What is the landing page?

What is the landing page?

sharepoint online: web part Page viewer Displays an Excel file but not a graphic

I am using SharePoint online. On a Wiki page, I have added a Page View web part to embed an Excel file. I am using this web part instead of Excel Web Access because not all my users have Office 365.

I obtained the link for the Excel file of the "copy link" function of the document library and chose "People with existing access". Access should not be a problem since I am a global administrator anyway.

The page is loaded with the embedded Excel file, except that the chart is not loaded. Instead, I see this chart where the chart should be:

Graph shown when the graph is not loaded

Now this is where it gets weird: this was working a few days ago. Not only that, I have another wiki page that uses the same configuration that still works today. Both pages are using the same linked CSS.

In addition, both pages work fine in Firefox, but only one works in IE.

Ctrl + F5 makes no difference, clearing the IE browser cache and restarting makes no difference.

I assumed that the Excel file was the culprit, so I took the Excel file from the work page and copied it on the one that doesn't work. This also failed. I saw that the spreadsheet changed to the worksheet, but the chart was not yet loaded. This means that it is not the file.

I am using IE 11 (11.950.17134.0).

Any ideas or speculation are welcome. I'm totally lost

web applications: web technologies involved in the transmission of video on demand from the API of rest to the application of a single page

I am planning to build a website for my Physics teacher where I can upload your lectures as videos that students can play on demand. The web application will have a client server architecture with the Python Flask framework for the rest of the API and an Elm SPA as a client. As you can imagine, this API will have many CRUD functions regarding resources such as user accounts, payments, etc. However, my concern is the video on demand part. I have read about partial content that serves with HTTP 206, as well as numerous protocols such as RTSP, RTMP, HLS, DASH, etc. I want to know how the whole process works. So, after my teacher uploaded a video of a conference, should it be transcoded? If so, what format? (How do you determine that?) Also, which protocol is most appropriate for my use case to show the video to the client? Finally, when the SPA client receives the data, how does the application interpret it and reproduce it to the user without having received the complete file yet? I feel comfortable with CRUD, but this is quite overwhelming for me, since I am a newbie in the broadcast space. I need advice and help to get me on the right path. Any additional guidance and resources will be appreciated.

How to display the count of posts per month on the taxonomy page

Hello everyone, I want to show the type of personalized publication by taxonomy month on the archive page for the current year.
January 24
February 43
March 5th
6 of April
and etc.

php: Bootstrap alert message in the page header

I am using Bootstrap 4 Alerts for the "Invalid username or password" message, the message is appearing, but at the bottom of the page I need to scroll down a bit to see it.

I would like to insert Alert in the header of the page or at least in the login form.

The following is the code of the login page: