The newsletter was subscribed correctly The message is not displayed on the home page Magento2.3.0

It may depend on the design of your theme used for the home page.
Magento messages should appear on all pages according to this code.

vendor / magento / module-theme / view / frontend / layout / default.xml


But it may happen that your provider / theme encoder has removed the message block from the homepage design.
Make sure you don't have any code like this in your subject

Page not found – Game development stack exchange

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Call the selected shipping method and display it on a page

How can the selected shipping option be displayed on a page?

I think I need to use


But that doesn't work, can anyone help me?

How can I know how many people have their own page on Wikipedia?

I want to know how many people they have been famous (= they have their own Wikipedia page) since the beginning of time.

Is there any way to see all the articles in the same category? Maybe check all Wikipedia by category Real person?

Or is there a better way to get this information than Wikipedia?

Page speed: slow initial connection

Initial connections to my website are extremely slow (more than 100 seconds). How can I diagnose the problem?

By using the network tab of the Chrome development tool, I see that the problem is the "initial connection" and not things like SSL or Standby / TTFB.

This only happens for the First page visit to the website for a specific device; After the first page loads, everything on the website is very fast. This happens constantly for new devices, on the same device if I don't visit the website for X days, and on the same device if I clear the cache and browsing history.

The website is a Django application hosted using Google Cloud App Engine with 2 flexible instances.

User traffic to the website is low, so I doubt that the problem is load balancing or traffic peaks.

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javascript – How to load the content of an internal page into div?

I have the following code on a basic page in drupal 7

Test Title

Content of the above internal link should display here.

Then, when I click on "Test Nav", similar content that originates from the same site must be loaded into the div below.

Can anyone suggest a better way to do it please? Thank you

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php – Change header on a page in WordPress

I need to change the header image on a single page in WordPress. We are using the template ushuaia, a secondary theme of wpcasa. Just use a function.php page for everything. I have tried all the add-ons and none of them works for some reason. So I tried to directly code the change and added an argument & # 39; forsale-image & # 39; to the code You must go to the page & # 39; for sale & # 39; or & # 39; 8062 & # 39 ;. Can anyone comment on how this should be done? This is where the header image is created:

 add_filter( 'wpsight_custom_header_args', 'ushuaia_custom_header_args', 100 );

function ushuaia_custom_header_args( $args ) {

    $args('height')              = 490;
    $args('default-text-color')  = 'ffffff';
    $args('default-image')       = get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/images/header-image.png';
    $args('forsale-image')       = get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/images/LIV-SIR_BoR_Logo_600w.jpg';
    $args('wp-head-callback')    = 'ushuaia_header_style';

    return $args;


// gets included in the site header

function ushuaia_header_style() {
    $header_image = get_header_image(); 
    if( empty( $header_image ) )

How to create / cart page html twig file in drupal commerce drupal 8?

I am using the drupal commerce module in drupal8. And I want to create a branch file to change the design of the cart page. As if I wanted to divide this cart page into & # 39; col-sm-4 & # 39;
In three parts for this I don't get the file I need to create.

Detect when a page or popup is closed using jquery or javascript

Assign the window to a variable, where you can "listen" to events, in this case, onunload, although there is no certainty that the window was closed, because it also triggers when the user changes the page:

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