Windows: how to restore the second operating system option on a dual-boot PC

Windows XP and Windows 7 were installed on a PC. There was a standard option to select one to load. After an attempt to install another Windows XP on an external drive (which was performed from current Windows XP), the system became a disaster.

1) No selection of operating system. The option to load Windows 7 disappeared and now there is no operating system menu, the old XP is loaded without an option. I need to restore the boot menu to be able to choose Windows 7.

2) You cannot run as administrator. In the old XP I can't get administrator rights to fix the boot menu. Although I am the owner, I cannot use any administrator account to run cmd as administrator, administrator accounts do not have passwords that are required to run as administrator. The articles do not tell me what to do in the exact situation. All this seems like a disaster. I just need steps to fix it.

3) Apart from the missing Windows 7, the new XP does not continue the installation in HDD. The new Windows XP installed on the external HDD does not load to continue the installation. When the time comes to load the new XP installation from HDD, it shows a black screen and that's it. HDD keeps reading something and that's it.

Add a script as an option for "Default Mail Manager"

I have a script that I have written that I would like to use every time I click on a mailto link :. Which means I need to select it as the default mail driver in my default applications.

But how do I register a mailto handler to be able to select it in the default applications?

usb: Lenovo 330 only have the option to start from Intel

I bought the laptop yesterday. Ideapad 330s. BIOS version 8LCN18WW. Partitioning, made new volume, UEFI reboot, secure boot disabled, boot from USB drive, shows Intel as the only option to start. The same goes for restarting and touching fn f12, which shows the same. There is no Lenovo to choose from. I even disabled UEFI to enter legacy mode. Nothing. Repeated, restarted the laptop more than 50x. I went to change USB to HDD with Ubuntu on it, it doesn't work. Please help. Thank you

The database migration wizard for Unicode by Oracle does not respond after using the programming column option

I published this problem in Oracle Community, but I would like to post it here to have more opinions on this topic.


  • I have a problem with DMU 19.1, which is the DMU application
    not responding (frozen or locked) after cleaning the data using
    program the problem column (the problem exceeds the limit of the column). That
    It happens frequently and every time this happens, I have to use the homework
    manager to finalize the DMU application.

Here is my summary of the configuration:

  • The DMU is installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 client machine
    which connects to Oracle Database Server The host of
    The database server is the Linux base. The JDK that DMU is currently
    using is JDK 1.8.0_231 The DMU installed all the packages that
    requires the DMU document, including the creation of a separate table space
    for DMU repository. The DMU will be used to convert the character.
    configured for a database with a size larger than 1.5 TB of storage. I
    I was able to scan the entire database and now I am cleaning data
    step, and this problem happened.

Looking at the record, I could find the cause. Due to privacy, I could not copy the entire record here. Instead, I will try to write down the registration problem as much as I can. Here is the log message:

  • Principal; S; 05001 Stack of exception calls in
    Java.lang.ArrayIndexOutofBounds Exception -2 in
    Java.Util.ArrayList.elementData (ArrayList.Java: 422) in
    Java.Util.ArrayList.get (ArrayList.Java: 435) in
    (defaultCachePage.Java: 96) in
    (defaultDataProvider.Java: 262) in
    (cleansingDataGridModel.Java: 1218) …
  • The rest of the record were exceptions thrown from Java.wing and
    java.awt. For example. J Component. Java 5158, 1065, 889 or
    Javax.swing.bufferStrategyPaintManager 290 and so on.

My attempt:

  • I think I can try to find some solutions if I read the ide.conf o
    , but I couldn't find much about this information or any
    Documents on this subject.

Please let me know what I should do or what I should analyze this problem.


Khang Mai

sharepoint online: give site members the "Stop sharing" option

I am trying to set up a database for scientific reports, which will only be used by the project managers who prepare those reports.

Since some projects involve confidentiality issues, I would like to give users the option to "Stop sharing" (under "Manage access", for a selected file) a file that they upload, without making them the owners of the site, ideally. The only way I found that this option was available to them is to make them owners, but there are other things they shouldn't play with, so I would like to avoid that solution.

The reason for this is that the database I am building allows project managers to view past projects and search for them, and sometimes they will need to find their own reports, or share them with only one or two colleagues; Other project managers, in the case of confidential projects, should not be able to find them.

Does anyone have something to suggest here?

database – $ wpdb-> insert does not work for the last selection option

After reading posts with similar problems with $ wpdb-> insert, I can't find the right solution for my problem. I have a template page where I send (via POST) the data to another template page to add rows to a custom table in the WordPress database.
One of the values ​​comes from a selection, which is received and processed unless it is not the last option of the selection. So strange, I have enabled wpdb-> show_Errors () and when the last option is selected, it shows: WordPress database error: ()
This only happens when I choose the last option of my selection, I made it work by adding an additional option in the last place and hiding it, but it is not an adequate solution. Here is my code, and thanks in advance.
PS: As you can see, I echo some variables to see what is happening and the results are what I wrote before. THANKS.

Code on page 1:

Code on page 2:

if( isset($_POST('pagoNombre') )  && isset($_POST('pagoTipo'))  && isset($_POST('pagoMonto')) ){  

    global $wpdb;


    $result = $wpdb->insert('pagos', array(
        "nombre" => $nombre, 
        "tipo" => $tipo, 
        "monto" => $monto), 
    array("%d","%s", "%s", "%d"));

    echo "
Error:".$wpdb->print_error(); echo "
Result:".$result; echo "
Last Error:".$wpdb->last_error; echo "
Var_DUMP:".var_dump($result); echo "
"; } else{ echo ("No llegan los datos !!!"); }