Why did the economy improve when Trump reversed or eliminated the regulations of the Obama era and executive orders?

Tell us specifically what regulations Reversed or Eliminated Trump and how they affected the economy.

Was it a reincorporation of the transgender military prohibition? I can not see how that would affect the economy.

And that? Do you have any vague ideas?


magento2 – Magento 2: How to filter orders by order items

You should think more as a class, space of names and functions, so what you like has to go inside a function, in one of its modules:

Also try to learn about ordercollectionfactory. Here is an example

_orderCollectionFactory = $ orderCollectionFactory;

parent :: __ construct ($ context, $ data);
$ this -> _ isScopePrivate = true;

Protected function _construct ()
parent :: _ construct ();
$ this -> _ orderCollectionFactory-> create () -> addAttributeToSelect (& # 39; * & # 39;)

Public function getmyorderdetails (array $ filters = [])
{$ orders = $ this-> orderCollectionFactory-> create ();
$ orderitem = $ orders-> addFieldToFilter ((& # 39; name & # 39 ;, $ filters);

$ ids = array ();
foreach ($ orderitem as $ item) {
$ ids[] = $ item-> getOrderId ();
$ orders-> addFieldToFilter ("entity_id", array ("in", $ ids));
returns $ this-> orderCollectionFactory;

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IP test?


Complex analysis – Holomorphic function with prescribed orders.

I want to investigate the ring $ R $ of holomorphic functions on a Riemann surface $ X $ From an algebraic point of view. A consideration about the valuations corresponding to the location after maximum ideals leads me to the following complex analytic Question:

Question: Can we prescribe integers and positive points in $ X $ So that some holomorphic function has orders (degrees) equal to the numbers prescribed in the given points? If so, how big can the set of all prescribed points be?

For example: Given different points $ p_1, …, p_n in X $ Y $ n_1, …, n_m in mathbb {N} $ we can find some $ f in R $ such that $ ord_ {p_i} (f) = n_i $ for all $ i in {1, …, m} $?

OR: Can we do this even for endless families of points, etc.?

I am not so familiar with complex analysis and, therefore, I do not have the opportunity to answer this question on my own. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Company – Management of sales orders

I'm looking for sample flows and screens for standard business applications used by customer service agents to search for existing orders and help with the questions or needs of the customer's order (such as verifying delivery and tracking, or changing an order).

I have not designed for that, and I have a quick change (as always!) Thanks for telling me everything you have!

How does Apple handle custom orders for iMac and MacBook?

Last week I asked for a custom. iMac and it was sent last Friday. the iMac It was sent from Cork, Ireland (I live in Germany) and was curious about how Apple manages custom constructions.
Instead of the default CPU, I chose another CPU.

Does Apple build the whole machine from scratch in Ireland or does it use a pre-built iMac and "simply" change the CPU?

Is there another factory in Ireland that handles all EU orders? (I always thought that Foxconn is its only manufacturer).

List of orders using Caml Query in a text field as a number in SP 2010

How can I sort a column where the type is text, but all stored values ​​are numeric,

I want to sort it down but considering the column as a numeric field without changing the column type

Thank you

search: SharePoint refinement filter shows one column and orders by another column

I have a refinement webpart on a search page with several refiners. The problem I have is that I have to sort the refinement filters according to another column or some other way of making a custom order.

For example,

  • Other
  • Region 1
  • Region 2
  • Region 3

I need "Other" to be at the bottom. Not ordered alphabetically. I have custom columns created in all the lists that define the custom order using numbers. But I can not figure out how to use that with refinement filters. I can only sort by name, account or number.

Thanks in advance.

magento2 – Question about the carrier codes for orders

I am writing an integration code to connect Magento to our ERP system. I need to pass the carrier code to our ERP order creation, but the order code does not match our internal carrier code.

I want to change the Magento operator codes to align them with our ERP codes to avoid having to do a search to convert the codes from one side to the other. I can not find out where these codes are stored on the Magneto side, and I can not find any documentation that explains how to manage these codes.

Example: (of magento order)

"shipping_description": "UPS – Next Day Air® UPS",

    "Shipping": {
"address": {
"address_type": "sending",
"city": "nowheresville",
"company": "foo",
"country_id": "US",
"customer_address_id": 84,
"email": "RandomGuy@fu-co.com",
"entity_id": 305,
"name": "Random",
"lastname": "Dude",
"parent_id": 187,
"zip code": "17602",
"region": "Pennsylvania",
"region_code": "PA",
"region_id": 51,
"Street": [
        "1313 mockingbird lane"
"telephone": "555-1212"
** "method": "ups_01", **

Here the method is set to ups_01

My hope was to be able to change the string "ups_01" to match our existing codes.

Can anyone provide any guidance on how / if this can be configured?

domain-controlled design: keep all the orders of the users in a single aggregate instance

I'm thinking of not keeping the orders of the users as separate instances of Aggregate, but combining them into a single UserOrders. Will such an approach have some flaws in terms of DDD? Along with the orders, it would keep the deliveries (which can be extended through the orders) and the payment information.

Probably there will not be many orders created by the user 1-4 per year.