Parameterize numeric fields III [duplicate]

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Leave $ X $ Be an integral scheme. Leave $ f: X rightarrow mathrm {Spec} ( mathbb {Q}) $ be a locally separated finite-type map (not necessarily quasi-compact).

Can it happen that for every kind of isomorphism? $ F $ of finite extensions of $ mathbb {Q} $ There is at least one closed point whose residue field is in $ F $? What is the simplest such $ f $? Can it be of relative dimension 1?

SSIS: How to parameterize the connection string for a DTSX package at run time

I have a very simple dtsx package in which I created a package parameter called pSourceFilePath and set its connection string to a path on a local disk. "Parametricé" the connection string for the flat file connection manager and configure it to point to the parameter (pSourceFilePath). Everything works very well when I run it in Visual Studio.

But when I run it from an application c # Winforms (after implementing the SSIS package in SQL Server), I configure a package parameter with the path of the flat file that I want the package to use as data entry for processing. The problem is: the packet ALWAYS uses the value defined at the time of design in the flat file connection manager and not the value of the pSourceFilePath parameter that I dynamically configured in my C # program and I passed it.

How can I make the package use the value of the parameter?

This is using SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017 (Winforms application).