best option to load test with fixed ip using jmeter and azure

Azure devops offers a great service to allow you to run a simple jmeter script (no custom samplers though, and only supports 3.2), with one click. however, this wont work for us, as the site we want to load test can only be seen with whitelisted IPs.

Azure does have support for setting up “Load test rig in a specific VNet for testing private apps” but this is far more complicated than we could get to work.

The option we could get to work was to create 4 large linux server, manually install jmeter SW on each, give each a fixed IP, then run our tests completely manually. However, we only test a few hours a week, so its expensive to have the server on the whole time. If we switch them off, they lose the IP, and we have to manually rebuild them each time.

We tried the subnet route. you can easily create a vlan with a subnet, and put the VMs in it. but then the problem is how to get this subnet to have an external IP/Gateway to “see” the outside world, and to allow me to SSH into each box to administer them. I tried setting up a firewall on the VLAN, but the firewall requires you setup a new subnet – you cant specify the subnet which your machines are in, which is a bit of a show stopper for non-networking gurus.

Perhaps another way is to put say 4 servers on the subnet, setup one to have a public static IP, set this as the default gateway for the other 3 servers, then at least if we keep the gateway server alive, we will keep the ip and network, even if we temporarily shut down the other 3 servers.

We are used to linode. If this was linode, we would createa stackscript (which is similar to a bash script run on vm creation but with parameters etc) to setup the server, security, networking and install vmware and users certificates. Whats the best way to do this on Azure? I.e. take some of the work out of creating jmeter servers? If this were AWS, I would see if there was a decent machine image of ubuntu with jmeter on it, but searching Azure marketplace, there is only some service by pnop which is paid for in addition to the cost of the VMs. No jmeter builds.

Note, we cannot us any service outside of Azure – our organisation will not purchase of any service other than those offered by Azure – so blazemeter etc. is out.

database – How to fix Uploaded to this post option to see group of images uploaded to a post in WordPress?

I’m transferring a site using the WordPress importer and Exporter settings. First, I downloaded the Posts content and the Media content, so I have two xml files.
After importing in the new site, I noticed that inside a posts, in the Add media section, when I select the “Uploaded to this post” option no images are listed. The media library shows all the images, and add media I’m also to see all the images.

Does anyone know what database content I need transfer to see the group of images uploaded to a particular post using the “Uploaded to this post” option?


Webform select default option theming as placeholder

I have webform with a select field. The select field doesn’t have a placeholder option and by default show the first option from the select list.
I can’t understand how can I theme this first value as well as other placeholders in that webform.
Placeholders have grey color, input text should be black.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Please help!

Drupal 7.

javascript – PWA for Magento2 – best option now?

We would like to develop a PWA storefront with Nuxt.js. Vue Storefront for Magento 2 doesn’t utilize Nuxt.js and it will be many months (or longer) before Vue Storefront Next (the version built with Nuxt.js) supports Magento.

Some options we have seen include:

VueFront looks interesting, but it appears to be a much smaller project than Vue Storefont. Any thoughts on it?

Are there other Nuxt.js options we should consider?

BTW, our store is very non-standard. We cannot use Vue Storefront without heavy customization.

What is our best path for developing a Magento PWA frontend in Nuxt.js at this time? Our timeline dictates that we have to start development now.

Magento 2 product edit page featured product option value No set

I am a beginner in magento 2 , i would like to add featured product value "No" in product edit page through programmically

Display only 1 comment and then option to show more

I want to display only 1 comment and then have an option to “show more” to show the rest of the comments.

The story behind this is that I’ve on the homepage a feed with cards for blog posts and I added the comments section to this post card, so when the post has many comments they are all shown and it makes the post card look bad and the homepage too long.

I tried lazy load comments plugin but it just implement the lazy loading of the comments either on click or on scroll but still, when the comments are loaded they are shown all.


How mark lines between two strings using regular expressions option in Notepad ++?

I am trying simply mark and replace all the lines in in Notepad++ file enclosed by two words e.g. DoorA & DoorB?

Thanks and appreciate your support in advance,

Remove headings option from Wysiwyg editor from ACF in a certain custom post type

I want to remove the headings options from Wysiwyg in a custom field that is set ix certain custom post type. Is there a way to archive it?

links – I am creating an online shop, how do I add a sort by option where it displays newest, low to high, high to low

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wi fi – How do I preserve the IPv4 option in APN?

At home, I’m using IPv4 DNS servers, which causes problems with a new Android 10 device. With the default options, the browser and most applications which need to access the Internet just hang for about half a minute, and only then proceed with the request.

I found that I have to set APN protocol option to IPv4 in order to solve this issue. Indeed, when I set it, there are no delays any longer.

However, the phone resets the option regularly, switching back to IPv6. Essentially, I have to manually set it back to IPv4 several times per day.

Is there a way to preserve this option?