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dnd 5e – How do I allow the Rogue opportunities to be stealthy with a Druid in the party?

Guards will attack random creatures. Pests such as Rats, Spiders, Cats, etc need to shoo. The guard doesn’t like cats, and this particular guard has a bad habit of kicking them.

I imagine a guard would stomp out a spider. Guards like to have fun too…”Hey Jimmy, I bet you 5 silver I can slice that rat in two with one swing.” “Well maybe, but I bet you 7 silver I can shoot this rat with my bow on the first shot!” Guards attack, which would force the druid out of wild shape and then…oh no, he’s just a regular druid in the middle of the enemy camp? That isn’t going to end well, especially on his own with no way of contacting the party.

Make the mission more than just stealth

Druids can only stay in wild shape for so long. Put on the time pressure after a combat so the Druid, who is almost out of Wild Shapes, won’t be able to sneak around for 3 hours.

Thievery is difficult for small things

Spiders aren’t great at stealing things. Neither are cats or rats. Even if the cat or rat is able to pick something up, no guard in his right mind would let a cat run off with the parchment detailing the evil plan to dominate the world.

Assassinations are even more difficult

Druids are crappy at assassinations. Sure, they can sneak in and sneak out, but that requires them to use both uses of Wild Shape, and they still have to kill the guy. Can the druid get some good damage on the evil General sleeping in his room? Sure, but he can’t get sneak attack plus guaranteed critical hit damage like the Rogue can. The rogue could one-shot the general, but the druid is just going to make him angry, and then the guards are going to be called and then it’s just a mess for the Druid.

Make use of traps

The spider crawling through this door unfortunately didn’t notice that the door is trapped with a Glyph of Fireball…ouch.

The cat going down the corridor failed to notice the pressure plate in the floor and the pitfall under the rug…the cat has now taken an axe to the torso and then has been dropped down a 30′ pit. I hope he has another use of Wild Shape to get out of there…

Spiders can’t pick locks

What’s that? The window is locked, you say? Well, guess the spider/cat/rat can’t get in there. Hmm, what about crawling under the door? No, you can’t do that because it’s a well-made door that goes very close to the ground. Unfortunately you can’t fit underneath it.

Perfect, you got inside and you are in the room with the secret plans you need to scout. Only one issue remains: it’s locked inside a safe that weighs over 100 pounds. I guess your options are to drop out of wild shape and try to carry the safe out sneakily, or to try to drop out, get the safe open by force (which will certainly alert the guards in the next room) and the re-shape and book it. None of those sound like great options.

Anti-Magic and Magic Detection

Wild Shape is a form of magic, being quiet is not. Any form of simple magic detection spell that will alert the guards when magic is detected will give the Druid away, forcing them to abandon the mission and leaving them unable to return.

Sure, you can get into the enemy camp, but the instant you set foot in the headquarters a magical alarm sounds and you know the jig is up.

I imagine enemy casters know Detect Magic. No reason why the Druid-spider wouldn’t instantly be noticed as he crawls his way into the room, because the enemy mage gets a blip on his magical radar and casts Lightning Bolt, Hold Person, Dominate Person, etc on the Druid.

Turns out, the enemy mage in question knows Sleep. Uh oh, the spider with 1hp was put to sleep instantly with no save…and he wakes up in a room, with 4 walls, roof and ceiling with seemingly no way out. Or, perhaps there is a stone door that the Druid can’t possibly fit underneath. He is now a prisoner with no way to escape and is out of action until the party rescues him.

The Rogue has more contingencies in case he gets caught

The Rogue has a very good stealth mod, you mention. Rogues are also able to Dash as their bonus action. The Rogue was caught? No problem, they can simply run 90′ each round until they’re away. Enemies shooting at them? They can still Dodge and run 60′ per round. They’ll outpace those bows quickly.

Alternatively, once the rogue rounds the corner, he can simply re-stealth and try to continue to hide from there.

Rogues also do ridiculous damage so if somebody is about to notice the rogue but hasn’t yet, the rogue can simply knock them out with non-lethal damage in a massive alpha strike, or they can kill them and hide the corpse.


