windows – Can you shrink the volume of a bitlocker encrypted partition without decrypting?

I need to shrink the partition of my C: drive on Windows 10, but am having trouble. I think it could be because it’s encrypted with Bitlocker. Can I shrink the volume while it’s encrypted, or do I have to decrypt first?

And if so, how? I can’t shrink this partition at all and have tried multiple different things.

One of the main solutions that seems to fix it is using the AOMEI Partition Assistant, but it doesn’t even seem to be detecting that anything is even in the partition (when there is, of course)
enter image description here

I think the most likely cause is the pagefile. However, I can’t turn it off – it always just automatically switches to “system managed”

partition – VMware esxi host partedUtil sector bit and block size?

Alright, things i did are: studying and , and also googled some other information about the “partedUtil” in ESXi.

I encountered doubts when utilizing partedUtil commandlines to configure partitions in ESXi 7.0 host but I failed to find proper answer for my own doubts.

According to figure below,

enter image description here

can anyone please tell me what is the measuring unit(is it kb?) of 16987000 and 17092000? (i know they are the “sector start” and “sector end”, respectively.)

additionally, how do i know the measuring unit(mb?) of block size for specific partition(such as VMFS Datastore or Linux Swap, for example) when configuring with partedUtil in ESXi??

The last question is: do I need to multiply “block size” by “space I need” as the space(between start sector and end sector) for the partition I need? or maybe the space between start and end sector is quite simple to calculate which does not need to take “block size” into consideration?

thanks in advance!!

dual boot – Ubuntu deleting files on NTFS Partition automatically

I was cloning a repo but as shown as soon as it got cloned and i entered to open it in my ubuntu(20.04) it dissappeared, it has happened before once but i didn’t care as file was not important it only seems happens when i am cloning (yes only cloned repositories and couple of .mp4 got corrupted don’t know if videos are related to this) into my ntfs hdd which i share with windows (dual- boot) so i tried looking for it and i found my old folder that dissappeared in .trash-1000. but no sign of folder that got deleted today. Does it have something to do with partition being ntfs?
found more video file it has been deleting in found.000.

what is the best way to partition /tmp and /var/log in ubuntu 18.04?

Using aws ec2 ubuntu 18.04 OS.

  1. Need to perform CIS hardening task for file system where we need to partition /tmp /var/log /var directories and mount them to a separate file system partitions
  2. What is the best way to perform this?
  3. Things which i have explored along the way is:
  4. Add a new ebs volume to the existing instance on top of the root volume and perform fdsik on the new disk and create a partition and mount it.

Which is the best way to do: TO Partition the root volume or to add a new ebs volume and partition it?

rom flashing – Help with Nexus 6P bootloop: Couldn’t parse partition size ‘0x’ when trying to flash new image

I need help with my Huawei Nexus 6P.

Because of a bootloop, I was trying to flash a new boot image. I went to the Google download page for factory images and tried using the “flash-all.bat” file. I don’t know how to exactly explain this but, here is the full command prompt line from the flash-all batch file.

Note: It also says my device is corrupt while trying to go into recovery mode.

Writing 'bootloader'                               OKAY (  0.215s)
Finished. Total time: 0.405s
Rebooting into bootloader                          OKAY (  0.108s)
Finished. Total time: 0.113s
Sending 'radio' (48728 KB)                         OKAY (  1.511s)
Writing 'radio'                                    OKAY (  2.174s)
Finished. Total time: 3.741s
Rebooting into bootloader                          OKAY (  0.007s)
Finished. Total time: 0.009s
Bootloader Version...: angler-03.68
Baseband Version.....: angler-03.81
Serial Number........: 84B7N16109000032
extracting android-info.txt (0 MB) to RAM...
Checking 'product'                                 OKAY (  0.018s)
Checking 'version-bootloader'                      OKAY (  0.018s)
Checking 'version-baseband'                        OKAY (  0.018s)
extracting boot.img (12 MB) to disk... took 0.033s
archive does not contain 'boot.sig'
fastboot: error: Couldn't parse partition size '0x'.
Press any key to exit...

I don't know how to fix, please help :(

np complete – Set partition with an allowable difference

I have a variation of the partition problem, which is to partition the multiset S into two subsets S1, S2 such that the difference between the sum of elements in S1 and the sum of elements in S2 is smaller than K. I wonder if this is also a NP hard problem?

hard drive – Free space shown on Windows 10 (BOOTCAMP partition) does not correspond to the free space shown on Disk Utility

I’m not quite sure how this works, but yesterday I used Boot Camp Assistant to get Windows on my Mac. Somehow the space available on the C drive is 10 GB whilst in the Disk Utility it shows 18 GB of free space on it.

I checked with the space analyser in the wizard tool partition to see where all the space went to (I have partitioned 30 GB for the BOOTCAMP partition and haven’t done anything on Windows, yet I only have 10 GB left already), it does show that there is only 10 GB of free space, but I’m confused as to why Disk Utility is showing different data.

I’m a little anxious about this because my Mac has low storage space to begin with so I’m worried that I installed Windows and can’t use it.

Also, if anyone knows about methods to free up some space would be great help.

boot – how to delete a partition(sdb6) that is ordered before the root partition (sdb7)

Recently I has been struggling with updating from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 2.04, and I ended up installing a new os. now I have my old root partition as /dev/sdb6, and I formatted it, and I want to use it to extend the current root partition (/dev/sdb7). but it’s hard as it’s before the current root in order. Any help how can I do this ? enter image description here

macOS Boot camp disk partition stuck

When I click install, the task bar immediately fill up and stay like that forever.

iMac late 2013 / macOS Catalina 10.15.4

Boot camp

Disk utilities

diskutil list

linux – Extend LVM partition

I need to extend existing LVM mounted to /opt. I’ve created new volume sdb2 and mounted it to /opt, but disk space in df -h output still the same. What esle should I do?

lsblk output:

└─sda3                            8:3    0   399G  0 part
  ├─ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv       253:0    0    20G  0 lvm  /
  └─ubuntu--vg-lv--0            253:1    0   579G  0 lvm  /opt
sdb                               8:16   0   350G  0 disk
├─sdb1                            8:17   0   200G  0 part
│ └─ubuntu--vg-lv--0            253:1    0   579G  0 lvm  /opt
└─sdb2                            8:18   0   150G  0 part
  └─ubuntu----vg--lv----0-lvol0 253:2    0 136.7G  0 lvm  /opt