What is the procedure to organize photos?

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Lost and backup card

This crisis occurred because I did not make a backup copy of the SD card.

This is how I organize photos today …

  1. Create a directory based on the year on my external USB drive.
  2. Create subdirectories as; family, hobbies, boating, etc.
  3. Copy the photos from the SD card to the appropriate folders. For example, copy all the photos on a ship to z: / photos / 2019 / boating.
  4. Format the SD card
  5. Backup the external USB drive to an external USB backup drive for security
  6. Repeat the process for all my SD cards

This is a laborious process and I had to spend good money to rescue the SD card because I was in a hurry and did not make a backup.

What can I do to facilitate this so I can do it regularly?

In addition, much time is used to post process some of the photos I want to print

Organize N letters in k envelopes at least letters A in each envelope and a maximum of letters B in each envelope

Organize N letters in k envelopes at least letters A in each envelope and a maximum of letters B in each envelope.
Suggest a c ++ based solution

visual study: common methodology to organize the source / header / library / resources of C ++?

I am currently working on a C ++ project in Visual Studio and I cannot decide how I should organize my files. As of now, my file directory is similar to the following.

    -> game
    -> libraries // usually reserved for external libs
            ->include // header files
            ->lib // compiled .libs & .dlls

->visual studio
    -> // visual studio project stuff

I will be the first to admit that I have not thought too much about how everything should be organized. My philosophy for the "source" folder is to contain any source code or compiled libraries that will be included in my Visual Studio project. However, I could see this messy folder after a while. I also know that some people separate the header and source files into different directories, but this seems like additional folder browsing without much benefit.

I'm curious to know if there is any standard methodology for organizing Visual Studio projects. I would like to avoid the great refactor of the organization later.

Any way to organize dock icons in folders? Ubuntu 18.04

I wanted to see if anyone knows of a way to organize my applications in my dock into folders, something like how you can do it on an Android or iPhone.

Windows 10 – (Win10) How to alphabetically organize the main folder and hundreds of subfolders by date?

I have almost a thousand folders, in Win 10, for each of my clients' images, each folder named by the client's name. All these folders are in the same main folder.

I need to have this main folder organized alphabetically and in list mode, in order to easily find thousands of customers by name.

But I need the content within each of these thousands of folders to be sorted by the image of the date taken and in a large thumbnail view.

Is there an automated way to solve this? Maybe a script or batch file?

Thank you

uploads: do you organize media loaded in a folder structure based on permanent links?

WordPress seems to like to store files by year / month. This is good, but not good enough for busy websites with a lot of content. It will be much better for the folders to reflect exactly the same structure as the permanent links for them:


And so. Is it possible to do this with some simple custom function in functions.phpor through some complement?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Did you receive the invitation from Google Calendar but did not organize?

Every time my wife and I invite each other to an event we create, we always see the organizer above the guest, but this spam invitation does not have one.

How is this possible? Can i achieve this?

Google Calendar invitation: free attempt to impersonate iPhone.

query – Organize results – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I am trying to get a list of states (states) of a country (country) selected by the user. First I retrieve the list of countries, then I call the child, which are the states of that selected country. And everything works fine, but what happens is that I get them in the order Desc, and I don't know how to configure them ASC.

I have this code on a page, where if you select a country that has states, then the list is visible

so I have this other script

Followed by this function to make the selection list visible

The page ID (URL: & # 39; https: //example.com/? Page_id = 27348 & # 39;) shows the following code:

                'posts_per_page' => -1,
                'orderby' => 'title',
                'order' => 'asc',
                'paged' => $paged,
                'p' =>  $id,
        $wp_query->query( $args );  
        if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post();
           $child_posts = types_child_posts('estado'); if(count($child_posts) >= 1) { ?>      
              $row('estado') = $child->post_title;
              $output() = $row;

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Design patterns – tab menu + side panel – how to organize the menu and the "context menu"

I have a control panel, with a menu of tabs (tabs on the content) and a side panel with a vertical menu.

My question is: I would like to make a menu (tab or side panel) as a first level menu and the other menu for options within a specific context.

for example:

In my tabs I have three menus (users, analysis and categories). After that, I click on one of those, that is, users, then my left menu will show options related to users (manage, audit, etc.). I could also do the opposite, in the left menu, users, analysis and categories, and as soon as I click on the users, I get three tabs on my content (manage, audit, etc.).

So how to decide which model is better? What I was thinking as a decision point is which menu can have more elements, since too many tabs do not look good.

Any other advice or idea?

Looking for a manual to organize a web forum

Good morning everyone, first post on the site.

I am looking for a project and it has been years since I organized a small web forum. I am interested in hearing someone's comments about the following needs.

1. I need to register a domain name and set up a simple web forum (no stores, no server-side applications apart from the forum software);
2. I need a way to allow members to pay a small annual fee to gain access;
3. I don't need to generate revenue from the ads and would prefer that there be no ads;
4. Membership could grow to 30,000;
5. I am not sure of the storage space required for a forum where 99.9% of the uploads would be documents and perhaps images;
6. Do numbers 1-5 need a dedicated server?
7. If you need a dedicated server, what type would have the best combination of ease of administration and reliability?
8. I know that prices vary, but what kind of price would be considered "unreasonably high" for what I am asking?

As always, thanks in advance. "I am" reading the site in search of archived threads that are similar to the previous ones.