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apt – Can I remove the unattended update package from my portable system?

As far as I can tell, I don't enable / use unattended updates on my portable system (kubuntu 18.04), but it seems that my system is checking it during shutdown.

Is there a reason why I even need this package on my system?

I selected it to remove it (without actually removing it) and it didn't include any other package to remove it automatically.

Emerald chat package please

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magento2 – Advanced js package: Magento 2

I have implemented the advanced js package in magento2 all right, but when I go to the payment and country change page, there is no change in the shipping method.

Then I debug the problem, the problem arises when we enable clustering, then I open the file require config js and debug the code packages / payment When I delete it completely, then it is working.

so i keep js in the package payment if i delete Magento_Checkout / js / checkout-loader It is working, but when I put it in, then it does not work, there are more than 25 js that create a problem, what should I do now?

           bundles: {"bundles/checkout":(

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regex – Install package – Battery overflow

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Installation: no package can be installed in R studio and R

I can't install any package in R studio. online or from a file downloaded on my system.
Online, it is a connectivity issue.
offline, this message shows "package installation‘ C: /Users/afset/Downloads/dplyr_0.8.3.tar.gz "had a non-zero exit status"

amazon web services – the mvn package for my Java AWS Lambda function cannot resolve the Lambdalogger class during compilation

When I run mvn package, Maven returns an error:

(ERROR)   /C:/git/java-project/src/main/java/example/,45) cannot find symbol
(ERROR)   symbol:   class Lambdalogger
(ERROR)   location: package
(ERROR)   /C:/git/java-project/src/main/java/example/,17) cannot find symbol
(ERROR)   symbol:   class Lambdalogger
(ERROR)   location: class example.Hello

This is my Java code for the AWS Lambda function (in

package example;


public class Hello {
public String myHandler(int myCount, Context context) {
    Lambdalogger logger = context.getLogger();
    logger.log("received : " + myCount);
    return String.valueOf(myCount);

So it seems that the Lambdalogger class cannot be solved, but why? But I have the following dependency listed in my pom.xml case file:


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