google drive – How to link a word to some part of my document?

Suppose in my Google Docs document I write the definition of a word.

5 pages later, I write that word. I want to be able to click in that word and the document take me back to the definition, written 5 pages before, just like Wikipedia does when you click in an element of the summary and it takes you down below to the description of that element.

Is that possible?

web part – How to force a cache refresh in SharePoint 2010

I am currently developing a web-part that generates a mega-menu for SharePoint 2010. The issue I am having is that when the user generates the menu, I have the web-part generate an HTML file and store it in SharePoint’s style directory. The problem I am facing is how do I force SharePoint to refresh it’s page cache to read the updated HTML file? I have no idea how to do this and my Google searches haven’t turned up anything useful.

I know that I can save the file directly to disk and have SharePoint’s cache monitor any modifications to the file and automatically update itself. However the problem with this solution is that we have multiple WFEs so the WFE that actually has the file written to it is the only server showing the updated menu.

Since this solution didn’t work for us, I thought writing the HTML file to the style directory would allow all WFE’s to see it. But I am stuck at how to force the cache to refresh itself after the is file updated. I know this is possible because if I modify the style sheet in the same directory, that automatically updates the look of the page on refresh.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

web part – SharePoint online upload webpart automatic deployment – ASP.NET MVC

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complexity theory – Buckets of Water Problem – Part 2

Continuing from this question:
The buckets of water problem

(All the definitions can be found there, so I will not repeat them).

As seen there by Yuval’s answer, the problem is NP-Hard.
I was attempting to prove its Completeness, and while doing so – I was suddenly not sure whether or not it belongs to NP.

Because the witness is most likely to be a series of actions (filling buickets etc..), and that might be too long.

Ofcourse, we can change the definition of the language, in such a way we will limit the number of actions to be polynomial or make it part of the input (with a slight adjustment to represent the number of actions in unary, so it won’t be log of the number’s value).

But, I find it interesting to ask if this is a must?

And if we do not change anything – Can we tell for sure it is not NP? That there is no better (polynomial) witness.

unity – Using Part of prefab as script parameter

I’m trying add a weapon to Eithan – the third person character. So I want to take his hand, which is part of the prefab Eithan (the weapon location) and use it in the my Player.cs script to Instantiate the weapon.
I created a parameter in the script for the hand: (SerializeField) GameObject weaponSocket; and I tried to Instantiate the weapon like this like this: Instantiate(weaponPrefab, weaponSocket.Transform);, but I just cant drag the hand to the parameter.

Anyone knows how to do this correctly?

Thank you!

Images: Player script:
Trying to drag the left hand to the parameter (indicated by red arrows):

plugins – How do I allow a user to purchase an expiring passcode to access part of my website, from my online store, similar to pay-per-view?

I am trying to add functionality to a website I am starting to create, which is a bit like a pay-per-view video channel, where a user (without registering) would go onto my online store and purchase a product, which in this case would be an automatically-generated passcode.

The user would receive the passcode via email and then use it to gain access to a specific (hidden/private) part of the website. The passcode would automatically expire a certain amount of time after it is first used, such as a few days.

I have done a bit of research and come across various membership plugins, such as MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro. However, these do not do what I require. I don’t want the user to create an online account; I simply want a passcode to be generated when paid for through the online store.

Is this possible? Could someone point me in the right direction for a plugin, or even a tutorial that explains how to do this? Thanks!

video – Is there any way to download only part of torrent movie?

I make little clips from series for English learners. It is from half to a minute long, but I have to download a whole episode to cut it.

Is there any way to download only part of the episode with torrent, for example, as soda player does during movie streaming?

Tried to dig around libtorrent, but didn’t find anything useful.
Thank you.

associations – 12.1.1 “Part” functionality having issues with Dataset

I made some large datasets of SEM micrograph images and metadata in 12.0 and they have been working no problem for several weeks. but now when I run the notebook in 12.1.1, it seems that it fails to define the Part of the dataset I need. I just reinstalled 12.0 and the problem is still happening now, so maybe I’m just an idiot.



windows 10 – Part of my ISP’s address is getting appending to my computer names

Today, I started having trouble reaching computers on my local network. For some reason when I try to ping those computers, it is appending part of my ISP’s address to the computer names, and then fails to ping them. I have a custom IP address range for my internal network (let’s pretend it’s 192.111.222.x) but when I try to ping a local computer I get this in response:

C:>ping Computer1
Pinging ( with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.

The has never been part of my setup, and I have never configured that. The IP address it is attempting to ping isn’t even on my network (doesn’t match my router or modem’s pattern).

The router is a Linksys and is set up almost exactly out of the box default, except the IP range difference and that the desktop has a static IP assigned in the router. When I do an ipconfig on my wired desktop, it says the ethernet adapter has Connection-specific DNS Suffix: My laptop (wireless) says the same thing, but it doesn’t have problems pinging to local computers (replies there say Pinging Computer1.local ( How did this change get on my desktop and how can I undo it?