seo – Can PageRank be returned to a relisted page that was previously delisted via 301 redirect?

If an old page on website A is replaced with a 301 redirect to another website such that the page on website A is delisted from Google (as desired) but the website owner decides afterwards that they actually prefer to keep the page on website A ranked, if they remove the 301 redirect and restore the old page on website A, does that page regain the PageRank it had before?

In other words, can the process be reversed without loss of PageRank? Does Google keep historical records of PageRank that can be re-activated when a page is re-listed?

pagerank – Is domain rank capable of passing more seo than category/page ranks?

Say we have two identical websites, one with backlinks and traffic on the homepage which has categories x y z and one with a category which includes the x y z categories. The navigation menu shows the subcategories under the category. Would the first case get more views? A SEO setup that I’m working on requires me to do something like the second case and I’m not entirely sure whether it’ll work or not.

Keep in mind I’m asking the view case for both the higher and lower categories in the hierarchy.

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graphs – Pagerank algorithm proof

Im looking to find the following proof of pagerank algorithm. I have look at many books but i havent found it.

Let pv be the pagerank vector, when the jump vector is the vector v, and let pi be the personalized pagerank vector for node (i.e., when the jump vector has all probability on the node i). Prove that p_{v} = sum_{i} v(i)p_{i}

seo – Four 301-redirects from “” to “” (am I losing my Google PageRank?)

Well, its been 2 years so urgent is relative, but yes, you want to fix this as each redirect is believed to come with a small loss of “google juice”.

Matt Cutts (a google official rep) talked about it being unlikely that Google will follow 4 or more redirects – although that was a while ago (see from about 2:45)

There are multiple ways to set up a redirect in Apache. The easiest one in your code might be – in the Apache config or .htaccess

  Redirect permanent /


seo – Four 301-redirects from ‘’ to ‘’ (am I losing my Google PageRank?)

Some years ago, I started my website with the main domain ‘’. However, the project ended up being a store under ‘’.

I obtained hundreds of links to ‘’, and today (after two years) I found that the redirection is not well-constructed, because there are four 301-redirects from ‘’ to ‘’.

I have two questions:

  1. Should I fix urgently this issue of “too many 301-redirects” in order not to loose my Google PageRank?
  2. Is there any quick Rewrite Rule for Apache 301-redirect from ‘’ to ‘’?

google – PageRank: will links pointing to pages protected by robots.txt still count?

There are three schools of thought on this.

a. Yes, page rank will pass to the robtos.txt blocked page, it will be lost, find a way not to do it.

b. No, It’s an internal link. The way Page Rank flows around a site prevents it being lost to pages that are banned by robots.txt.

c. John Mueller’s position(he has actually commented on this thread) that no it won’t impact you, but then he goes and muddies the waters saying you’d be better off working on your content instead. Since tech and content teams are able to work in parallel which he well knows, this reasoning is a strawman and not at all useful. It’s impossible to tell if he means the impact is so small, focus elsewhere, or that internal linking to pages blocked by robots txt has zero impact.

He has also gone on the public record saying most of what you read on this topic is dated, wrong etc…so who knows if what he said was true in the first place, or true now?

I don’t know which is right – so I

a. Assume A is correct. I benefit it its right, I cause no harm if it’s wrong.
b. I assume B is incorrect. I benefit if its wrong, cause no harm if its right.
c. I assume John is not going to give a straight answer that ultimately closes the subject. He has stated his opinion about where time might be best spent, but does not absolutely close the door on no benefit passing from stopping link to blocked by robots.txt pages.

So – I don’t link to pages blocked by robots.txt wherever possible.

Also not helpful as he talks about using this to stop duplicate content when its more often used to stop faceted content being indexed, a subset of the main content but not duplicate.

data mining – PageRank vector

I computed the PageRank vector for the example given in (where the picture shows that node B ends up with a score of 38.4, node C with 34.3, node D with 3.9). I implemented the PageRank algorithm, but my numbers are slightly different: 39.8 for node B, and 36.1 for node C, 3.5 for node D, etc). I was wondering if anyone could simulate and obtain the same results they have. My question is what algorithm was used to obtain their numbers.

My algorithm is as follows. Starting with the uniform distribution $r$, I did power iteration using the equation $r = Ar$, where $A = 0.85 M + 0.15 J$, $M$ is the transition matrix of the Web graph given in the example, and $J$ is the matrix whose every entry is $1/N$ ($N=11$ is the number of nodes).

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Do follow is an internet term whict is applied to pages on the web that are using that do-follow attribute. As apposed to the do-follow.No-follow means that a search engine such as google will not pass on the benfits of a certain type of hyperlink. 



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pagerank – Does rel=”nofollow” link helps in SEO

I use both dofollow and nofollow in my SEO campaign. Both have value but should be used differently. Let’s say I have a Facebook Fan Page with a keyword/phrase I want to rank for. There is no way that Facebook will help push my website up on the SERPs when it comes to Google juice. However, in a round about way it does! Facebook has a pagerank of 10 and is nofollow. So no juice. But if promoted correctly that Facebook Fan Page will drive traffic to your website because it will rank high in the SERPs.

It is not that hard to have a Facebook Fan Page rank well in the SERPs quickly. This means that you will have a presence on that page targeting your keywords. That presence will be reflected in more traffic. That traffic will help push your website/blog high in the SERPs.

On the other hand, you could create and develop a blog on which is a dofollow and has a pagerank of 9. If you build unique and interesting content on that blog with a link to your website you will get Google Juice from that link. As with the Facebook Fan Page mentioned above it is possible for your WordPress blog to grab one of the positions on the first page of the SERPs.

In essence, you may have 3 different properties pop up on the 1st page!

Many people do not understand how powerful blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr can be. If done correctly you can dominate the SERPs for your keyword. Note that some keywords are so competitive that it could take a long time.

In sum, both dofollow and nofollow have their own uses. Lastly you can have a dofollow pushing juice to either a nofollow or another dofollow property. One you place a nofollow into the mix the juice stops flowing from one property to another.