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Amazon Shopper Panel is an app from Amazon that pays you to submit receipts. This program is available for IOS and Android and is invitation-only. If you qualify for the program, you will be sent an invitation from Amazon. For now, you can download the app and put your name on the waitlist.

This program is only for US members and you need to sign in using your Amazon account.

There are two ways to earn on this app:

1] Submit receipts – If you submit 10 receipts a month, you will receive $10 from Amazon. That’s $1 per receipt, the highest out of all the receipt apps out there. The catch is you have to submit at least 10 receipts to get any credit.

2] Surveys – Every now and then, Amazon will send you a short survey regarding your shopping habits. Answer those surveys to earn $0.25+.

This app only pays in Amazon credits or charity choice. You’ll get $10 credited to your Amazon account or donated to a charity listed on the app. They pay $10 within 48 hours of the next month. That means if you earned $10 in January, you will receive your credits automatically between February 1st or 2nd.

Since this app is from Amazon, it is 100% legit and paying.

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@BMF – Please mark as LEGIT.

office 365 – Cannot save changes when creating Custom tiles for O365 App Launcher in admin panel

i have came a cross a problem which is very mystical to me. I have be trying to create custom titles of Dynamic365 shortcut link to all users on Office365 portal landing page. I have a link do Dynamic365, i have name, link to icon which is 60×60 .jpg and Description set, but for some reason i just cannot save changes, the button is just grayed out. Can some one tell me, what am i doing wrong here? This should not be this hard as soo you have all this values set so, this is so odd.

I have been trying to test it in other tenant i have, but same thing.

Ubuntu Mate 20.04 keyboard layout panel indicator missing

After upgrade to 20.04 and resetting the panel settings I can no longer see the keyboard layout indicator on the panel. Not sure about exact steps to reproduce it. I suppose, you can remove the “Indicator Applet Complete” and re-add it to the panel. The layout switching works fine.

Adding screenshot for reference:

enter image description here

[BS] Visitor progress panel | NulledTeam UnderGround

.this is an improved visitor panel, which displays the number of messages and reactions until the next promotion (admin.php?user-group-promotions/).

Note: For administrators and moderators, progress is always 100%.
Note 2: The widget is added here admin.php?widgets/

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[PB] Admin Control Panel Improvements

Admin submitted a new resource:

[PB] Admin Control Panel Improvements – Some improvements and tweaks for admin control panel

Some improvements and tweaks for admin control panel

  • Ajax-search field for:
    • Banned users
    • Banned emails
    • Banned IP addresses
    • Discouraged IP addresses
  • Display order sorting for:
    • Thread prefixes…

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What’s the best free control panel for a LAMP stack VPS server? | Forum Promotion

Control panel management | Proxies123.com

Control panel management
Netedge Technology is a leading technical support and server management company. We are running this business since more than 14 years. We have a great team of certified Systems Administrators who can take care of your servers from initial server setup to critical server and infrastructure management.

We have been managing control panels like Cpanel, Plesk, Directadmin, Plesk, Exim, website panel, dotnetpanel, webmin and more since more than 10 years.

Control Panel Server Management

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*Escalate tickets to concerned department if needed.

*24x7x365 Server Monitoring (Free)

*Within 2-4 hours response time guarantee for technical support tickets (Average response time is 30 mins)

*Software support and upgrades

*Server security and optimization

*Control panel installation and configuration

*Server backup and restoration

*Control panel server migration

*Communication with datacenter whenever required

*Free Website migration

*Free chat support software

*Free website security scanner (Speed Optimization, Free DNS, Malware and Bad Bot Protection)

*Free advertise on form website for 1 month

There are more services we are dealing with. Here is the list of it.

Server Management

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One Time Service

Software Development

Virtualization Management

VPS Server Management

VPS Node Management

Web Hosting Support

control Panel Management

Datacenter Management

IT Infrastructure Automation

Remote Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

NOC Management

Web Application Management

Mobile Application Management

IOT Application Management

Please feel free to contact us at

Email : sales@netedgetechnology.com

Website = https://www.netedgetechnology.com/

filters – How to hide/remove GhostKit component panel in gutenberg block inspector

Ok, nevermind, I found solution
I’ve tried removeFilter( 'editor.BlockEdit', 'ghostkit/sr/additional-attributes' ); but it was not working inside my plugin, but it worked in console, so then I found out, that I need to hook this to something, so this is working solution

addAction( 'plugins.pluginRegistered', 'kubiq/remove-ghostkit-animations', function( settings, name ){
    if( name == 'ghostkit' ){
        removeFilter( 'editor.BlockEdit', 'ghostkit/sr/additional-attributes' );

domain name system – DNS setup with CentOS7 Web Panel

I need a little bit of help. I have zero previous experience and this is my first VPS. I just got it up and running with CentOS7 running Apache. I installed a CentOS Web Panel using SSH and in that Panel, I set NS1 and NS2 that I’ve made in my domain panel. Everything is working and my site which I created in the home subfolder of my server is now accessible.

What currently troubles me is that when I enter ns1.domain.com or ns2.domain.com or hostname.domain.com in my Chrome address bar, it all leads to my root folder on the server, with an index list. I know I can hide this list with .htacccess but what I really want is that access to this folder is denied to everyone. I want that only my site in home/sitename/index_html is accessible with domain.com

I hope I’m not too confusing and that there is a solution to my problem.

Please help me out if you can.