suspending paid VPS’s and unreachable.

ttps://””> suspending paid VPS’s and unreachable. | Web Hosting Talk
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  1. suspending paid VPS’s and unreachable.

    Does anyone have contact with them? I have had a bunch of paid vps’s suspended and can’t even log into my account to check.

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There are probably several ways to construct an answer to your question. Consider the following as one approach.

Paid invoices with an Open entry

=query({query({A2:C},"select Col1,Col2, Col3 where Col1 is not null and Col3 = 'Paid' order by Col1")},"select Col1, Col2, Col3 where Col1="&JOIN(" or Col1=",query({A3:C},"select Col1 where Col1 is not null and Col3 = 'Open' order by Col1"))&""&" label Col3 'Paid and Open' ")

Open invoices with no Paid entry

=query({query({A2:C},"select Col1,Col2, Col3 where Col1 is not null and Col3 = 'Open' order by Col1")},"select Col1, Col2, Col3 where Col1<>"&JOIN(" and Col1<>",query({A3:C},"select Col1 where Col1 is not null and Col3 = 'Paid' order by Col1"))&""&"")

Paid invoices with no Open entry

=query({query({A2:C},"select Col1,Col2, Col3 where Col1 is not null and Col3 = 'Paid' order by Col1")},"select Col1, Col2, Col3 where Col1<>"&JOIN(" and Col1<>",query({A3:C},"select Col1 where Col1 is not null and Col3 = 'Open' order by Col1"))&""&"")


  • each answer replies on a nested queries
  • the initial query includes where clause for the default Status value
  • the where clause in the second query relies on a JOIN function to include or exclude invoices with a given Status
  • the JOIN function uses a third query to provide the array results for the required Status.
  • the JOIN function also includes AND/OR that operates on the where clause


Credit: @benfromredant Using query to find the entries in one column which are not in the other

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