How many BTC were paid in total?

Is there a graph or some data points for the total BTC paid in fees?

I am also interested in the total BTC as% of the BTC issued at various times.

How to know KEI of the keywords that are used on the website?

Hi guys.

I want to know about KEI
and how can i use it?

Is it a payment tool or free tool?
suggestions require ..

Thank you


Configure openVpn as an interface instead of routing all paid vpn traffic

I have subscribed to a VPN provider that provides openVpn configuration files.

Now, instead of routing all traffic through this VPN, I would like to simply configure it as another interface where the software package that has the ability to use this interface (tun0) can send and receive packets

I understand what to add

--pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway

Stop adding default tables from the server side.

I'm stuck on what routes to add so that

curl --interface tun0

I get the IP VPN and

curl --interface eth0

Give my standard wan wan

Assuming this will allow programs to select which interface to use for their Internet connection.

Did anyone here promote their forums through paid ads? Google Ads? Facebook ads? Linked? The | Forum Promotion

I am trying to spread the word a bit in my marketing forum and I thought about asking here if anyone had any experience with paid promotion through "regular" means: Facebook, Google and linkedin ads. Any experience with this?

Paid – $ – You need moderators for the Facebook Group (Drumming) | Forum Promotion

You need moderators for the Facebook group. Send me an email or respond with salary offers.

The work is quite easy. Simply remove ads off topic and ban criminals before most members get angry.

Simply delete commercial publications and / or off topic.

Edited: 7/30/19

IP address – Avoid sharing accounts for paid membership online content

Here are some ways to catch those who share the account:

  1. MAC capture, IP address, login time when the user logs into the account
  2. Limit the number of sessions for a particular account / login. If this is a one-to-one service, limit the login to 1. Whenever the user tries to log in from a different device, force the session of the other device or show a notification to the original device that someone else has logged in and will disconnect.
  3. When you find that a new session is being registered, compare the IP range. If it falls from one county to another, it is likely to be shared. You can lock the account based on this trigger.

I would write something with reinforced learning to make changes over time and adapt to improve.

Notes: I would not recommend this if your users get frustrated with false positives. You will have to define your T&C based on the services and guidelines in advance.

Paid for your opinions !!!! – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Do you have an opinion, or many opinions?

Are you very opinion?

Then you get paid to share your opinion …

Send me a message for more information or copy and paste this link to your search engine …

Thank you!

TwitchFollowers – – GPT (Get Paid To)

TwitchFollowers is a Twitch exchange site similar to TwitchFollows.
They were released around September 2018.
Viewers are paid to follow and watch Twitch broadcasts, while Twitch broadcasts can buy followers and viewers.

Wrksz4P.jpg "class =" ipsImage "style =" height: auto; "data-src =" "src =" /interface/js/spacer.png "/></p>
	<strong>Winning options as a spectator</strong><br />Follow the Twitch channels: between 20-50 credits.<br />Visit to the Twitch channels: between 20-50 credits.<br />Watch Twitch transmissions: max. 10 minutes per transmission, every minute paying about 10 credits (Premium only).
	<strong>Premium Update ($ 9.99 once)</strong><br />Sign in to watch Twitch streams.<br />Earn credits instantly (don't wait 24 hours).<br />Stream View notifications (be the first to know by email when a Stream View Sponsorship is activated).<br />Receive a premium viewer badge.
	<strong>Reference program</strong><br />Both the sponsor and the person who joins a referral link will receive 1000 credits.
	<strong>Minimum payment</strong><br />20,000 credits = $ 20 through PayPal.
<p>	Link: TwitchFollowers
<p>        . (tagsToTranslate) paid to follow (t) twitchfollowers (t) twitchfollows</p>
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Paid to be a player

Start receiving payments to play video games!

Message for more information.