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BurgersBucks is a new GPT site; our policy is to allow everyone to earn money whether they are from North America, Europe, Africa or Asia. That’s why we are the only GPT to provide you with more than 15 offer walls, which offer you:

• Answer surveys
• Watch videos
• Install applications
• And much more

To register, simply go to our Burgers Bucks site. You are automatically enrolled in a referral program with a 10% profit on your referral’s earnings.

To withdraw your earnings, you must reach the minimum balance of 2000 BBs equal to $10, exchange your BBs for cash and request a withdrawal.

Our main payment method is PayPal but other means will be available soon like cryptocurrencies and gift cards.

🎁 We have a unique program for Beer Money members, no minimum withdrawal amount, but we limit to one payment of $1 per day you can make other payment requests per day but this one will be treated like standard members. This program is limited in time and for a limited number of members. Please contact us on one of our supports mentioning that you are from BeerMoney to participate in this offer.

Coming soon

We have taken into consideration that people outside of countries such as the United States find it difficult to make money, so we are currently working on solutions where you can increase your earnings with:

• YouTube
• Twitter
• Twitch
• Cash Back
• Coupon
• And MORE

Finally, we are currently working on software that will allow you to earn several dollars a day automatically. Follow us to be informed of the launch of this project.

Do you have suggestions on payment methods, ideas to increase earnings or improvements to make? Do not hesitate to let us know; we are listening to you.

⚠⚠Read Carefully⚠⚠

For standard members we pay in NET30, for example, your payment requests between March 1st and 31st will be paid on April 30th. Why is that? Our partnership with some of the networks is recent, so they pay us in NET30 to reduce this delay we have to reach the objectives of the network. When we have reached them, we will be able to reduce payment delays. Exceptions will be made for earnings on some networks that pay us in NET7. For Beer Money members, the payment will be made every day for a maximum amount of $1 per day, if you make a request greater than $1 it will be carried over to NET30. Advice, you can make a daily withdrawal request of $1 and a request at the end of the month with the rest of your balance.

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Gana BTC en – GPT (Get Paid To)

Good to all, I hope you like it win free bts, I will leave you a link so that you can enter, you can earn good daily amounts of btc for your wallets, there are different ways to win, for free lotteries, for pts, for visits to other pages and much more, I hope you like it, happy day.


What Are The Best Paid Seo Tools In 2020?


What are the best paid SEO tools in 2020?

Hello friends,

What are the best paid SEO tools in 2020?

mining profitability – In the future, if I pay a coffee with a very low fee, will it ever be paid?

So this is the thing, I am just learning about feedrates and how the miners pick their transactions with higher fees, so they can get more money. But, what will happen in the future when people pay really small things in the daily basis and the fees are insignificant, does this mean that I would get my coffee but it will be never paid?

Paid advertisement to promote the website on Google

I have no experience in Google Ad, but I have seen at some point that when I search for a keyword on Google, it lists few websites on Google with Ad- prefixed instead of an old-style ad,

enter the image description here

Is this the same Google ad with a different format or some different type of ad to promote the website?

Previously we used to have sponsored also mentioned when ads appeared

Best host for forums [free or paid]

Post here first, and I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I don't mind paying for the service or a domain, I just can't seem … | Read the rest of

AdsClaimer – – GPT (Get paid)

AdsClaimer The | Similar site like Paidverts and PTCShare

I invested today $ 17 and I reached level 4 where I will earn $ 1.32 per day.

This is my deposit:

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How to win here:

==> You can invest and earn 154%, you will receive daily earnings at 18:00 server time on the paid ads page;

==> Bring referrals to earn 15% when they invest, and 7% of every daily profit they receive;

==> Click Extra Ad Points on the Additional Ad Points page, and once you have at least 1600 BAP you will start receiving daily earnings.

How to maximize your profits?

==> You can maximize your profits by investing more;

==> You can maximize your earnings when you bring more referrals.


What are Bonus Ad Points (BAP)?

Bonus Announcement Points (BAP) is a credit that allows you to receive daily earnings.

==> for example: – when you have 0 BAP you will not receive daily earnings;

=> you will start receiving daily earnings when you have at least 1600 BAP;

=> When you have 1600 BAP you will receive $ 0.12 of daily earnings;

=> For example, when you have 51000 BAP you will get $ 1.32 daily earnings;

=> and for 200000 BAP you will get between $ 4.9 a day.

conclusion – The more you have Ad Bonus Points (BAP), the more you will earn daily earnings.


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How they pay you:

==> Perfect money;

==> Bitcoin;

==> Payer.

How much is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount to withdraw is $ 5.

Please register here:


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Thank you.

Contest: $ 200, 7-day design contest (top 3 will be paid)

$ 120 for the winner
$ 50 for 2nd place
$ 30 for 3rd place

Brand Name is: GBR RUN
– Running in the UK inspired by British athletics, past and present.
– the flag of Great Britain

Essential Colors:
Red, white and blue, depending on the flag of Great Britain

– logo, which is suitable (or versions of) for black and white backgrounds.
– badge, suitable for running style shirts and vests
– a running t-shirt design

See sample photos for ideas and inspirations.
I will provide regular feedback.


What paid tools are good for search engine optimization?

Hello friends,

What paid tools are good for search engine optimization?