Hardware: How secure is a Mac if it passes the Apple Diagnostics?

Recently, I took my MacBook Air to Genius Bar to perform a clean installation of macOS. For security reasons, I also ordered a hardware check. The technician of Genius Bar executes the Apple Diagnostics, and affirms that the test can verify if the hardware components of my computer have been attenuated.

Once the test was finished, a list of information about the components appeared on the technician's iPad (which I did not read). He went through all the elements and concluded that my computer is safe in terms of hardware modifications.

I'd like to ask how safe a Mac is, if it passes Apple Diagnostics. As an example, if an attacker disarmed my Mac and inserted a hardware keylogger, I doubt that the hardware test can verify it.

Thanks in advance.

bash – Passes the variable in the remote SSH command in Jenkins-job

I have a small trial job:

22.txt touch
echo "wwe"> 22.txt
test = $ (echo $ {BUILD_NUMBER})
$ echo test
ssh jenkins @ srv1 "mkdir D:  myfolder  $ test"
ssh jenkins @ srv1 "dir D:  myfolder "

BUILD_NUMBER means build job number in Jenkins
What I have in exit:

Running as a system
[EnvInject] - Loading of node environment variables.
Remote creation of MAC slaves in the work area / Users / Admin / work area / testmacosx
[testmacosx] $ / bin / sh -xe /var/folders/rq/4q3q1m2959q6zpgxghhrvdnw0000gn/T/jenkins1551827609931995498.sh
+ touch 22.txt
+ eco wwe
++ echo 5
+ test = 5
+ echo 5
+ ssh jenkins @ srv1 & mkdir D:  myfolder $ test & # 39;
/var/folders/rq/4q3q1m2959q6zpgxghhrvdnw0000gn/T/jenkins1551827609931995498.sh: line 7: Unexpected EOF while searching ""
The compile step & # 39; Run shell & # 39; marked the construction as it fails
Finish: FAIL

As you have seen, you do not see this variable. $ test in the remote ssh command. How can I pass this variable? Can you help me please ?

8 – Passes the values ​​of a block to a text field (in the simplenews subscription block)

I am using the simplenews module subscription block, in a custom module through a hook. I added a new text field to the simplenews configuration block. My intention is to be able to add a custom placeholder to the text field of each subscription block.

At the time of using the twig template I can access this value in the block template, but I can not find a way to pass it below and I can print it in the template of the text field.


Adding the field to the simplenews block

                function my_module_form_block_form_alter (& $ form, FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ form_id) {

/ ** @var  Drupal  block  Entity  Block $ block * /
$ block = $ form_state-> getFormObject () -> getEntity ();
if ($ block-> getPlugin () -> getPluginId () == "simplenews_subscription_block") {
$ form['third_party_settings']['#tree']    = TRUE;
$ form['third_party_settings']['my_module']['placeholder']    = [
          '#type' => 'textfield',
          '#title' => t('Custom placeholder'),
          '#description' => t('Custom Placeholder.'),
          '#default_value' => $block->getThirdPartySetting('my_module', 'placeholder'),
          '#weight' => 1,


Passing values ​​to the block template.

function my_module_preprocess_block (& ​​$ variables) {
$ items = $ variables["elements"];
yes (isset ($ elements["#plugin_id"]) && $ elements["#plugin_id"] == "simplenews_subscription_block") {
$ block = Block :: load ($ elements["#id"]);
if ($ block && $ placeholder = $ block-> getThirdPartySetting ("my_module", "placeholder")) {
$ variables["configuration"]["placeholder"]    = $ placeholder;

From now on, I do not know how I can pass the value of the placeholder to the template of the text field and print it as an attribute or somehow.

Thank you.

magento2 – Magento 2 passes data from the html template to the phtml file

file So far I have created MyModule / ProductAlert / view / frontend / email / stock.html

{{template config_path = "design / email / header_template"}}

{{var alertGrid | raw}

{{template config_path = "design / email / footer_template"}}

And I would like to transmit my variables email a .phtml file in
MyModule / ProductAlert / view / frontend / templates / email / stock.phtml and call it there


    getProducts ()):?>

Your e-mail: getData (& # 39; email & # 39;)?>

// Email should be here

Currently, he returns nothing to me. How can I achieve that? Thank you!

Alabama passes law prohibiting abortion

This would be the strictest law in the US. UU., That prohibits abortion completely, if the governor approves it.

Keep reading…

What do you think of this new law?

The Google search console says that the XML site map "can not be recovered", however, the site map passes the test and is visible in the browser

I have sent a couple of site maps in the search console, but they are locked in the "Can not recover" status and have been for weeks.

If I go to the URL, I can see the site map OK, and if I go to the old style search console and test the site map, they all pass without errors, so I guess Google can see them correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make these validate?

Here is a link to one of my site maps:


The Google Mobile-Friendly test passes the test but the utility of the mobile search console fails

How can I know why a website that by Google Mobile-Friendly test is reported as "The page is compatible with mobile devices", fails on 3 parameters in the Search Console – Mobile usability test?

Failure in

  1. Text too small to read
  2. Selectable items too close together
  3. Content wider than the screen

memory – How many passes are enough with memtest (6 years later)

Originally, this question was asked here:
How many passes are enough with Memtest?

The question is from 2013, and the answers are from 2013.

I mention it again because it's been 6 years or more since I was asked, and that's an eternity in years of computer hardware.

Fast forward to today. I'm running memtest on my machine with 32 GB of RAM. The days of error capture in the first seconds are over, unless something is REALLY wrong. A single pass takes a long time to reach 100%.

I let my system work during the night and caught 2 errors. Passed 6 times, failed 2. Do you think they are true errors or is it more like an acceptable amount of failure?

Editing: I ran this test because I was receiving blue screen errors that may be related to the driver, but I am testing each part independently.

zend – Step of 2 parameters of action to view, and only one passes

I'm developing a small website, with Zend framework 2,

the truth is that I've been trying to pass two parameters of a Controller / Action to a view, the fact is that in the view Login.phtml of action loginAction ()
the parameters are there (60, nav)

** tipocli ** ;?>

** codcli ** ;?>

of sight login.phtml I pass them to Action with basePath () , thus

<a class = "colorlink" href = "basePath ("/ alta / areapersonal / options /".$ this -> ** tipocli **." / ". $ this -> ** codcli **)?>"> options

and in the Action options OptionsAction. I receive them like this, for later
send them to sight options.html with ViewModel ()

public function opcionesAction () {

        $ tipocli = $ this-> params () -> fromRoute ("id", 0);
        $ codcli = (string) $ this-> params () -> fromRoute ("id2", 0);

        return new ViewModel (array ("tipocli" => $ tipocli, "codcli" => $ codcli));


But, in the view, it's just happening to me, a parameter!

echo "Cod:". $ this-> codcli; ** // Type: 60Cod: 0 **

What am I doing wrong? Also, the client code is happening to me as if it were the type, and in the url are the two:

http: // localhost / webname / public / high / personal area / options / nav / 60

I would appreciate some help, thank you very much in advance


Can my friend and I use our priority passes to get 2 times the amount of free food per person?

The Priority Pass provides $ 28 credit to its owner and his guest ($ 56 total) at select airport restaurants.

If my friend and I have a priority pass, could we get $ 56 per person by being invited to each other?