $ block-> getThirdPartySetting ("my_module", "placeholder")) {
$ variables["configuration"]["placeholder"]    = $ placeholder;

From now on, I do not know how I can pass the value of the placeholder to the template of the text field and print it as an attribute or somehow.

Thank you.

magento2 – Magento 2 passes data from the html template to the phtml file

file So far I have created MyModule / ProductAlert / view / frontend / email / stock.html

{{template config_path = "design / email / header_template"}}

{{var alertGrid | raw}

{{template config_path = "design / email / footer_template"}}

And I would like to transmit my variables email a .phtml file in
MyModule / ProductAlert / view / frontend / templates / email / stock.phtml and call it there


    getProducts ()):?>

Your e-mail: getData (& # 39; email & # 39;)?>

// Email should be here

Currently, he returns nothing to me. How can I achieve that? Thank you!

Alabama passes law prohibiting abortion

This would be the strictest law in the US. UU., That prohibits abortion completely, if the governor approves it.

Keep reading…

What do you think of this new law?