ce – Update orders in Magento 1.9 updated

I have to upgrade a Magento 1.9.1 store to 1.9.4 to work with PHP 7.2.
What I did was clone the store on a temporary server and update everything there. The store now works fine, but the update took a few days and now there are some new customers and orders.

During the update, I also update some extensions to a new version.
My question is if I now only export the 1.9.1 database and import it to the 1.9.4 database, will this work smoothly and update itself or could there be some problems since the database was not updated when updating to 1.9.4? and new extensions were installed.
Would it make more sense to discover how to update customers and orders?

Thank you.

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How to automatically apply a 50% discount to the total order for all orders?

As a customer requirement, I need to automatically apply a 50% discount of the total order for all orders. This will be for all registered users. Is there any way to customize the rearrangement function to achieve this?

Delete status histories Get all Magento 2 API orders

How can I delete Order Fetch Rest API status histories?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

data structures: storage of $ K $ numbers with orders

Leave $ S $ be a set of $ k $ many numbers. The position of the number in the set. $ S $ matter on set $ S $ there is only $ j $ there are many different numbers there are means $ S $ contains many duplicates The position is a query that needed to be answered, position (i) returns the element in the position $ i $ in the set $ S $.

A trivial way to store them is to use a matrix that will take $ O (S) $ space and position can be resolved in $ O (1) $ hour.

I'm looking for a representation that I take $ O (j) $ space (or somewhere near it) and such a position can be resolved in $ O (1) $(even in more time is also fine)?

Please suggest some papers too.

magento2 – Magento B2B: how to charge a credit card for all users of the company when placing orders

Using M2.2.9 Enterprise Cloud: I am using the B2B module to allow company users to shop in a "private store" experience. I know that I can enable credit cards using the Braintree vault as a payment method stored for the user in each company, but I don't see any way that we store a single credit card for all company users to apply charges. I understand that this is probably not a standard feature due to PCI concerns, but our B2B customers want it, however, for convenience.

Is there any way for this to be enabled with the existing B2B module that I am missing?

set theory – Fundamental theorem of linear orders

Leave $ ( Omega, leq) $ Be a linear accounting order. Suppose that for every finite $ m in mathbb {N} $and all subsets $ S_1 $ Y $ S_2 $ from $ Omega $ of order $ m $, there is an automorphism order of $ ( Omega, leq) $ that sends $ S_1 $ to $ S_2 $.

Call the automorphism order group $ A $.

Is there a "fundamental theorem" for $ ( Omega, leq) $ in the spirit of the fundamental theorem of projective geometry, as follows:

  • Yes $ Omega_1 $ Y $ Omega_2 $ they are subsets of $ Omega $, order-isomorph through an order-isomorphism $ gamma $, then there is an order automorphism $ overline { gamma} $ in $ A $ that extends $ gamma $.

Of course, this statement is too general: at least there should be some restrictions on $ Omega_i $ – but I am looking for a "as general as possible" statement.

Second related question: what happens if we eliminate the accounting condition in $ Omega $ ?

Orders: Should pagination be restored when changing the order?

Take this paged data set as an example.

enter the description of the image here

The user can change the order, and changing the order does not affect the total number of results returned.

If the user changes the order, is there any common consensus on whether the page should be reset back to page 1 or remain in what the user is?

If a character throws Suggestion and instructs the target to obey his orders, what happens?

A PC issues Suggestion and gives the following order:

For the next fifteen minutes, do everything I tell you to do.

How should a DM judge this?