dnd 3.5e – Is there an official description of the appearance and culture of tribal orcs?

I play on a Neverwinter Nights persistent world module that uses the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules. I’m editing and updating the module’s features into a new document. The module allows players to pick different races. I want to add pictures of the various available races and a short blurb about each race’s culture to help players role-play.

However, I’m struggling to locate information on tribal orcs. I’d like to have a brief physical and cultural description of this race that’s drawn from official 3.5 material. Is such information available?

dnd 5e – Between the Wild Orcs Attacks trait and the Elven Accuracy racial feat, which is better?

The description of the Wild Attacks of the Half Orc trait says:

When you get a critical hit with a melee attack, you can roll
one of the weapon's damage dice once again and add it to the
Extra damage from critical strike.

The Elven Accuracy racial feat for elves and half-elves provides the following benefits (XGtE, p. 74):

  • Increase your Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma score by
    1, up to a maximum of 20.

  • Whenever you have an advantage on an attack roll using Dexterity,
    Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma, you can roll one of the dice again

In general or mathematically speaking, which of these is better?

If you need a context, let's say Fighter / Champion level 3 (critical in 19-20) and Fighter / Champion level 15 (critical in 18-20). Or let's say Fighter / Champion 15 and Warlock 5 with Hex on target (additional 1d6 per hit, which would be cast twice on a critical hit). Or any other similar effect that adds dice rolls on the hit that would then be cast twice on a critic. Let's say we are using a 2-handed weapon that deals 1d12 damage.

Let's also add the Great Weapon Fighting (Fighter 2) fighting style:

When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make with a
melee weapon you wield with both hands, you can go back to
die and must use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a 2. The
the weapon must have two-handed or versatile ownership for you to win
This benefit.

From my (basic) understanding, Elven's Precision feat would provide many more critical hits.

GWF and Savage Attack increase average damage, but I'm not quite sure how to calculate the two scenarios.

You would really enjoy a review similar to the one provided here: Does the Resilient (Con) feat or the War Caster feat further improve your chances of staying focused?

dnd 5e: Can semi orcs have a single orc grandfather?

Yes, this is given as a half orc kinship option in Xanathar's guide to everything

Chapter 1 of XGtE is about helping to discover the background and personality of his character, and includes a brief discussion about one's parents. Specifically, in the parent table half orc, suggests that a half orc character could be born from a human and an orc, a half orc and an orc, a half orc and a human, or even two half orcs.

I believe that in previous editions, some experts suggested that the half-orc features were quite durable, and the children of a half-orc tended to remain half-orcs, even if some generations withdrew from the original addition of orcs (or humans). However, his DM is free to decide how that genetics works in his world, and it is not discussed in any material he knows.

dnd 5e: Do elven media or half orcs count as human for the Ranger's Favorite Enemy class function?

It is not clear. Ask your DM.

The characteristic of the favorite enemy of the ranger says:

Choose a favorite type of enemy: (…) you can select two humanoid races
(how gnolls Y orcs)

No example of race is present within the Player manual, but both are present in the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual. And the half races are only present in the Player manual.

Which seems to suggest that the careers of players should not be considered. (Then there are no half races).

This presents 4 possibilities:

  • half races are included in humans
  • half races are included in their non-human lineage
  • Half races are included in both lineages
  • half races are not included at all

Personally, I would say that they be included in your non-human lineage (therefore, half elf with elf and half orc with orc), due to their statistics blocks (scores, size, speed, etc.), since their blocks are tilted more towards the nonhuman than the human.

Also, if you choose to use races from both monster lists and playable races, there are conflicts.

For example, in playable races (of the Dungeon Master's Guide), races such as Goblins and Hobgoblins are listed separately; but in the Monster Manual, all are listed under the Goblinoid race.

If you choose to only use the Dungeon Master's Guide Y Player manual races, end up being multiple omissions. (Gith, Quaggoth, Sahuagin, Changers, Thri-Keen, Yuan-Ti)

If you choose to use only races with monster statistics blocks, such as Monster Manual, there are still omissions. (Dragonborn, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Tiefling) (not counting the modules and subsequent books).

So it seems that there is no easy answer, because there is always something in conflict without DM intervention.

dnd 5e: Do elven media or half orcs count as human for the favored Enemy class function?

Half elf and half orc are races.

In D&D 5e, the general principle is that a rule says what it says, and nothing more. Everything else depends on the DM.

Favorite enemy ranger states:

Alternatively, you can select two humanoid races (as gnolls and orcs) as favorite enemies.

As half elf and half orc are humanoid races that appear in the Player manual, you can select them as favorite enemies.

There is nothing in the rules that explicitly states that half-elves count as human, or as elves, although they do have "goblin blood." Historically, in previous editions of the D&D rules, half-elves could count as elves for various purposes, as magical objects that only work for elves, etc. However, that would depend on the DM allowing it.

dnd 5e – How effective would a reward be for orcs?

The game is D & D 5e, the scenario is a homebrew campaign that I created. The players come from a small kingdom on the borders between humans, orcs and wooden elves.

I am running a campaign for my players where their kingdom was invaded by the orc raiders, and now they are reestablishing themselves and preparing to fight. Meanwhile, they have placed a reward in all the peoples of the earth who offer 2 pieces of gold per set of orc ears.

My question is, how can I determine how much of a drain this puts in your treasury, and what impact should it have on the orc armies?

I understand that you can not solve all my problems for me, but your advice will be very useful for me. Thanks in advance!