ios – Are Firebase Analytics events uploaded after opt out?

Using Firebase Analytics on iOS with swift I wonder how firebase handles the following case:

The app has per default firebase analytics enabled to track the install event. After that, which is immediately after app started, I want to disable firebase analytics. Considering that the event has been tracked, this event is batched first for some time before it gets uploaded. The question is, will this event be uploaded despite the fact that firebase analytics is now disabled, because this event has been tracked before the framework has been disabled?

load time – Opt out of performance monitoring on site hosted by GoDaddy

I have a website that is being hosted by GoDaddy. When I check at the browser’s console for issues, I saw an error:

DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

I don’t remember any script or CDN resource from So I check the page source of my website and I saw an injected script below before the html closing tag, which contains this script:

    'undefined'=== typeof _trfq || (window._trfq = ());'undefined'=== typeof _trfd &&


    // Monitoring performance to make your website faster. If you want to opt-out, please contact web hosting support.

So I thought of removing it by myself, but when I check my code, it wasn’t there. So I took the advice of the comment from the injected script, to contact my web hosting provider, which is GoDaddy. Unfortunately, they still haven’t responded.

So I took matters into my own hand, and saw other people from the internet having the same issue and they found a solution, also here:

  • Login to your GoDaddy account
  • Go to My Products
  • Click Manage All under Web Hosting
  • Right beside cPanel Admin button is Three Dots
  • Click the Three Dots and choose Help Us
  • Choose Opt Out

This is the case for the old UI of GoDaddy, but now in 2020, I cannot locate this configuration. I hope to find an answer for this same issue using the new UI of GoDaddy.

prove: max (w(E), w(E)) is a 1/2 approximation to the value OPT

I don’t know the definition of $1/2$-approximation algorithm, but it looks like what you will need to do is the following argument:

For an enumeration $sigma:Vto{1,2,…,n}$ of the vertices, let, for each input graph $G=(V,E)$, the output of the algorithm be $A_sigma(G)=max(w(overrightarrow{E}),w(overleftarrow{E}))$.

We have that $OPT(G)leq w(E)$.

On the other hand,
&= frac{w(E)}{2}

The last equation is because $overrightarrow{E},overleftarrow{E}$ is a partition of $E$.

Putting these two inequalities together we get $$OPT(G)leq w(E)leq 2A_sigma(G)$$

Therefore $$frac{A_sigma(G)}{OPT(G)}geq frac{1}{2}$$

Unsubscribe / opt out from medium stats update emails?

There are many options for managing email notifications on the medium website. I still get a (weekly) update email on “stats”, which I do not want, but which I can’t see how to opt out of. How do opt out of this email, without resorting to turning ‘All email’ off?

enter image description here

Here are some examples of the emails:

enter image description here

ab testing – Convention for users to opt out of A/B tests?

An associate was unable to follow a set of basic instructions I made for using a common website. It turned out my user was on some A/B test and was served a different UI. When I checked the same site from another account, I see the standard version of the site, and I can see why my colleague was unable to follow my instructions – part of the page I see doesn’t exist for them!


When using a site/app to create instructions/guides for others, I want to ensure I am seeing the ‘standard’ version of that site.

Are there any formal, established, or ‘best practice’ approaches for ensuring a user receives the standard version of a site (no A/B tests)?

What I know so far

My best solutions so far are:

  • create multiple users, and compare them visually
  • write to the website and ask to be opted out of any A/B tests – they may be able to assist

Looking to buy an Opt. en / Recommend to a friend / Landing page to share on social networks

Looking to buy an Opt. en / Recommend to a friend / Share social networks – Landing page

If you have a ready-made solution or can do something of quality, I will consider buying it.

Also remember what Einstein said: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Thank you!!



High Sierra: Cisco AnyConnect cannot be installed on latest MacOS 10.13.6 update due to inability to create / opt / directory at root

I have been using Cisco AnyConnect through my institution to connect to my work VPN.

However, I have been experiencing problems lately. I can't even start or reinstall Cisco AnyConnect on MacOS 10.3.6 (latest update)

I have tried debugging it on my own. I have made some progress to point out the problem. I will try to summarize it below:

  • Cisco AnyConnect tries to install files on the root below /opt/cisco (whereas on Mac OS the appropriate folder seems to be /usr/local/opt/...) This is the case in all versions of AnyConnect that I tested (4.5; 4.6 and 4.8). This no longer seems to be allowed in the latest version of macOS 10.13.6, hence failed installation (see points below).

  • Looking back on my TimeMachine, I had that /opt/ folder in the root until December 12 (date of the last update of macOS High Sierra). It actually contained only the Cisco files (proof that something unusual is in progress).

  • Since that macOS update in December, the /opt the folder at the root no longer exists (just /usr/local/opt) It is not allowed to create that /opt directory either. I tried but with no luck, even with administrator rights, root user profile and disabling & # 39; System Integrity Protection & # 39 ;. This happens using the GUI and the terminal (sudo mkdir /opt) The error messages are not useful (error 43 in the GUI and message "no such file or directory" exists in the terminal). I can create a new folder in the root, as long as it is not called "opt" (if I try to name it) opt I get error messages).

  • The last thing, I also tried to create /opt as a symlink to /usr/local/opt. There is no possibility there either.

If you have any ideas on how to proceed then it would be great! Thank you very much for your help (I tried to contact Cisco support but it seems you need to be the direct physical client to do so …).

visas – One day before the earliest admission date | F1 OPT application

I am in F1 and I request OPT. The international office of our school advised me badly and I arrived 1 day before the earliest admission date indicated on my I-20. I was admitted to the United States after showing the CBP officer a letter of support from the International Bureau.

The problem is in my I-94, the most recent entry date is 1 day before the earliest admission date indicated on my I-20.

Will that cause problems for my OPT application? And what should i do?

Thank you!

US OPT extension UU. And H1B visa

If I finish a 1 year course in the USA. UU. Offering 1 year of OPT extension. Once the OPT extension is finished, do I have to leave the US? UU. Or if I have found the job and the company I am working with can you help me obtain the H1B visa or is it not a possible route?

team recommendation: I am doubting my recent purchase of t71. Should I opt for the full frame used?

I got a t7i refunded canon for $ 490 that comes with a 1 year warranty. I doubt my decision now. The first thing is that the shutter is very loud. I was going to take him to the tennis games by renting in 70-200 f2.8 II or other events, but I don't know. The lens of the kit is worse than the iPhone XS Max that I have.

I had a Canon 6D like 6 years ago. Should I get a used one from eBay for $ 500? I had a silent shutter but I don't trust eBay much. Any other reliable place to buy used equipment?

He also owned the first generation of sony rx100, but it was small, flat and slippery and the buttons were too small. I need ergonomics of a DSLR. Any suggestions? Sony a7 II? Is your lens very expensive? You need a camera of around $ 800, new or used.