sharepoint online – Two Web Parts Side by Side

I am having trouble customizing my SharePoint site. I want to add multiple webparts side by side on my page but SharePoint doesn’t have this option natively. You can only add them in the downward direction not to the left or right. I already saw a similar question like this and it mentioned adding code using SharePoint Design.

I am very new to SharePoint and I don’t understand how to add this specific code. I will link the question as it is very much similar to my ordeal.

This is the same question link: How to have two web parts side by side in same zone

I am using SharePoint Online btw.
And I know how to use spfx webparts if there is a webpart that can accomplish this please link it.

Help will be very much appreciated

document set – People column not showing up in Word quick parts

I have a People column in my document library, and I have added it to my Document Set. I have also checked the People column to be a shared column in the Document Set Settings. I have other columns set up this way (e.g. managed metadata search tags).

I have a Word document set as Default Content for the document set. I want to include the People in the document using Quick Parts, but I don’t see it under Document Property. I would think I didn’t set up my Document Set columns properly, except my other column (Search Tags) is visible. How can I get People to show up in my Word document?

enter image description here

My Sharepoint site is part of an Office 365 Group. Thanks!

unity – How to make one material on object with many parts inside?

No, you don’t need to use an unique material for each 3d model asset. It is possible for multiple meshes to share materials. The most blunt way to do that is to simply replace the materials of the assets in Unity after you imported them. You do that by drag&dropping a material from your Unity project view onto the assets.

But it might be better to import your models in a way that they already share materials. How to do that exactly depends on what software you are using to create your models. But usually Unity will automatically recognize if two models use the exact same material based on the names, settings and textures of the materials.

How to include transparent parts in a print on metal

Whether single-colour [black & white] or 4 or more colour, anything white or even very light-coloured on screen or paper will be ‘metal’ once printed.

It would be unusual for a photo-print process to use a white ink without specifying; but check with your supplier to be certain.
Most print processes tend to rely on the material being printed on to provide the ‘white’ in any image. The only common time this isn’t always true is for such as t-shirt/fabric printing, where the underlying colour is not expected to be always white.

dnd 5e – What deities are common knowledge along the northern parts of the Sword Coast? (post-1480 DR)

Specifically between Neverwinter and Icewind Dale, which religions are common knowledge in the years following 1480 DR?

Common knowledge being that if a player character grew up in this area, they would realistically already know that that deity is a deity and maybe something about their religion.

Example: When asked, the average person in the region may say “Mystra is the deity of Magic” if Mystra and her religion are common knowledge.

javascript – Search by parts of Arabic word on JSON

I’ve just implemented a search box, so I can search on employee object by (name, part of the name, phone, email …).
Ex. if the name: Moamen Abdulraouf Mansour, I can search with ( moamen | moa | moamen mansour …).
The Idea I’ve followed is:

  • split some values from the object to be not included in the search.
  • convert each object of the array to one string,
  • then replace extra spaces and some special Arabic letters with another letter (آ أ إ => ا) and so on.
  • then convert the search text string to an array of words.
  • After that, going through each object and find if it includes all words on the search text
  • finally, return this object to be the result.

the JSON looks:

      "id": "0",
      "ORGANIZATION_NAME_LINK": "<a href='...' target='_blank' title='..'>....</a>",
      "ORGANIZATION_TYPE": "type",
      "pid": "99999",
      "DeptUrl": "MI0",
      "IsCreated": true,
      "ManImageUrl": "https://....jpg",
      "EMPLOYEECODE": "90000419",
      "EMP_NO_ERP": "90000419",
      "TITLE": "السيد",
      "USER_FULL_NAME": "employee name",
      "USER_POSITION_TITLE": "title",
      "USER_EMAIL": "",
      "SEX_CODE": "M",
      "USER_EXTENSION": "4999",
      "USER_MOBILE": "1234",
      "USER_HOME_PHONE": "1234"

and this is the JS:

let searchBtn = document.getElementById('searchBtn');
let myList = document.getElementById('myList');
let arr = ();
let searchKeyword;
var resultsSize = 5;

