dnd 5e – Elves and Orcs canonically hate each other, but the table wants the party to stay together. What official guidance exists for handling this conflict?

Traditionally, many character races in D&D have been defined to have a race with whom they share a mutual hatred: elves and orcs, dwarves and goblins, and gnomes and kobolds, for example. With Volo’s Guide, however, orcs, goblins, and kobolds are all playable races. This raises the question of how to deal with this in-story racial hatred with the meta requirement for characters in a party to support one another.

Has WOTC or any other authoritative source provided guidance to DMs who have to deal with (for example) a kobold and a gnome in the same party? Once you open the door to Volo’s Guide, it seems unavoidable.

How to make SOAP calls in magento2.I am using a third party API service

Login = new stdClass;
$params->IDU = new stdClass;
$params->Person = new stdClass;
$params->Services = new stdClass;

// Enter the Username and password associated with your account
$params->Login->username = ”;
$params->Login->password = ”;

// Reference is optional/mandatory based on user settings
$params->IDU->Reference = ”;
// ID and IKey should be passed to continue a previous search
$params->IDU->ID = ”;
$params->IDU->IKey = ”;
// $params->IDU->Scorecard = ‘IDU Default’;
$params->IDU->Scorecard = ‘Identity Verification default’;
$params->IDU->equifaxUsername = ”;
$params->IDU->GlobalTransactionId = ”;

// Subject details
$params->Person->forename = ‘HEATHER’;
$params->Person->middle = ‘JANE’;
$params->Person->surname = ‘RUSSELL’;
$params->Person->gender = ‘F’;
$params->Person->dob = ‘1946-04-21’;

$params->Person->address1 = ‘201’;
$params->Person->address2 = ‘Julius Road’;
$params->Person->address3 = ‘Bristol’;
$params->Person->address4 = ”;
$params->Person->address5 = ”;
$params->Person->address6 = ”;
$params->Person->postcode = ‘BS7 8EU’;

// var_dump($params);
// $results = $client->GlobalTransactionId = ‘1’;
$results = $client->IDUProcess($params);


Need some security advice for using a custom browser extension from a 3rd party developer

I'm in the market to hire a developer to help me out with a chrome browser extension that can read the content of web pages. Given that most extensions can read what your browse on the internet, what are the risks of going this route? Would a connection montitor/blocker like Little Snitch be successful in stopping any captured data from being transmitted to the 3rd party? I realize that I should ideally be able to trust a developer I'm working with, but I'm just trying to play it safe….

Need some security advice for using a custom browser extension from a 3rd party developer

Third Party Acceptable. | Proxies123.com

Hello World :)

We are a streaming site for movies and series, our traffic is very diverse and we have Third Party app like “Kodi” add-on and Android app.
We stored our videos in different hosts (streamtape, vidfast, doodstream etc…)
All our watcher users don’t counted when they watching, and it seems like we don’t have traffic (very low)

Now the question :
There is an host that accept Third Party app streaming?

thx for all fr any help


exalted 3e – How to handle damage in decisive attack when one party is unaware?

How do you handle decisive damage in cases where one party is totally unaware that they are being attacked and the other person has time to prepare?

The problem is that a prepared ambusher will not have had any withering attacks to increase their initiative prior to the ambush decisive attack. And it does not make a lot of sense to ambush someone with only your join battle initiative.

I’m looking for a reference to the rules explaining this situation, or a solution you have tried. personally all I could find in the book is that if you ambush someone they have a lower defence depending on whether or not they are in combat or totally unaware that they are in danger.

Just to make it clear what I’m trying to solve I’ll give two cases that came up in a game:

  1. Someone (a mortal) is sneaking up on a exalted that is sleeping and trying to kill that person. This is very unlikely (or maybe I don’t want it to) to outright kill the exalted, but how much damage does the mortal actually do?
  2. In a form of duel one party say, I’ll stand still and give you a first free shot. Do your best to hurt me. This is assuming there is only ever going to be one strike. This came up when someone wanted to test an armor.

c# – Spoofing a UDP stream from a piece of software, to a third party app, in order to integrate with that app

I am working on a project where i am attempting to spoof a gps command from X-Plane 11 to allow a flight simulator that i am working on to communicate with an electroic flight bag app (Oz Runways)

The X-Plane software outputs a GPS stream that is sent to the app, which the app then interprets.
it is sent via UDP as an ascii Stream.

When the stream is sent, it shows the gps position of the plane in Xplane on a moving mapp in the App, on an Ipad.

