Triund Trek in the month of February. Opinions welcome

Planning the Triund walk from McLeodGunj.

Can you do solo walks?
Accommodation / Food? Any other preparation?

Any suggestions?

Opinions on Clouvider, Leaseweb? The | Web Hosting Talk

Hi everyone,

I was looking at clouvider a dedicated server offer in the UK and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them regarding service quality, network, reliability and support. In particular, the other option would be Leaseweb, but after the stories we have heard about deleting people's data, it seems that this is not the way to go.

I would appreciate any feedback!

RENIAC for Cassandra – Does anyone have any experience or opinions?

Turbocharging your Cassandra DB with rENIAC Data Proxy

I can find little or no information about the effectiveness of this or the cost-benefit. Has anyone here, by chance, tried?

Opinions about CyberPanel? The | Web Hosting Talk

Hi everyone!
I hope everybody is fine.

Simply put, I need to configure a hosting server with an easy-to-use control panel for 4-5 heavy WordPress websites. You might want to try it with a Litespeed server and I discovered that I could go with CyberPanel.
Your "CyberPanel Enterprise with LiteSpeed ​​web server" costs $ 17 and offers 5 domains / unlimited subdomains / unlimited Ram / LSCache included. To test it, I installed a free version of CyberPanel and it seems to be fine so far (I've previously been using CentOS Web Panel as a free solution).

However, this project would be delivered to my client and completely managed by them. I would like to ask if anyone has any negative / positive experience with this CP.
Would it be easy to manage everything for a non-techy person?
Is it fast and safe?
Is it worth your money or maybe you should drop it and use cPanel instead?

I would appreciate any ideas!

P.S. They sent their VPS specifications:
CPU cores: 9
Total CPU Speed: 19.2 GHz
Memory: 24 GB

Opinions about Vultr Cloud Dedicated?

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Opinions about Vultr Cloud Dedicated? The | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Opinions about Vultr Cloud Dedicated?

    As the title suggests, for those who have used the dedicated Vultr cloud service, were they satisfied with it? – Sunshine Tech and Media LLC
    SSD cPanel web hosting w / LiteSpeedMariaDB CloudLinux, MultiPHP and Nightly backups!

    Reliable cloud-based infrastructure!
    VPS hosting with 3+ GHz CPU60 seconds Spin-Up, 16 location options, 24/7 support and NVMe SSD Storage!
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[ Politics ] Open question: Is it true that the liberals in the house are going to accuse a president for evidence based on opinions, rumors and assumptions?

[Politics] Open question: Is it true that the liberals in the house are going to accuse a president for evidence based on opinions, rumors and presumptions?

Did Professor Pamela Karlan's comment about President Trump's youngest son make him lose respect for his professional opinions?

What was your comment, complete and in context?

EDIT – LOL @ thumb down Moon Shot and its alt. Just hahaha.

EDIT: well, since conservatives are useless, I looked for it myself:

"The Constitution does not allow titles of nobility. The president can name his son Barron, but he cannot make him a baron."

LMAO to conservatives who claim that this is derogatory in some way. Holy $ # @! Conservatives have lost it completely. Talk about the fragile snowflakes.

[ Baby Names ] Open question: What are your opinions on the Winchester surname?

[Names for babies] Open question: What are your opinions on the Winchester surname?

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