Yes, Druids are very good at sneaking, but that’s about all a spider/cat/rat can do. Throw something else into the mix and the Druid will find themselves in an impossible situation because they aren’t a Rogue. Anti-magic also plays havoc with Wild Shape.

Another thing to consider is multi-party member missions. Design a stealth mission that requires at minimum 2 people. That way, the Rogue and Druid are forced to both take part. Maybe they have to split up at some point, maybe the door only opens if both handles are pulled at exactly the same moment, and the handles are across the room from each other.

Money making opportunities as we bounce back from covid? – Other Money Making Opportunities

There must be a bunch right? I mean as businesses were struggling and closing during the lockdown, surely there are opportunities to seize right now? Like who is the guy who was profiting off concerts for example? Surely he had to go become a street sweeper and now there is an open niche?

One small thing I heard is buying and selling coffee machines and freezers and stuff that businesses need. Apparently there’s a lot around right now really cheap, from people who had to sell them when their business failed, and apparently you could just buy them and sit on them for a few months and sell them again when all the cafes and everything are back in full swing for much more than you bought it. I’m talking thousands per coffee machine.

What say youse?

Get Funds For Your Startup – Other Money Making Opportunities

Every startup requires seed funding to get their business off the ground. There are a couple of options that every startup owner should keep in mind when looking to get funds for your startup

Bootstrapping – Generally startup owner’s start with bootstrapping which in layman’s terms means self funding by pooling into their own savings and funds.

Friends and family – get help from your friends and family and convince them in your idea and startup to invest which will involve much less formal protocols.

There are other sources of acquiring funding for your startup – 

  • Crowdfunding

  • Angel investors

  • Venture capitalists

  • Banks

  • Government schemes 

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Reducing Costs For International Trades – Other Money Making Opportunities

There was a time when the barter system was used to round up the products and goods, but the trends have changed drastically. With this being said, it is pretty clear that businesses have to import raw material from different countries while offering products to different parts of the world. This clearly reflects on the fact that overseas trade is spiking up. 

In the same vein, businesses need to focus on controlling the costs because it plays a crucial role in optimizing international trade. For instance, businesses and organizations have to cover logistics, recruitment, shipment, and transhipment. With the change in the industry, the supply chains will differ as well. In this article, wecustomboxes.com has outlined some tips that will help reduce supply-chain costs!

If your business is involved in international trading, you need to be precise with the cost of sourcing. In this case, it is suggested that you calculate the inventory costs, duty, freight, and brokerage because these are the foundational concepts that outline the supply chain. In addition, you need to outline the total landed costs because it can directly impact business costs. Still, the sourcing costs will be higher, which means you should look for local raw materials. 

When international trade is concerned, you need to be mindful of the transmit times. If the transit times have higher variability, building the business and inventory will be difficult. Even more, you need to consider the quantity because higher quantities often reduce the transit costs. Once you gain information about these concepts, you will be able to understand the freight costs, leading to total cost-saving. 

When it comes down to the duty rates, you need to think about the sources of raw material and products strategically. In the same vein, all these things have different duty rates, along with different trade programs. So, while you are outlining the logistics and sourcing costs, make sure that you are up-to-date on the trade agreement of your country, as well as the country you are sourcing from. 

If you tend to have several suppliers from one country, it is better that you consolidate the goods within one shipment. This combination will also reduce container loads. On the other hand, you can always opt for the partnered consolidations because they aren’t only cost-effective but helps optimize the containerload in the same vein.

It doesn’t matter which service level you are on; it is suggested that you take into account the logistics network since it’s helpful for calculating the freight costs. In addition, it helps optimize the reliability standards, and the original costs of inventory carrying will be showcased. All these factors can help make informed and practical decisions. 

When you are running the huge-scaled trade, and you have multiple trade compliance processes to take care of, it is essential that you automate these processes. The automation will automatically take care of the errors and document preparation. Even more, the delivery times will be reduced while ensuring improved customer experience and real-time information about the inventory levels.


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