async function getUserAsync(keywords) {
  let response = await fetch('http://localhost:3000/users');
  let data = await response.json();
  return data;

searchBtn.addEventListener('keyup', (e) => {
  // get serach text, remove spaces from start and end and remove more than one space between, then convert to array of words
  searchKeyword =
    .replace(/s+/g, ' ')
    .replace(/(u0623|u0622|u0625)/g, 'ا')
    .replace(/(u0649)/g, 'ي')
    .replace(/(u0629)/g, 'ه')
    .split(' ');

  getUserAsync(searchKeyword).then((data) => {
    arr = data;

    if (searchKeyword(0).length > 2) {
      let filtered = arr.filter(function (el) {
        let {

        } = el;

        let elCompind = Object.values(rest)
          .replace(/s+/g, ' ')
          .replace(/(u0623|u0622|u0625)/g, 'ا')
          .replace(/(u0649)/g, 'ي')
          .replace(/(u0629)/g, 'ه');

        let checkAllWords = => {
          return elCompind.includes(item);

        return checkAllWords.includes(false) ? false : true;
      appendFiltered(filtered.slice(0, resultsSize));
    } else {

function appendFiltered(filteredArray) {
  // reset container HTML
  myList.innerHTML = '';

  filteredArray.forEach((element) => {
    // console.log(element);
    let node = document.createElement('div'); // Create a node

    node.innerHTML = `
    myList.appendChild(node); // Append to body

the code works well, but I believe this code can be improved.

sharepoint online – Are KPI List Web Parts still supported in SPO

We have migrated a SharePoint 2010 site that had KPI List webparts to SharePoint Online. I was sure these webpart are no longer supported. However, Sharegate migrated these webparts and we can see them.

Does anyone know if KPIListWebPart is still supported in SPO?

fbx – A building imported from blender is missing parts

First of all, I am so new to this, that I have only learned simple things, and I only want to make a scene that a player can log in using my django server and walk around. So, I created a simple building inside Blender that resembles my school’s building. (And yes, the building from the SIMS would look 1000 times better because all I have been using is cubes and loop cuts and extrudes)

enter image description here
I exported this building from blender as an FBX format. And then when I drag and drop it into the Unity, some of the parts are gone. Also, it’d be appreciated to know where to turn of that functionality where some walls go missing as soon as I go near just like in SIMS.
enter image description here

FEATURED August 2020 – Server Parts Pricing Report

This is the eighth installment of monthly server price reporting for 2020.

If you’ve been following along, we’ve been tracking changing p… | Read the rest of

Where and how to host laravel web application parts eg, database, files, on different servers with huge storage

I am sorry for the confusing title but I can not figure a suitable title for my problem, anyway

I want to know,

if I have a Laravel application Web-API/Web and I expect about 1 million users, and this site will enable users to upload videos and images so I may end with about 10 TB with media storage and about 10 GB of database

and when I search for hosting companies I found that most of the companies provide at maximum 250 Gb for web hosting

and a read a lot of article advice to host media images/videos on another server or for companies eg, Cloudinary, and also database

So my Question

how and where can I do that

what is the company that allows me to deploy this laravel app, where the database is in a different server from the website, also where can I find company provide this huge storage with the scalability

I know about aws and azure but still can not figure the entry point to get all theses works done.

I am very sorry if there is any miss explanation, but I just do my
best trying to explain what I mean


Laravel Project With

  • 10 Tb of video/images storage, needs to be available all the time
  • 1 Million users in the database, so about 10 Gb for the database, with an ability to backup
  • Very fast server for the Web-API, that will contact with android/ios application and WebSite
  • CDN
  • DDOS protection

where can I find that?

Thanks for your understanding.


I am an intermediate level web developer

have an idea but I am not an expert, so I can not do all the stuff from scratch

also, I have no enough money to invest in this idea or anything else,
but I need to start everything correctly,

so it will be very dangerous if my site goes out of storage because of my wrong choice to store media files in the webSite host server.

So I need your advice, I just want to sure that the server will scale as the project scale