dnd 3.5e – What is the description and information for the Deep Orc race in 3.5 D&D?

I need a physical description and information on the Deep Orc race from 3.5 D&D.
Can someone give me information or direct me to a source that can help me?

I tried searching, but the problem is that it often leads me to the Orog which I am unsure if it’s the same as a Deep Orc because the sources lead me to Forgotten Realms pages. Forgotten Realms creatures are not the same. The elven subrace names and even the appearance of the various elf types varies as an example. Even when I search for images I’ll get the 5e orog or something from Pathfinder.

I need a physical description and information on the Tribal Orc race in 3.5 D&D

I need a physical description and information on the Tribal Orc race in 3.5 D&D. Can someone give me a basic explanation of the race or point me to a source I can read?

I need a physical description and information for the Deep Orc race in 3.5 D&D

I need a physical description and information on the Deep Orc race from 3.5 D&D.
Can someone give me information or direct me to a source that can help me?

dnd 5e – Can Silk Stop the Furious Orc? Or rather fragile structures provide less coverage?

The rules don't really define coverage at all.

In fact, the rules hardly define anything. But we can decipher a definition if you want.

In general, the cover rules tell you what type of cover it is and how to represent it in the game mechanics. "Walls, trees, creatures" are examples to illustrate what kinds of things we are talking about. The general category of "… other obstacles "implies that all of these are obstacles. An obstacle is something that obstructs, blocks a path, gets in the way.

The other important words here are "in combat" and "making a creature more difficult to harm." This tells us what property of obstacles allows them to act as cover (which makes a creature more difficult to damage) and context where that property should be considered ("combat", so the damage we are concerned with is being punched in the face or shot with arrows or something like that).

Putting this together, the cover is an obstacle that makes a creature more difficult to damage in combat.

So if you put a silk curtain between you and the Orc berserker with ax, will that make it harder for you to damage? Probably not, so you're not covered in that situation.

On the other hand, if a swarm of agitations is trying to hurt you, a silk curtain or even a sturdy net could keep them away.

to know – How do I swear on Goblin? Orc?

This answer is 100% SFW.

Although my groups (and I) generally don't swear, this it is A tool to convey meaning. To my knowledge, there is no official selection of such words for goblin or orc. This fandom site has Some words, it lacks those really good offensive grandmother profanity.

Swearing depends on culture! However, a surprising number of profanities revolve around religion, body parts, and reproduction.

In addition, various languages ​​can also make comparisons with animals as coarse words. (For example, calling someone a pig in English is insulting, but it's not enough for punches. However, calling a German pig is a good reason to hit yourself in the face.)

Your best method is to come up with your own phrases, perhaps only using direct translations. If you and your group are like most people, chances are you're translating most of the words into a language your group understands, so just translate or substitute equivalent words.

If you are not like most people, and you are developing orc / goblin in a real language, you will need to make your own rude words. Again, the use of religion, body parts, and reproduction should give you a solid starting point to get something really offensive.

Is half orc and half elf a possibility? NO PC without statistics involved

I am involved in a homemade beer where my DM has allowed me to play as a half orc and half elf combo. Inherently it has the statistics of only a half orc that simply has a slightly longer shelf life and some cosmetics of an elf, but that is completely irrelevant to my question.

I have begun to write extended background stories for some characters that I have interpreted for pure joy of writing, but I would like to keep things as accurate as possible for these stories. I understand that the genes of an orc dominate in the child, so it is simply considered an orc medium for PC creation. However, this is just a story that I am writing out of the game.

People have simply told me to go back to the 1e monster manual (which I don't have) to see that orcs and elves can't mate, but I wonder if this is just to prevent PCs from being manufactured as such.

In tradition, can a male orc permeate a female elf, or is there any genetic reason that an elf simply cannot give birth to an orc's son?

Again, I don't need anyone to tell me that, as a PC, this is not a thing. I just want to understand the knowledge of these races as such.

dnd 5e: Can semi orcs have a single orc grandfather?

Yes, this is given as a half orc kinship option in Xanathar's guide to everything

Chapter 1 of XGtE is about helping to discover the background and personality of his character, and includes a brief discussion about one's parents. Specifically, in the parent table half orc, suggests that a half orc character could be born from a human and an orc, a half orc and an orc, a half orc and a human, or even two half orcs.

I believe that in previous editions, some experts suggested that the half-orc features were quite durable, and the children of a half-orc tended to remain half-orcs, even if some generations withdrew from the original addition of orcs (or humans). However, his DM is free to decide how that genetics works in his world, and it is not discussed in any material he knows.

dnd 5e – As a barbarian half orc, is it worth it to submerge some levels in the fighter class?

TL; DR: as a Grandmaster of weaponsHalf barbarian orc, is it worth taking 3-4 (or more) fighter levels to do more damage?

I'm going to play a half-orc barbarian in a D&D 5E pure PHB campaign that will start soon, starting from level 1. I have decided that I will use the Grandmaster of weapons feat, building a great ax (d12).

An average orc barbarian can be a critical hit power, thanks to Wild attacks With Brutal criticism. However, apart from the advantage in attack rolls granted by Reckless attack, there is no way to increase the probability above ~ 10%. This seems a bit unsatisfactory.

I've thought about raising some levels of the Fighter class, maybe after reaching level 5 with the Barbarian, to win Extra attack First. With three levels, choosing the Great gun fighter fighting style and the Champion archetype, I can increase the average damage production and the critical probability (the latter by about + 5%, as far as I understand the mathematics), while getting Surge of action.

This looks great but, of course, slows the road to more Brutal criticism dice and more uses of anger and harm. Also, assuming that I will reach level 20 (17 Barbarian / 3 Fighter) in the campaign, I will not get the last ASI Barbarian (at level 19) and Primal Champion, which means that, at least, I will not gain +2 to the attack and damage rolls awarded by reaching 24 Strength and +2 AC granted by the increase in the Constitution, thanks to Unarmored defense. It could take another level of Fighter (16/4) to compensate for the ASI, but that would also mean one less Brutal criticism dice (since the Barbarian wins the last at level 17), which is against the purpose of such a critical construction oriented to the coup.

I can't decide whether to follow this path or just go for the Barbarian. Maybe I didn't even correctly calculate the increase in average damage production and critical probability, since I really don't know the math.

Will being pure barbarian or one of the multi-class options will result in greater damage?

If you have a different combination of classes to achieve the best damage production, indicate it.

Techniques of gm – What is the origin of the phrase & # 39; orc and pie & # 39 ;?

It seems that it was done as an adventure example that is as short as possible, although it is still a true adventure hook, but it is no longer available on its website.

The synopsis is basically:

There is an orc, he has a cake, the adventurers are hungry.

It has everything an adventure needs: an adversity, a McGuffin that the players need and a reason to get it.

Somehow this caught on and more people started using "Orc & Pie" as a phrase to mean "extremely simplistic adventure".