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    Emerald Package – Mind Piff Community | Forum Promotion

    Site URL: https://www.mindpiff.com
    Package: Emerald Package
    Total posts your site: 4,601
    Packager Preference: RedmondG, Alexander, or Lord Saru (if possible. since they aren’t already members)
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    Extra Notes: Site is mainly general discussion and has a very wide variety of topics to post about. Content is easy to find and easy to post in. Nothing will be a challenge when it comes to getting the posts. Politic section can be any type of conversation starter that would possibly spark a debate and doesn’t have to be something super educated or anything

    Thank you guys. If these 2 packagers are not available feel free to use someone else. I just know there’s a couple packagers already signed up which I wouldn’t mind but would prefer someone who is new to the site if possible.

    There is a bit over $250 FP in my account so that fits the bill quite fine.

    Also as an added note check the spam folder for the email confirmation link when signing up. It always get sent but sometimes goes to spam

    big data – Kafka source code on github and from the apache website is missing the “org.apache.kafka.common.message.” package?

    I tried downloading the source code of Kafka from Github as well as from Apache’s website. I found that both the sources were missing the “org.apache.kafka.common.message.” package. Can anybody kindly let me know why this might be the case.

    Kindly note that I had downloaded the source of “AK RELEASE 2.5.0” from Apache’s website. Similarly I used “trunk” branch from the current github repository for kafka.

    contexts – What is the correct to have package A use package B in its private section without making B visible to the user?

    V 12.1 on windows.

    I am loading pkg2, which in its Private section loads pkg1 in order to call one of its function.

    After using pkg2, I found that pkg1 is now visible and can be called without loading it.

    I thought the whole idea of loading a package from the private section of another package, is to keep it private and not to leak it to the top user level. Otherwise, why load it from private section in first place?

    I am using the layout based on this answer load-a-mathematica-package-from-within-a-package

    Here is MWE. First I have the two packages in same folder the main notebook for now to make it easier to test

    enter image description here

    Here is pkg2.m. This is the one I want to use,

        Print("Inside test() in pkg2");
    End(); (* `Private` *)

    I used Needs in the above. Get also works. It seems Needs found pkg1.m since it is in same folder as pkg2.m automatically without having to give full path. Notice that the caller sets the current directory to where the packages are, and I think this is why it worked without the full path. Mathematica seems to search current folder first.

    And here is pkg1.m

    Print("in pkg1  foo OK")
    End(); (* `Private` *)

    And here is main.nb, which loads pkg2.m. And once this package is loaded, then pkg1 becomes visible to the user as well, which is not what I want

    enter image description here

    Question is : What is the correct to have package A use package B in its private section without making B visible to the user?

    wordpress – Need a good online booking platform to handle nightly bookings and package reservations

    I need the best online booking platform for a lodge to take nightly reservations for their different lodging units, in addition to multi-day packages, as well as nightly dinners that they offer. They have a 16-guest capacity and 10 rooms. For instance, if there are already 10 people booked for one of the multi-day packages, they can only accept 6 additional guests for their nightly dinner option, since they can only handle 16 total people at a time. So somehow, all of their offerings need to take that overlap into account. Additionally, for each booking, we will need to take a non-refundable deposit of a set amount. The site is built on WordPress, and we’ve been trying to get away with the PluginHive Bookings plugin, but it’s really not ideal. If there is a modern and slick online booking service that charges a minimal monthly fee and can handle everything we need, as well as organization of all of the different bookings, that would be a huge help!! It can either embed onto a WordPress page, or be a link out to a separate booking page.

    Package Request

    Site URL: https://envyforums.net/
    Package: Garnet
    Total posts your site: 8 posts
    Packager Preference: N/A
    Preferred posting location: Anywhere but I’d prefer empty categories first if possible.
    Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No
    Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion on your site?: Yes
    Extra Notes: Member less than a month so I think the package is free :]

    anaconda – Build conda package from a local C++ program

    I am trying to build (and later upload) a conda package which would contain my custom program that I have developed in C++.
    Simplifying the problem, I have a following meta.yaml:

      name: CoolName
      version: "1.0.0"
      path: ./source
        - make

    and the following build.sh:


    I have two questions here:
    1) How and where should I copy the binary which is a result of the make compilation so that it is indeed recognized upon environment activation?
    2) How should I specify g++ as a dependancy? I would like to have this package be later available for ‘linux-64’ and ‘osx-64’… In the building process (in the Makefile) I am using only g++.

    How to add PPA source for this gcc-10 package?

    I know that to add a PPA, we use:

    add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name

    But for this package : gcc-10, what is user and ppa-name?

    I have tried:

    add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu/gcc-10
    add-apt-repository ppa:gcc-10
    add-apt-repository ppa:focal/gcc-10

    They all fails with:

    user or team does not exist.

    Obsidian Package – Obsidian for Life Is Too Sport | Forum Promotion

    Site URL: lifeistoo.sport.blog
    Package: Obsidian
    Total posts your site: 23
    Packager Preference: New people to the blog would be good, if possible.
    Preferred posting location: None
    Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: N/A
    Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion on your site?: Yes.
    Extra Notes: None.