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Linux: measure the latency / packet drop between the input and output interface of a speed limit transfer host

Somewhere between my sender and receiver, there is a host that explicitly limits my transfer speed.

I know it is a Linux host. The login interface for my traffic is eth0 and the output interface is eth1. The speed limiter is probably done somehow using Linux traffic control (tc), but I don't know the details.

From a previous offline comparison between pcap files recorded in eth0 Y eth1 interfaces I know the speed limiter adds significant packet latency (up to 15 seconds!) and packet loss (up to 16%), when I try carry out as much data as possible using iperf.

All traffic is TCP / IP. The source IP, destination IP, and destination port are known and constant. Only the source port switches between consecutive flows.

Given (root) access, is there a way to do a live measurement of packet latency and counters / drop rates? Or recorded in a file as time series data?

Canon: remove focus rectangle on M6 Mark II during clean HDMI output to Elgato Cam Link with autofocus enabled?

I have a Canon M6 Mark II camera, and recently bought an Elgato Cam Link so I can use it as a very high quality webcam during social distancing. I made it run pretty fast, however even with a "clean" HDMI output it still shows the auto focus rectangle regardless of the focus setting. I would prefer autofocus, but I can live with manual focus, but even when it's set to MF it still shows the rectangle.

I have tried the following (with result):

  • Change physical body change from AF to MF (remove AF rectangle from live view, but still appear on my PC)
  • Turn Movie Servo AF off in menu options (dim the AF rectangle in live view and Servo AF icon is not displayed)
  • Temporarily disable Movie Servo AF in live view (same as disable in menu except icon is still there)
  • The same as above but in FHD instead of 4K (no difference)

This is frustrating since nothing to show the AF rectangle is "clean" IMO. This use was not anticipated before buying the camera, since I have only made still images, I have not used any type of video before. If relevant, I am using the Canon 22mm EF-M lens.

I've seen a variety of recommendations online for cameras in the same family (M50, M100, M6 I) and not many specifically regarding the M6 ​​II. Either they claim that you can't remove the box, or switching to MF will remove it, neither of which seems to be the case unless there is some way to switch to MF that you haven't tried yet.

This is not very important to me, but I wanted to ask in case there really is a solution and for a clearer SEO than the group of outdated camera forums that I searched for trying to find a solution earlier.

mysql – expected output does not come for next trigger

USE test;



USE test$$

CREATE DEFINER =root@ @localhost TRIGGER test.new_table_AFTER_INSERT AFTER



DECLARE vOriginal_query VARCHAR(1024); 



SET vLAST_LO = @@ log_output;

SET vLAST_GL = IF (@@ general_log = 0, & # 39; OFF & # 39 ;, & # 39; ON & # 39;);

SET GLOBAL log_output = 'TABLE';

SET GLOBAL general_log = 'ON';

SELECT argument INTO vOriginal_query FROM mysql.general_log WHERE argument 

HOW & # 39; INSERT% & # 39; And the argument NOT LIKE & # 39;% NEW.% & # 39; And thread_id = CONNECTION_ID () ORDER

BY event_time DESC LIMIT 0.1;

INSERT INTO new_table_log(id,text,text2)VALUES(NEW.id,'INSERT',vOriginal_query);
SET GLOBAL log_output = vLAST_LO;
SET GLOBAL general_log = vLAST_GL;

END $$

this is the expected output but during execution; the third column shows NULL. and it happens please answer
mysql> SELECT * FROM test.new_table_log;

id text text2

1 INSERT INSERT INTO test.new_table (id, text, text2) VALUES (1, & # 39; Lel & # 39 ;, & # 39; TEST & # 39;)

computer architecture – CPI calculation from CacheGrind output

I am working on cachegrind for the first time as part of my university lab work. We have to calculate the IPC and the IPC for the matrix multiplication program.

This is my cachegrind output enter the image description here

Now to calculate the CPI, my first approach was:

CPI = Exec.Time / IC * time clock, but then I realized by looking at the cachegrind output that we cannot use this formula because they are clearly cache errors. The formula I'm using gives the ideal CPI if I'm not mistaken.

Then, to include the cache failure rate in my calculation, I thought of calculating the instruction failure cycles for the instruction cache and data cache and then adding them to the ideal CPI to get the effective CPI. But, to do this, we need the Miss penalty that was not given in the question. I am really surprised by this.

Can anyone guide me on how to achieve this CPI calculation? Thanks in advance.

Capture SFTP Output from CMD in C #

Hello everyone I need your help, I am trying to execute a sftp command on a cmd console invoked from c #, but I am unable to execute them for SFTP, nor am I able to capture the result of the execution.

Process cmd = new Process();
cmd.StartInfo.FileName = "cmd.exe";
cmd.StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = true;
cmd.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
cmd.StartInfo.RedirectStandardError = true;
cmd.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;
cmd.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;

cmd.StandardInput.WriteLine("C:\"Program Files (x86)"\ICW\Bin\sftp.exe -v 089000004278@");
cmd.StandardInput.WriteLine("lcd C:/apicifrado/CifradoSalida");
cmd.StandardInput.WriteLine("cd Inbound");
cmd.StandardInput.WriteLine("put tran040420200809_48419347.in"); 



This is my code, as I repeat, I cannot capture the output of the console and it does not continue executing the rest of the code, it is worth mentioning that I try to print it in a log file, Someone who can help me please. !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

javascript: I use vscode with the node, but it doesn't show my codes in js in the output, I use the runner tbm code

I decided to learn javascript in a course, so I downloaded the node and vscode, installed everything correctly, put the code in the broker, then when I run a simple code like console.log (& # 39; Hello, World & # 39;), no nothing appears in the output. the running node appears and etc., down there it should look like the message, n appears. what to do? please help me

Video: Can an HDMI device check the monitor output?

Let's say I have a monitor connected to devices via VGA and HDMI.

Is there a chance that the HDMI device, when my source source is VGA, check the current buffer being sent from VGA (in other words check the current video)?

I think a lot of factors are impossible from an HDMI input device (in addition to the lack of available functions; I did some research and found that HDMI queries stop at HDMI CEC, which only has packages to query monitor information), and the question It sounds very stupid to me and probably to you as well, but I have no experience with video interfaces and became paranoid about something.

code to display the referent on the page and output results

Hi there

Could someone help me with a simple php code to display http http on a page?

I know how to detect it, but I want to send the results to the page.


Show the referee, and if the referee is blank, show message: the referee is blank

I'll throw $ 5 to whoever can help me :]

Thank you

Moving PHP files to .TXT output

Is it theoretically possible to transform PHP files into plain text?

I can add the .txt after the server-side programming language extension, but if it's rendered in the wrong content type, is it possible for it to be converted to php data?