macos: parental controls cannot be disabled for the admin user

I wanted to put parental controls on my computer before I knew that admin users can't have parental controls (now it makes sense to me). But somehow I managed to enable parental controls for my admin user, and it didn't give me any warning message.

I can tell that enabling parental controls really worked because some websites are blocked. This persists even after restarting my Mac.

Website blocked by parental control

Now I want to disable parental controls, but I can't do it. When I try to disable it in System Preferences, I get this error message (video):

You cannot enable parental controls for an administrator account. Create a new user account and then enable parental controls for the new account.

I am using a MacBook Air (13 inch, mid 2011) with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Parental controls – How to track screentime of Java applications with Catalina

I am using the screen time for Mac as a mechanism for parental control. Before updating, the screen time followed the use of a user, regardless of what they did. After the update, track individual applications.

The problem is that it seems that it is not tracking the time used for Java applications. For example, only the Minecraft launcher is crawled, but not the game itself.

Is there any way to enable screen time to track the use of Java applications or the total login time?

Is it possible to add Java or Finder to the list of applications at screen time?

How to connect two devices (Parental Control)

I have a parental control application project for my university and I don't know how to connect two devices. If there is any course that can help me in Java / Kotlin, tell me.

Thank you

Parental control software

Which one do you use to protect your children from harmful material on the network? How effective are such programs / applications in general?

mojave: unwanted activation of parental controls in network accounts

I am very confused about this problem and I don't know what to look for.

We are using MS Active Directory accounts in our MacBooks. Since last week, parental controls were activated on all network accounts, but when we turn it off, they come back on in a few hours.

Could it be that there is a group policy that applies to macOS devices that causes this problem?

Is there anything else I can look for?

5 best applications for parental control

It is increasingly important to know the applications that can help monitor and improve the parental control of the devices.

You must visit the site for the five best applications for parental control.…jores-aplicaciones-para-control-parental.html

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What is the best parental control software?

What is the best parental control software?

Do you use parental control applications to limit screen time?

I use them, parental control software is very useful in this case. They are useful for limiting the overall screen time in the case of very young and older children who can hear my explanation about the affect of the devices on their health, but anyway they often ignore them.
These programs and applications are very useful to protect children from various inappropriate content and some of them are also effective for teenagers. There are many of them like Norton Online Family, Qustodio, Family Shield, Refog Keylogger, Social Shield, Net Nanny, etc. and all of them are very useful for parents in case of monitoring their children activity gadgets and blocking resources with pornography, drugs and so on. These programs also often work in hidden mode and are very difficult to circumvent even for children with good technical skills.

Parental controls and iOS password

In iOS 12, with parental controls enabled, is there a way to bypass or bypass the system password (on the lock screen, not the password specifically for parental controls)? Parental controls seem a bit useless if the child can only block the device and prevent you from accessing it.

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