online sharepoint – How to customize the modern coulmn page "CanvasContent1"?

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Ecommerce – Hide and Show a Table (B2B Ecommerce Product Detail Page)

I have a B2B product detail page.

We have a multi-vendor market, so like Amazon, we have multiple vendors for one product.

What are the options and the advantages or disadvantages of each option?

  • Show them in a modal
  • Show them on a separate page
  • show a table about them on the details page
  • Show them in one of our tabs (as description / product downloads)
  • Show them as a collapsible part of the page (which opens when you click view providers)
    • deploy a side panel (desktop) that on the mobile occupies the full width of the screen (see the Amazon website, for example)
  • Any other option

enter the image description here

Layout – Does adjusting a grid too much from one page to another make my layout mediocre?

I'm definitely thinking about this too much (I might not be), but we only always hear how "consistency is important." Looking back now, that statement rejects anything exciting, after all, while consistency screams that you may know what you're doing, straightforwardly, and that they rarely guarantee success every day.

I have a & # 39; Work & # 39; page, which highlights key projects and a & # 39; Blog & # 39; page, which shows blog posts.

The problem is that both pages use a very different grid. You have a lot of white space; the other, too, is in a different direction.

My design is bad, is that why I wonder? Since a website grid makes your heart, does adjusting this primarily from one page to another make my design mediocre?


Work page, grid tight


Blog page

Google Analytics: how to combine page metrics after modifying the structure of a URL

So I changed my website URL structure for product pages from / products-services / xyz to / solutions / xyz and redirected old URLs to new ones. Note: The domain has not changed.

However, I did not realize in Google Analytics that the historical metrics of the pages / products-services would not compare with the new URL. This makes it impossible to compare performance month-to-month or year-to-year for specific product pages.

How can I tell Google to combine the metrics for these product pages? The only thing that changed was the URL structure to "solutions".

Magento 2 FPC Overrides Home Page, Specific Product Page, and Specific Category Cache in Observer

I need to create a watcher that overrides the home page cache, a specific product page, and a category specific cache when a trigger occurs. Can anyone help?

Thank you !

Operating Systems – NRU: Page Failed to Write?

I am trying to understand the concept of NRU from the following link. I have some trouble understanding the text below:

NRU page replacement algorithm

If the hardware does not have these bits, they can be simulated as
follow. When a process starts, all its page table entries
they are marked as not in memory. As soon as any page is referenced, a page
failure will occur. The operating system then sets the R bit (in its
internal tables), change the page table entry to point to the correct one
page, in READ ONLY mode, and restart the instruction. If the page
it is subsequently written in, another page fault will occur,
allowing the operating system to set the M bit and change the page
mode a READ WRITE.

I have bold the text. I have two problems: a page error occurs if the page is not in memory but the above text says that
(a) Does the page failure occur when modifying or writing the page? I can't understand that.
(b) I also don't understand the text, "allowing the operating system to set the M bit and change the page mode to READ / WRITE." What is meant by READ / WRITE? If we are setting the M bit, should it be just the WRITE mode? Why the text says READ / WRITE mode.
Someone please guide me.

Page not found


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errors – How to validate a password protected page

For some unknown reason to me (I am not the original developer). This custom WordPress site does not display the password protected login form … "This content is password protected! To view it, please enter your password below:".

The page shows that it is protected, but visitors can still see the entire page. I manage to use the code that works that activates the form and blocks access. The login works fine and the wrong password does not allow access to the page. This is good. It just doesn't show an error message.

Does anyone know how to display an error message or even a class so I can enter an error message when sending the wrong password?

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

// echo out all of the post content

Wild apricot easy home page design $ 20 paypal

Hi there,

I need a home page layout mockup at wildapricot dot com

I have attached what I am looking for.

I'd look to see design ideas.

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