sql injection – Can attack to a website from a parked subdomain with different hosts?

I have a website like maindomain.com that hosted on a different hosting like i want to add a subdomain from a different host like to my main domain which my address will be like subdomain.mainwebhost.com

If on Subdomain host i have a script with a security bug , Can attackers setup any kind of attacks against my data that hosted on my main host ?

automobiles – For how long can one leave one’s car parked in San Diego Old Town’s free parking lots?

Midavalo mentioned that there exist some free parking lots in Old Town in San Diego near the trolley that goes to San Ysidro border crossing. E.g. https://www.oldtownsandiegoguide.com/dayofthedead/parking2.html

Free and ample parking is available at the Caltrans parking lot at 4050 Taylor Street. It is free and open to the public all day both Saturday and Sunday and Monday after 5:00. It’s a great place to park, as the event begins just across the street!

https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60750-i41-k5242108-Free_Cheaper_Parking_in_Old_Town-San_Diego_California.html mentions other free parking spots.

For how long can one leave one’s car parked in such free parking lots? 24 hours, a few days/weeks/months?

security – Email mistakingly sent to a parked domain name, no bounce back

Instead of sending my email to the address with the intended domain name, I mistakingly sent an email with sensitive personal information to a parked domain name instead, that differs by only one letter. There was no bounce back. An online email verification website returned that the email server on the side of the parked domain is catch-all.

My question now: Will it be read by someone? What is the chance that a human-being would look at the email? I really appreciate your help.

google – After registration of the domain in Namecheap, is the default domain page parked bad for SEO?

Leaving a domain parked in the domain registry after registration will not affect your final classification in any way. Leaving a domain name with a default page in the domain registry is very common. Almost all domains are in this state for at least a short period of time. Many stay there for months or years.

Google does not want to index the site while it is parked in the domain registrar. Google says:

Parked domains

Parked domains are placeholder sites with little unique content, so Google does not usually include them in search results.

However, once you place your own content in that domain, Google will track it again and you will immediately notice that it is no longer parked. At that time, Google will index your content very well.

Googlebot has a special code to help you identify parked domains. You will choose not to index the domain while it is parked, but there are no penalties against the domain. You can get the range again at any point you choose to uncheck it.

[WTS] TheMothHost – from $ 0.75 per month in the cPanel Shared USA hosting

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The parked domain does not work as expected

I hope this is the correct way. I changed my reseller hosting recently.

One of the domains that I had parked in another domain for more than a decade when I was with my previous host. When I changed my hosting company, I also moved those two domains and parked with one another as before. With my former host, the parked domain worked as expected. The intention was for two domains to show the same content. With my old host, when I wrote the URL of the domain parked in the browser, the URL remained the same and the end user would have no idea that a primary domain exists.

With my new host, when I type the URL of the parked domain, the site loads well, but the URL changes from the parked domain to the main domain. This, for me, is behaving like a redirect and I do not want that. What am i missing here?

Any point in placing ads in a parked domain?

Can you make money with ads in a parked domain? If so, who offers it.

I do not seek to do enough to cover registration fees … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1756334&goto=newpost

Possible unfair price to register parked domain.

I would like to create a personal website in a .com domain. My first choice preference in terms of a domain is just my written name (it's not a very common name). Writing this URL in my browser, it took me to this parked domain:
enter the description of the image here

$ 895 seems a bit expensive for a .com domain with no particular relevance, except for the person with the personal name of this web domain. I am not up to date with the regular prices of the domains nowadays, or is this price really abusive?

If it is the latter, then is there any other way to obtain this domain that is not contacting the owner of this parked domain, or I should go to my second domain name preference (eg, Add my initial of the second name there , domain for what seems to lead to a more reassuring message "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED")?