An Example Stream: “XGPS1,-122.578640,47.264560,87.9936,8.2152,68.5358

At this stage i have tried taking the exact udp message (from Xplane, intercepted by Wireshark) and sending it from another program called Packet Sender. Sending the stream does not work, but sending the entire packet (which seems wrong) seems to give me the desired result.
The Entire Packet: “>ûÿÛEN©)À¨À¨ò¿i¿j:XGPS1,-122.578640,47.264560,87.9936,8.2152,68.5358

This makes the entire packet of this UDP message: “>ûÿÛEe®

it seems like it doubles up on the leading data, like ip and port adresses etc.

So while this seems to work, when using my piece of software, which will change the numbers to send through the correct position and speed, but right now is just a simple c# udp sender it refuses to work.

    void openUDP()
        udpClient = new UdpClient(49001);
        udpClient.Connect(IPAddress.Parse(textBoxip.Text), int.Parse(textBoxport.Text));

    void DoUDPThings()
        Byte() sendBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(textBoxmsg.Text);
            udpClient.Send(sendBytes, sendBytes.Length);
        catch (Exception e)

This is the code for my Sender, in order to mimic the Xplane software as much as possible i have set it to use the exact output port, and the text boxes in my win form feed in the message, ip address, and remote port number.

The actual question i suppose i am asking here, is why would copying the start of packet data work in Packet sender in the first place, and not in my c# program?

Below are two packets from wireshark one of which is from Xplane, the other is from my piece of software.

My software: 

From Xplane: 


I understand that this is a very specific issue, but i simply do not understand why the same stream works from one piece of software and not another.

dnd 5e – How can I maximise the non-spell healing of this party?

Because the use of spells are out, there isn’t too much going on. I’ll quickly go through each of the classes, all of whom get a feat which I’ll cover afterwards. I’ll also assume everyone have a Charisma modifier of +3 and that noone other than party members are available or relevant to heal.

  • Paladin: All get a pool of 30 hit points to dish which is restored on long rests. In addition, by choosing the Crown oath (SCAG) you can restore 1d6 + Charisma modifier to any number of creatures, once per short rest.

  • Monk: Choosing the Open Hand tradition, monks can heal themselves 3×Level=18 per long rest.

  • Cleric: The life domain channel divinity restores 5×Level=30 creatures and at 6th level it can be used twice between short rests.

  • Warlock: Celestial warlock gets a pool of (1+Level)d6=7d6 healing. Also, they should choose the Pact of the Chain so they qualify for Gift of the Ever-Living Ones (XGtE) which will maximize healing the Warlock gets. (Not included in calculations, because it turns them into a mess.)

This is the non-spell healing available to those classes beyond the expenditure of their hit dice. Then, we have their feats. There is a tiny set of feats which grant healing, however Magic Initiate would do it through a spell, so we’re left with:

  • Healer: Which by expending a 5 cp use of a healer’s kit can have a creature regain 1d6 + 4 + number of hit dice = 1d6 + 10 hitpoints. Each creature can only benefit from this once per short rest.

  • Inspiring leader: Not healing per say, but lets you hand out temporary hit points (which does much the same) to up to six creatures.

  • Martial Adept: in much the same vain, by choosing this feat and the Rally manouver, you can have one creature gain 1d6 + your Cha mod temporary hitpoints once per short rest.

Note that multiple copies of Healer and Inspiring Leader don’t work together, so between your 4 adventurers you should have 1 Healer, 1 Inspiring Leader, and 2 Martial Adept: Rallys. Do note that temporary hit points don’t stack, so wait for the old ones to be used up before applying new ones.

If everyone chooses Aasimar as their race (Volo’s) they get the Healing Hands feature allowing them to restore hit points equal to level, once per long rest.

To summarise, we get

  • 30+18+4×6 = 72 hit points restored per long rest
  • 60+7d6+4×(1d6+10)+4×(1d6+3) per short rest
  • 4×9+2×(1d6+3) temporary hit points per short rest

What are the "Third party Extensions" ? Which extensions are considered as Third party extension in Magento Framework?

I have two questions.

  • What are the "Third party Extensions" ?
  • Which extensions are considered as Third party extension in Magento
    Framework ?


bitcoin core – How to develop a crypto exchange leveraging on third party API like coinbase, blockchain.com

I got a request as a developer to develop a bitcoin exchange site like https://mypatricia.co/ or https://instantcoins.ng/ I am to leverage on third party API like Coinbase, blockchain, it could be anything reliable API.

Users will be able to buy and sell bitcoin. For instance USER A makes an offer. USER B is interested in USER A’s offer. When USER B clicks a button, with be a switch from USER A’s wallet to USER B’s wallet. Before the EXCHANGE is done. USER B is prompted to make payment in local currency.

I have been looking at https://developers.coinbase.com/api/v2#introduction https://api.blockchain.com/v3 I dont know how to go about it.

Is there any other better ones to work with?

There will be some other endpoints like

Where users get list of their orders
check wallet etc
I will appreciate your contribution