Why does Google Search Console’s “Core Web Vitals” say a subset of my pages are all good on Mobile and all bad on Desktop?

Google Search Console’s “Core Web Vitals” is showing these two graphs.

Notice that the number of “good” URLs in one graph exactly match the number of “bad” URLs in the other.
Each day always has the same number on each graph, so it’s not likely a random coincidence.

The reports provide only one example, and it is the same URL in both cases (https://rbutterworth.nfshost.com/Tables/compose/).
The page is static, with no scripts or forms.

The site has hundreds of other pages (all also static without forms), so what is so special about these reported pages that every one of them would be good in one context and bad in the other?

Graphs of Mobile and Desktop URLs, with the good in Mobile exactly matching the bad in Desktop

Create Child page landing pages with search function

Hello all Neewb here so please bear with me.

I am in need of a way to land child pages on a parent page.

Before you jump at me, here is the situation. I own a condiment company, I would like to have a section with recipes, as my landing page, with pictures and links to child pages of the recipes. It would also be helpful if this main landing page were searchable, and able to have a menu for people to search by food type, or condiment.

To anyones knowledge are there any solutions for what I am asking, or do I need to have something custom tailored for my site?

thanks in advance

Replication of information across multiple pages

I’m trying to redo my companies SharePoint online. I’m not sure how to word it so I’ll give an example:

I have a page with a name and phone number on it: ie Bob Smith 555-5555.

I want to embed or show that name and number on multiple different pages. Also if I were to change the initial page, like Bob got a new number, I change it on the initial page and it changes on all other pages. If you know Confluence, I would like something along the lines of the include page macro.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

7 – Select which assets and scripts should load on certain pages

This is to avoid loading other assets and scripts that are not needed for certain content types, pages, etc.

I have seen this in wordpress, there are performance plugins that allow you to selectively choose which scripts and assets to load.

I can’t find any module on Drupal that allows this, just wondering if any of you know about some, or what approach could we use to achieve this.

wordpress – Google initially ranks new pages for a keyword, but then reverts to ranking our home page

I have a WordPress site and every page we build under a specific keyword keeps getting exchanged for the homepage.

We manually add every page to Google Search Console and a couple of minutes later it’s there in the Google search results. Hurraaaa

Next day we check and the page has been exchanged for the homepage.

Has anyone had this issue before as I have tried all resources to fix to no avail.

I have changed different sitemaps to see if thats the problem.
I can’t optimise the results to each page to get the most benefit from the keyword.

admin – Order All Pages table in administration

In administration, in the “All Pages” section, each time I add a new page the table is refreshed order by page Title.
I reorder the table clicking on “Date” column to keep working on the last updated pages, but every refresh the order change again to Title.

I cannot find any plugin or way for WordPress to remember the last order selected. Is there any way to achive this?

TL;DR I want WordPress to remember the order of “All Pages” in the administration.

theme development – how to change footer quick links menus(Primary menu) for certain pages

Need to change Footer quick links menu and footer tagline for certain pages only

we have working on School site it have both higher secondary school pages and nursery school pages if we click the link and open higher secondary the page have different Primary menu and nursery link has separate Menus

Here i need footer quick menu wants to be separate and i used conditional Menu plugins to achieve Separate Menu for ABC Higher secondary and XYZ Nursery.but it won’t works on Footer Quick menu so i need solutions from you guys.!!

VA needed to edit html/wordpress pages

we are looking for someone with html and wordpress knowledge to edit pages on the site, we are looking for someone to edit the html format & images. Approx total pages 900.

Please send the details by pm.

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